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Ed Roberts reports his new book, Whispers, Tears, Prayers, and Hope has released and is now available on (They have even marked it down)

The publisher submitted a draft copy in October to be considered for the Pulitzer Prize in Verse and it has also been sent to the Oklahoma Center for the Book to be considered for the Oklahoma Book Award.

Being in contention for these awards is a great honor, but, notes the author, this book can help a lot of people; many of the poems in the book already have.

"There is a special poem at the back of the book titled “Ink in the Storm” after which people can read around 20 pages of comments people have left on my poetry site. (I have saved over 200 pages of these.) This comment appears on the back cover, it is from the poem “Trying to Understand the Bombing.” (The poem is in this book.) “a friend of mine here at university of Amman shared with me your poetry i was PLO i was going to be terrorist by stopping me you have saved many i am returning to my people now in desert to allow sand and wind to wash away my shame my friend has shown several all he risk to do so many will never know he met you year ago you saved him he saved me now”

"In 2005, I was 1 of 10 poets chosen to represent the US at a poetry festival that was held in Amman, Jordan. I am amazed and very glad they are still sharing my poetry there." Ed Roberts notes with modesty :"I am just an average person; I work here in Oklahoma City at a call center. Sometimes though, I get to live some extra-ordinary moments".



Author, actor, director, and producer, Bret Jones, who holds a Ph.D., stays busy writing and producing shows for theatre and radio. A published novelist and produced playwright, Bret keeps the fingers flying on the keyboard to create his next work. He has written numerous plays, articles, and books.



SHOOT THE MAN DOWN by F. Lee Hayslip. Ordering information: 5x5 x 8.5 - paperback - ISBN 9781438251592 - Western fiction - 105 pages. $7.95 or

Indian Territory, 1883. Ned Picket, a deputy marshal out of Fort Smith, has learned his wife and daughter has been murdered by a band of outlaws. The trail leads into the panhandle, into the notorious no man's land where outlaws and renegades run wild. A chance encounter with a young woman, Bess Armstrong, whose family has been murdered by these same outlaws is also seeking revenge. After seeing her hatred, and bitterness, he changes his mind and realized that revenge was not the answer. Determined to take these men back to stand trial, he not only has to confront the outlaws, he has to stop her from killing them. Will he stop her cruel intentions? or will he resort to killing these men as he had planned? A chilling and soul searching story in the wild and wooly west of yesterday.

Frank was born in Hobart, Oklahoma, and has lived in Oklahoma all his life. He's an author, actor, and has written several articles for LOST TREASURE & WESTERN AND EASTERN MAGAZINES. He has three grown children, and lives with his wife of 48 years in Warr Acres, Oklahoma.



Outlaw Land by Kristen R. Porter
Ordering Information 5.5 x 8.5 Paperback ISBN: 9781432708016 $9.95
Book Information :Genre:Fiction Publication: Apr 24, 2008 Pages:124

Moving to a remote town in Oklahoma near the Wichita Mountains was not Allison's idea of fun. But as soon as she discovered the deep secrets hidden in the weathered mountains of the Wichita's, she knew she was meant to be there amidst the hidden treasures, outlaws and secret hideaways. In search of treasures buried by Belle Star and Jessie James, Allison stumbles upon their secret hideaway and must now beat them at there own game.
Kristen R. Porter has grown up near the Wichita Mountains her whole life. A love for hiking and local history inspired her to write Outlaw Land. This is the first in a series of books that takes place in the Wichita Mountains. Over the years, Kristen and her husband have been lucky enough to meet and talk with people who lived in the mountain range back when Victory School House was still in use-and Native Americans still occupied much of the territory in traditional teepees. History and the love of history can be lost with each generation if it is not kept alive. Kristen hopes this book will spark an interest in a new generation and encourage them to learn history from the people who have lived it.


Appearing at the upcoming Border Queen Book Festival in March will be Frank Barnes. Frank was born in Hay Creek (close to Leedey), Oklahoma, September 1, l923. After serving as a Nose Gunner during World War Two, he attended Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary at Fort Worth, Texas, in preparation to pastor churches in Oklahoma, Texas, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Arkansas, Tennessee, Montana, Missouri, and New Mexico before retirement in Duncan, Oklahoma. He and his wife, Betty, began their Tabernacle Study Programs to many churches prior to and continuing into his retirement years. Frank has self-published a number of publications, two books, From Hay Creek to Heaven; B-24 Nose Gunner, and many Christian booklets which will be for sale at the book festival. Booklets available will be: What Jesus Wants You To Do: a guide for counseling those who have received Christ as Savior; Twenty Centuries of Christian History; The Holy Spirit in Your Life: Six Vital Messages on the Holy Spirit; The Eternal Security of the Believer: 101 Scriptures proving the eternal security of the believer; The Christian and Controversy.