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Our next Border Queen Book Festival, honoring an early name for Comanche, Oklahoma, will be held on March 7th , 2009 (Sat.) from 10 am until 3 pm (or later if customers are still coming.) The first festival saw authors of nonfiction, romance, suspense, history, children's literature, religious/inspirational works, and so much more!
Set ups will be at 9 am on the 7th of March. There will be a fee of $5.00 per author. That will defray the cost of utilities for this event. Food will be there for the customer and author to purchase, no menu has been settled on yet but I'm thinking Hot Dog/ Hamburger/ Salad type of thing for people, to purchase -but it will be reasonable. I should have a motel with a block of rooms at a lower price reserved as time nears - in Duncan, 8 miles north of Comanche. There will be room for 40 tables and no more, all tables will be isle tables accessible for the attendee to approach any author. Your decoration and salesmanship will determine your sales. I hope to have lots more advertising going on this year with a bigger head start than the first one. There will be no speaker, but I am looking for a caricaturist. Know anyone? They will set up and sell their work to the people, $5.00 fee for this space. I will ask those who want to attend to contact me to reserve your name; later ask for your non-refundable fee of $5.00 to reserve your place. It will be first come first serve. Any cancellation will be the only space left available for those listed in the name reservations that want to come. I will need your name first and you will be the first considered, your reservation money will be asked for much later.

This is the information I have at present. Hope you can make it. Get your name in to me as soon as possible so we can reserve a place. You are welcome to have 2 to a table if you wish, your choice, but it is $5.00 per entry. It will be a great time meeting people, networking, and selling books! The Schools will be advertising for this event as well as many other places.
Make your name reservation as soon as possible. Blessings, Tonya

Contact your state representatives and legislators! Wouldn't it be wonderful if school systems and communtiies across the region, and even statewide, would set apart that day and the Saturday of other book festivals, in order to highlight literacy in our state? Help promote a CELEBRATION OF LITERACY in Oklahoma! School children and teachers would be free of other school activities (sports, tests, etc.) on that day and local schools could arrange to accept CEU's for attending the event.
Bookmark: the BQBF blog - updates and additional information will be added there as it appears.

Read on Oklahoma!


Three Rules for Marketing

1. Develop a vibrant blurb to describe your book to someone in a couple of sentences. If you can't do that - revisit your work. The writer unable to do this often has a problem with their book - so see how well you can define (in selling terms) your work.
2. Establish "talking points" about your book: what sets it apart? what sets you apart? why should someone buy your work?
3. "Lattice" your work to other venues and events. Do a web of your book and identify all the parts and how you might market the book to those sub-sections.


Visit his profile at



Have you heard about....? FRESH EIRE DESIGNS - an answer for the self-publishing author.

Writing your book is only the first step in publishing.
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Think about how many times you have wandered into a bookstore and grabbed a volume because the cover alone grabbed your attention. The next thing you know, you're reading the back and deciding this sounds like a great book. A sale is made because of effective design.
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MEET THE AUTHOR: Ronald E. Goetz

Have you heard about....? The Kid from Lincoln County.



Have you heard about....? I have received news from two authors who have already seen sales as a direct result of this blog. Congratulations!

Border Queen Book Festival Kudos

Have you heard about....?

Plans are already underway to repeat this great event and more sponsors are expressing an interest in what is sure to be a continuing - and great - opportunity for Southwest Oklahoma but regionally. As author Nancy Robinson Masters letter to the Comanche Times reveals it was a hit!


MEET THE AUTHOR: Tonya Holmes Shook

Have you heard about....? Tonya Holmes Shook, who was an inspiration for this OK Writers & Authors blog, and the energy behind the Border Queen Book Festival.

Tonya Holmes Shook was born in Oklahoma and lived in New Mexico and Texas before returning to Oklahoma in 1985. She is author of Displaced Cherokee: Come Home, Come Home, a book documentary that took First Place in the 1986 Open Class Category at the Oklahoma State Fair. The book also was endorsed by the Oklahoma Department of Libraries. In addition to writing books, Tonya is an accomplished artist, poet and short story writer. Many of her works have Christian themes. Source:

How & Why of OK Authors and Writers Blog

This Oklahoma Writers and Authors blog was born out of the Border Queen Book Festival and a desire by several writers and readers to assist authors in showcasing their work. There is no fee for being placed on this blog. The only requirement is that the author is an Oklahoman or has written a book featuring Oklahoma (or has a book within about 6 months of publication). Another blog, Promoting Writers and Authors, has been created to help promote authors regardless of their location. Still another offers a means of having your work professionally reviewed for free.
Why? The blog manager, while also a struggling author, is also a professional librarian who values the literary effort. As a librarian who has arranged programs for authors, ordered their books for the shelves, and visited with them over the years, the blog manager feels that every author deserves the chance to be seen and noticed.
All any author has to do is send their book information, book jacket image, and ordering information to be profiled to No fees, no cost, and no jealous competition - simply a forum for promoting your book. This is your opportunity to sell yourself and your book. Write a literal "blurb" that teases, entices, and informs the reader so they want to examine your title.
Also, recommend writers groups, events, publishers, printers, and other resources of note.
As a courtesy, if you utilize the OK Writers Blog - please link it on your pages and spread the word about this resource and opportunity. Such open kindness is, after all, the Oklahoma way of doing things.


MEET THE AUTHOR: Sean Chandler

Have you heard about....? The Gospel of the Gun.

Sean notes, "This is my third published book, and in my opinion the best that I have written to date. The setting is Indian Territory 1882 (before Oklahoma Statehood), and the book mixes religious theology with the western genre."

"Jeremiah Irons, known as Judas among the Disciple Gang, has always ridden the outlaw trail with only a good horse and the inscribed pistols Heaven and Hell at his side. It isn't until he happens upon Lucif R. Shadows and his eleven that he is convinced of the error of his ways. With Jeremiah's addition to the gang, the twelve go to thirteen and the legend of the Disciple Gang begins."

Sean Chandler brings the Disciple Gang to vivid life as they bring the worst kind of villainy to fruition, and a new kind of religious zeal upon the frontier. Each man in the gang assumes the name of a Disciple after the crazed Lucif Shadows begins to believe in the stories written about him, and soon after Jeremiah Irons discovers it might have been best to remain on his own. Accused of stealing money from them, the Disciple Gang turns on him in the streets of Tombstone, Arizona Territory. Fighting his way out of the trap laid for him, Jeremiah's travels land him in the town of Wewoka, Indian Territory where he unwittingly finds safety in the guise of a preacher. It is in Wewoka that Jeremiah begins to learn who he really is, and through the friendship of the townspeople, and especially the beautiful Hope West, a purpose for his life. Jeremiah's good fortune only serves to make it that much harder when the Disciple Gang learn of his continued existence. When the Disciple Gang arrives in Wewoka to exact revenge upon him, can Jeremiah forsake his outlaw ways ...or will he have to pick up the guns that made him a legend?

Sean Chandler has previously written two western novels, Ebony Marshal and Ebony Marshal: Bitter. He is currently writing his first non-western novel and working on several short works.

Gospel of the Gun ISBN 978-0-9746913-5-0 PRICE: 15.95 PAGES: 352 Release Date: May 9, 2008. To place orders for the book, arrange a book signing or interview, contact Sean Chandler at: Branded Black Publishing, PO Box 950781 Oklahoma City, Ok 73195 Toll-free: 1-888-869-6290 Home Phone: (405)495-7256


MEET THE AUTHOR: Sara Saint John

Have you heard about....? TRUST THE NIGHT by Sara Saint John
ISBN: 1-59998-913-1 Length: 68,395 words Price: 5.50 Genre: Paranormal Romance
available at and

Bullets won't stop this killer. It'll take a vampire.
In homicide detective Beth Andrews’ eyes, "Mad Jack" is committing the ultimate abuse against women—murder. She’ll stop at nothing to bring him to justice. The sexy criminal psychologist she’s been paired with is a distraction she doesn’t need, but he’s getting under her skin in more ways than one. Sam Jordan knows he is two things Beth doesn’t trust: A shrink, and a man. But Beth needs his help more than she knows, because like the killer they hunt, Sam is a vampire. Revealing himself could destroy her fragile trust--and make her the killer’s next target.
Sara Saint John : Stories of good vs. evil and the healing power of love.

Blood Atonement now available in print @
ISBN: 1-59998-359-1

Trust the Night now available @
ISBN: 1-59998-913-1

MEET THE AUTHOR: Marvin Wiebener

Have you heard about....? THE MARGIN
Marvin Wiebener / Published July 2007 / ISBN 9781432708153

An exciting mystery novel rooted in the history of Northwest Oklahoma

Not long after returning from the Korean War, Fred Gray, a third-generation Oklahoma rancher, went to the Harper County courthouse to check land records. In an old journal he discovered a narrative entry and what looked like a map, both dated in the 1890s. Although they interested the rancher, raising a family and making a living pushed his curiosity to the back burner. Little could he know that fifty years later those entries along with stories his grandfather had told him would come together and change his families life forever.

The Margin may be viewed on Wiebener's website Just click on the icon to read reviews and to purchase for $13.95 plus s&h . If a reader would like a personalized/autographed copy just contact the author at for details

All proceeds from the sale of The Margin the first year it is in publication go to the Muscular Dystrophy Association



Have you heard about....? Bret Jones - Author, actor, director, and producer, Bret Jones stays busy writing and producing shows for theatre and radio. A published novelist and produced playwright, Bret keeps the fingers flying on the keyboard to create his next work.


Have you heard about....? Hodge Wood, Comanche, OK

In October 1977, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Hodge Wood's favorite rock band, was in an airplane crash and several of the members died. That same night, Hodge's life changed forever when the van in which he was a passenger slammed into a bridge. Initially unable to move, Hodge faced challenges that few of us can fathom. Chum Water is the first in the Sharks on Wounded Fish series where Hodge shares with us the details of life with a serious spinal cord injury. In Chum Water, Hodge describes an eventful four year recovery that climaxes with return to work as a new therapist assisting others with spinal cord injury.



Have you heard about....? "ABOVE THE STORM" (click contact the author)

Description: Josh Matthews, returning wounded from Vietnam and deserted by his high school sweetheart, finds renewed hope through Becky O'Donnell, a girl who has matured from an adolescent "pest" into a beautiful young woman. Becky shares her Christian faith and helps Josh rise above his depression to become a respected pastor. Complications arise when his high school flame reappears to win him back, and a cult leader, who calls himself "The Prophet" devises a plan to send his followers to their deaths. Josh must lay aside his clerical robes and resort to using all his Marine training in order to save them. This books is available from the publisher in many formats: Wings ePress, Inc, Published: 2006, 2006 Fictionwise Release Date: November 2006 . You can read an interview with the author at


2008 Oklahoma Writers Conference

Have you heard about....?

The 2008 Oklahoma Writer's Conference, "Fantastic Forty, Writer's Glory!" will be May 1-3, at the Reed Conference Center, 5800 Will Rogers Road, Midwest City.

Registration Form & Details

Keynote speakers / Workshop leaders


An Oklahoma Christian Writer's Group - WIN

Have you heard about....?
WIN? Writers of Inspirational Novels is a Christan Writer's Group that meets at the Jenks Public on the first Saturday of each month at 1pm . Their attractive and informative website includes many helpful resources, including a list of Christian publishers. Visit them online at

MEET THE AUTHOR: Norbert Smith aka Doc Gator

Have you heard about....?

The Doc says: "I am a recovering university professor turned truck driver, recently retired. I have published three books in three different genre and six more have been provisionally accepted for publication. My next one is a major non-fiction science book about Creation and is over 450 pages and growing daily. I have had ideas for books kicking around in my head since fourth grade and finally have time to work on them. I LOVE retirement!"

Passive Fear This is non-fiction science about my 30 plus years of zoological research studying the passive fear response of wild animals and the relation to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Mostly, it provides insight into what motivates scientists to accomplish research.

Al-the-Gator This is my first children's book about an alligator and his friends in south Texas where I studied alligators for a decade. It has lots of beautiful drawings of alligators, but I was a little disappointed...I wanted them to be published as "scratch and sniff." I have caught over 200 wild alligators, up to 750 pounds and still have all my body parts. The BBC did a TV documentary, A smile for the Crocodile about my research.

Battleground University This is my first Christian novel. My co author teaches at a major university and feared she would get fired if the professors found out she had written an overtly Christian book. I was one of over 100 professors that was denied tenure because of my rejection of evolution. As this book sells, we hope to do a sequel, perhaps a series. We wrote every other chapter and it is a modern version of the classic C. S. Lewis Screwtape Letters.

Norbert Smith aka Doc Gator

MEET THE AUTHOR: Molly Lemmons

Molly is a storyteller and author who delights all she meets. "Kind of Heart" is a book compiled from the columns she wrote for the Mustang News for three years. Molly's stories have been published in "Chicken Soup for The Mother's Soul," "Christian Woman," "Christian Chronicle," "Christian Journal," "Ideals Magazine." She was also published in "Chicken Soup for the Kids' Soul 2," and "Heavenly Patchwork." Her stories have also appeared online in "Heartcatchers," "Write2theHeart," and "Heartwarmers". Also in Newspapers in Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma as well. Please contact Miss MollyLouBelle aka Molly Lemons about her "With Tales to Tell" schedule ,fees and information on how to order her books. Molly Lou Lemmonsmollyloubelle@cox.netPhone # 405 376 2576

MEET THE AUTHOR: Cullan Hudson

Cullan Hudson is a freelance graphic designer, writer, and author of Strange State: Mysteries and Legends of Oklahoma, (ISBN: 3780977885084) a nonfiction collection of strange-but-true tales from the Sooner State. At over 200 pages, the book covers a vast amount of Oklahoma's more unusual history. His short story, "The Iron Door: Curse of the Sierra Jumanos" was included in the 2005 Red Dirt Anthology and his op-ed pieces have been read on several websites. He also does a highly popular blog on the subject at Strange State Blog. Currently, Hudson is working on the supernatural thriller, The Mound, a novel set in Eastern Oklahoma.
UPDATE: Copies of STRANGE STATE will be available at the FULL CIRCLE BOOKSTORE in Oklahoma City (4/21/08).

MEET THE AUTHOR: David A. Farris

Oklahoma City Writers member, David A. Farris, is the author of
the books, Mysterious Oklahoma and More Mysterious Oklahoma and frequently shares stories from his newest book Oklahoma Outlaw Tales. Reach him via his webpage at David A. Farris (


The Late Sooner is a historical fiction based on the author’s great-grandfather’s diary. Sanford Deering wrote one line a day and settled in the Oklahoma Territory on the Unclaimed Lands in 1889 with his wife, Lucy and two children. Famine, prairie fires, tornadoes, death, and discouragement buffet this family while they attempt to carve out a life from the red clay of the Oklahoma prairie.
"Jadlow's story is a tale richly deserving a read by those of us now enjoying the opportunities and development of this state." —The Daily Oklahoman (
See the review online)
ISBN # 0-937660-32-9 $16.95 Available at,, or


Sharon Ervin reports that she will have a new book, MURDER ABOARD THE CHOCTAW GAMBLER, coming May 16 from Five Star. It is her seventh published novel, her second hardcover from Five Star.

She adds, "I will be at the Texas Library Association's conference in Dallas April 16-18, and will appear on a panel at the Oklahoma Library Association conference in Tulsa April 22-23. "

She will be speaking to the Writers' Guild of Texas in June at Richardson, Texas, and to the Mystery Writers of America in July.

Sharon Ervin



One of the largest writers' groups in OK is the Tulsa NightWriters with over 100 members. They were featured in Oklahoma Magazine for the month of April. You can see the article and photo (you have to let the photo at the top of the page cycle to a pic of five people dressed in black--that's us!). The URL is . Gloria Teague Shirley is the editor of the TNW's newsletter, NightScripts.



Nearly every state has a webpage or blog entry with those words. Each one claims they are superior to any of the other states in their ability to produce good writers. Oklahoma has a rich trove of authors who have focused on making the printed page live with their stories, their views, and their commentary. Maybe it is because we just turned 100 and are still feisty. Maybe it is the dreamer and the adventurers in our blood who make not striving to a new frontier an impossibility. It could be the wide open skies and the wind that sings its songs of other places and makes pause to wonder. Perhaps it is the magic in the very land. The secret woods, and silent waters, that spark the ancient flame of creativity in our hearts. Whatever the cause, the result is that Oklahoma has a vast commodity of authors to be celebrated and honored.



The first Annual Border Queen Book Festival was held March 29, 2008 in Comanche, Ok and attracted nearly 40 writers from Oklahoma and surrounding states. The authors, many of whom were listed in the Comanche Times (March 27, 2008), were:

Marcia Preston, Author, Edmond, OK
Dr. Lila Guzman, Author-Speaker ,Round Rock, TX
Bob Avey, Author, Broken Arrow, OK
Amy D. Shojai, OWFI Pres./Columnist, Radio Host, Author, Sherman, TX
Jan Morrill, Author-Speaker, Fayetteville, AR
Jackie King & Peggy Fielding, Authors-Speakers , Tulsa, OK
Nancy Robinson Masters ,Author- El.Sch.Speaker, Abilene, TX
Marvin Wiebener, Author , Thomas, OK
Frank L. Barnes ,Author-Ret. Minister ,Duncan, OK
Bonnie Eaton “B. J. Myrick” & Hazel Hart, Authors/KWA judges , Wichita, Kansas
Ron Goetz, Author/OK Gunfighter Dramatist, Comanche, OK
Tonya Holmes Shook, Author-Speaker, Hastings, OK
Bret Jones, Author/Professor/Dramatist/, Screenwriter, Ada, OK
Jim H. Ainsworth, Author-TX Storyteller, Campbell, TX
Jim Etter, Author ,Bethany, OK
Ron Morgan, Author, Haskell, OK
Pat Gaines , Sr. Editor-Author ,Dragonfly Publishing, Inc., Sparks, OK at
Mike Koch, Author , Coweta, OK
Judy Goodspeed , Author , Wetumka, Ok 74883,
Marilyn A.Hudson , Author-OK Storyteller, Norman, OK
George Banks, Author , Jenks, OK
Lonnie Magee ,Author ,Mounds, OK
Jill Hierstein Morris, Author/Puppeteer, Tulsa, OK
Desiree Webber, Author, Mustang, OK
Phil Calvert, Author, Edmond, OK
Jewel Sample, Author, Stillwater, OK\
Paul Johnson “PJ Lawton”, Author , Lawton, OK
Hodge Wood , Author/Speaker , Vet Occupational. Therapist, Board Dir. of Paralyzed VetsRural Comanche, OK
Mary Abernathy & Shirley Cephus, Authors , Waurika, OK
J.D. Morrison, Author , Independence, MO
Molly Lemmons, Author – Storyteller, Mustang, OK
Jody Ortiz ,Editor–Ghost Writer- Author, Oklahoma City, OK
Craig Key, Author , Chandler, OK
Keith Albin , Author ,Ringling, OK
Donna Farmer, Author ,Weatherford, OKE.
Norbert Smith PHD, Author-Gator Expert ,Weatherford, OK
L.P. Bowman, Author, Duncan, OK
Ellen Derickson, Author, Duncan, OK


Everything is in place. The hands of clock move forward. It is almost time...there is nothing like the excitement before a book festival. Writers wonder "will they like my books?" and "will I sell any books?"

Over the years since this festival began it has featured "Read Oklahoma", "Mysterious Oklahoma", and the "Oklahoma Character". The next installment (due 2009) should be just as spectacular with authors, storytellers, publishers, educators, and lots of visitors.

Bookmark the RED DIRT BOOKFESTIVAL for updates and news.

[Pictured is the Whorl Books booth prior to the opening of the 2007 Red Dirt Book Festival in Shawnee, Ok]


OK_RWA - Oklahoma Romance Writers :

OKC Writers :

Oklahoma Writers Federation Inc. :

Society of Children’s Book Writers/Illustrators of Oklahoma :

Poetry Society of Oklahoma :

Red Dirt Writers :

Southern OK Writers Guild :

Christian Writers Group, WIN (Writers of Inspirational Novels)

Tulsa Nightwriters:

Wordwrigths, OKC, A Christian Writers Group: htpp:// or

MEET THE AUTHOR: P.J. Lawton aka Paul F. Johnson

Have you heard about....P J Lawton?
Paul F. Johnson, a.k.a P.J.Lawton is retired from the U.S Army and is a life member of the Disabled American Veterans and Veterans of Foreign Wars. His main interests are reading and writing Mystery and SciFi stories. Several of his mystery-adventure short stories have been published in On-line magazines. One Winston Simon PI short story was featured in the print magazine, ThrillerUK. Another story, featuring his newest hero, SciFi PI Majestic Kane, was included in the winter 2006 inaugural issue of the print magazine, Age of Adventure, Unlimited. Seventeen of his SciFi short stories have been featured on SciFi e-zine sites. His third and final of a three book "Simon Says" series is currently in the works. Author"Lethal Option"ISBN 1-4137-7930-1 / "Lethal Judgment"ISBN 1-4241-2987-7


Every year school students must research the noteworthy in Oklahoma. Several groups have compiled lists related to the well-known and award winning authors of the state.

Oklahoma authors

OOK Authors by Grade levels

Oklahoma Center for Poets & Writers

Books about Oklahoma

2008 Conference

MEET THE AUTHOR: Marilyn A. Hudson

Life is just too short for only one hat, says Marilyn A. Hudson, and so she juggles several at a time. She is a library director, a storyteller, and an author. She has published, under her own umbrella of Hudson House Publishing/Whorl Books Imprint, two children's books, "Elephant Hips are Expensive!" (illustrated by Haley Fulco) and "The Adventures of a Sooner Space Monkey", a manual "Off the Page! Basic Tips for Conducting a Story Time", and a series of small booklets, called "Thumbprints", offering suspense/paranormal, history, and religious reading. She also manages several blogs and web-sites providing information about various Oklahoma groups and events. Marilyn is the co-author and project manager for the history of Southwestern Christian University in Bethany, OK. The book provocatively titled "One Night Club and A Mule Barn" chronicles their simple roots in 1946 to the present. It was published by Tate in 2006. She is also co-writing a suspense novel.