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In 2005, the first edition of Strange State: Mysterious and Legends of Oklahoma made its debut at the Red Dirt Book Festival in Shawnee, Oklahoma.  An immediate success, it was soon being read across the country and receiving great reviews.  Now, a third edition is available on Amazon.

Author and graphic artist Cullan Hudson has been busy at work releasing a novel, The Mound (now available on Amazon) and working on a sequel to Strange State as well as a story collection, tentatively called, Dark West.  He is also the author of the popular blog, Strange State.

This is the most comprehensive book on paranormal phenomena in the Sooner State. In addition to Ghosts, UFOs, Sasquatch and all else that goes bump in the night, this volume examines legends of buried gold, forgotten ghost towns, and mysterious places suffused with unexplained forces.



Airship 27 Productions & Cornerstone Book Publishers are thrilled to announce the release of the third and final book in Michael Vance’s Weird Horror Tales trilogy. Weird Horror Tales – Light’s End, is an amazing, page turning suspense thriller that is one of this author’s finest works to date and a fantastic culmination to this masterful terror filled series.

Welcome to Light’s End, a small, quaint little town on the rugged coast of Maine.  It’s a quiet place much like many other such communities throughout New England.  And yet there is a presence of evil about the streets and byways of this harmless appearing hamlet. For here, amidst the age old Yankee traditions of its citizens lurks a dark secret, a brooding, religious philosophy which infects every aspect of daily life.

Dare you enter Light’s End and uncover what lies beneath its pleasant, homey fa├žade?  Dare you challenge your sanity and confront the sublime horrors that await you here, in this cursed nexus of dementia?
Award winning author, Michael Vance unleashes his dark imagination in this tense, gripping novel of sheer terror that readers will never forget. Often compared to the writings of H.P. Lovecraft, Vance’s work is not for the faint of heart, featuring a cover by famed painter Keith Birdsong and ten interior illustrations by extraordinary artist Eric York.  Bolt the door, lock the shutters and keep the candle lit, the end is near, Light’s End.

Vance has written for national and international magazines, and as a syndicated columnist and cartoonist in over 500 newspapers. His history book, “Forbidden Adventures”, has been called a "benchmark in comics history”. He briefly ghosted an internationally syndicated comic strip, wrote his own strip and several comic books. He is listed in the Who's Who of American Comic Books and Comic Book Superstars.

The publisher of the Weird Horror Tales trilogy, Cornerstone Book Publishers also publishes Masonic and esoteric books, selected pulp fiction, art literature, limited children's books, and poetry collections. All three Weird Horror novels are available on-line, at book stores, from Cornerstone, and as E-books. For more information about Cornerstone, go to

Airship 27 packages and publishes anthologies and novels in the pulp magazine tradition.
In the past, Airship 27 has released “Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective”, a series of “Captain Hazzard” pulp thrillers, more pulp fiction in “The Green Lama” and “Secret Agent X”.  For more information on Airship 27, go to
ISBN:  1-613420-14-5   ISBN-13 978-1-613420-14-0
Digital copy available


Author Interviewed About New Novel Set In Oklahoma

Cullan Hudson, author of Strange State: Oklahoma Mysteries and Legends and co-author of the new paranormal suspense novel, The Mound, was interviewed by blogger Autumn Forest.  Read the interview here.



Voices of Oklahoma has released an interview with another famous Oklahoma author, Michael Wallis, recorded on March 3, 2011.  Wallis has written 17 books, been published in national publications such as LIFE, Time, and The New York Times, and has been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize several times.  In his own words, Wallisdiscusses his writing career and how he draws inspiration from the American Southwest.

Voices of Oklahoma, directed by John Erling, is dedicated tothe preservation of the oral history of Oklahoma.  Voices and stories of famous Oklahomans and ordinary citizens are captured forever in their own words.  Visit our website to access all availableinterviews.

Voices of Oklahoma


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Writer'sWorkshop To Be Held in Norman

Four Oklahoma authors will be presenting at the upcoming Writing Workshop on Saturday, August 20th at the Performing Arts Studio and MAINSITE Contemporary Art in downtown Norman.

Authors who will be presenting during the workshop are Rilla Askew, Nathan Brown, William Bernhardt, and Mel Odom.

William Bernhardt will be focusing on characterization and plotting techniques, discussing the importance of conflict, pacing and adding layers of conflict to enrich a story. Mr. Bernhardt’s presentation will be from 9-11:30am at MAINSITE Contemporary Art in downtown Norman.

Nathan Brown will present on “How to Build Infrastructure for Poetry and Song”, dealing with how to construct frames and framework that one can hang lyrics and stanzas on so that they make sense to the reader/listener. In addition, he will touch on material generation and performance issues. His presentation will be from 9-11:30am at the Performing Arts Studio in downtown Norman.

Rilla Askew will focus on writing about place, with an emphasis on Oklahoma as a rich source for fiction and creative non-fiction. Her presentation will be from 12:30-3:00pm at MAINSITE Contemporary Art in downtown Norman.

Mel Odom’s presentation will discuss the potential of the e-book market, the emerging digital reader base, and walk the audience through the steps to put up an e-book on the Kindle and the Nook. Marketing methods through social networking will be covered. Mr. Odom’s presentation will be from 3:15-5:00pm at MAINSITE Contemporary Art in downtown Norman.

The workshop is free and open to the public, but registration is required. To register, please call 701-1839.

The Writing Workshop is made possible by the Oklahoma Arts Council, the Norman Arts Council, and the Pioneer Library System.



Whorl Books proudly announces the publication of the novel, THE MOUND, from authors Cullan Hudson (Strange State: Mysteries and Legends of Oklahoma) and Marilyn A. Hudson (The Bones of Summer: A Collection of Chilling Tales and the true crimes When Death Rode the Rails).

Cullan Hudson is a freelance graphic designer, writer, and the author of Strange State: Mysteries and Legends of Oklahoma, a nonfiction collection of strange-but-true tales from the Sooner State. His short story, "The Iron Door: Curse of the Sierra Jumanos" was included in the 2005 Red Dirt Anthology and his op-ed pieces have been read on several websites. Hudson has traveled the globe searching out strange places and there mysteries and he runs the popular blog, Strange State and will release Stranger State: More Mysteries and Legends of Oklahoma in 2011. He is also hard at work on a collection of short horror entitled Dark West.



"Hudson has shown himself to be good at digging into old cryptozoology cases in the Sooner State, especially as it relates to bigfoot." - Author  Loren Coleman, writing on

"Hudson takes you on an exciting journey..." - Oklahoma Today

“Hudson does an amazing job . . . you won’t be disappointed.” - Ravanne Alexander, Territory Tellers/Raven Guard Press

“. . . an entertaining read. Mr. Hudson has left few stones unturned in his research as he attempts to shake the truth free.” - Joel-Anthony Gray, Society for Paranormal Investigation

“[Hudson] did a fantastic job!” - Terri French, Paranormal Investigation Team of Tulsa (PITT)

“[The] book is great!!! I loved reading it... The writing style is very fun to read. I love the mixture of suspense and humor.” - Darline Massie, Norman Public Schools


"Marilyn uses a darkly poetic writing style to create atmospheric character-driven stories. The result: chills and a need to read the next." Keith Pyeatt, award winning author of Struck and Dark Knowledge.

"[She] has a way of captivating your senses and making you feel the emotions of her characters. The Bones of Summer demands your attention and leave you wanting more." Terri French White, author of Tulsa's Haunted Memories..