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Russell Ferrell
Historical Dimensions (2011)
ISBN 9780615438146
Reviewed by Joseph Yurt for ReaderViews (11/11)

“Acrocanthosaurus: The Bones of Contention,” by Russell Ferrell, is a story that’s as amazing as the dinosaur bones discovery around which the adventure unfolds. The book is populated by two larger than life heroes along with a cast of sharply drawn characters from the worlds of paleontology, politics, government, corporations, and contract law. Greed, corruption and dishonesty abound. And like all riveting tales, there are twists and turns, and an unexpected surprise: “Acrocanthosaurus: The Bones of Contention” is no tall tale, it’s a true story.
Simply put, Ferrell describes the book as “basically about nature, a dinosaur discovery and excavation, and the struggles of the book’s two heroes in the aftermath of the discovery.” In fact, this book is a meticulously researched, historical account of what the author contends, and his research would seem to support, is “one of the greatest achievements of paleontological history.” Given both the breadth and importance of the historical and scientific aspects of the story, the author has actually created two versions of the book. This is a review of the version which concentrates more on history. The second version focuses more on the paleontological science of the event.

The story is anchored not by the dinosaur, but rather by its two larger than life, colorful heroes Cephis Hall, the Arkansas hillbilly, and Sid Love, a Choctaw Indian. Hall is the central figure of the story. In the context of today’s modern naturalist and environmentalist model, Cephis himself is an anachronism. He is a classic, old-timey nature guide, who entertains school children and adults with the stories, legend and lore, and magic of the natural world. He and Sid are vestiges of a vanishing breed of American naturalist adventurers, dinosaurs like the one they seek imbedded in the earth. Ferrell’s portrait of Cephis Hall is rich and romantic.

This book is a perfect project match for Ferrell. He is thoroughly familiar with the region of the country in which the story unfolds. He’s an historical writer and former school history and science teacher. And, he has a self-acknowledged bias against the banking and legal professions, and big, multinational companies. This attribute provides especially timely and relevant content in view of the state of current affairs in America and throughout the world. However, these same match-up strengths are also the source of flaws in the book’s manuscript. Some readers may feel that Ferrell “the teacher” is giving them more history and science than they need. Others might feel that there are too many insignificant, anecdotal digressions. But despite these instances, Ferrell is above all a consummate storyteller who always manages to get his yarn back on track and keep the story moving forward at an engaging pace.

Russell Ferrell’s writing infuses “Acrocanthosaurus: The Bones of Contention” with a “tall tale” quality that makes the book an interesting and entertaining read. Its quirky personality makes it a good choice for anyone who is an avid reader of modern, historical non-fiction.

Russell Ferrell is a non-fiction historical writer and was working on several books in the historical area when he decided to put them aside and take up the challenge of writing the true story of Cephis Hall and Sid Love and their struggle to save the Acrocanthosaurus. The story of Cephis and Sid was a story that needed to be told.

Mr. Ferrell is an educator and has also worked as a journalist. He currently lives in Red Oak, Texas with his wife, Waynetta and their four dogs and five cats. Before moving to Texas he owned and operated a cattle ranch in southeastern Oklahoma.  



Move over Doc Savage and Captain Hazzard, here comes America's newest pulp hero - CHALLENGER STORM.

Airship 27 Productions and Cornerstone Book Publishers present another new pulp hero crafted in the mold of the classic 1930s adventurers. The sole survivor of a senseless tragedy, the heir to a massive fortune devotes himself to a life protecting the innocent and punishing the guilty. From his base of operations at the Miami Aerodrome Research & Development Laboratories, he and his colorful associates brave any danger to bring justice to those in need.

His name is Clifton Storm... the world will call him "Challenger".

When a wealthy aviation tycoon asks Storm to help return his kidnapped daughter, the MARDL crew is plunged into a rescue-mission on the tiny island-nation of La Isla de Sangre.  From the sunny streets of Miami to the assault on a guerrilla enclave & the ruins of a lost-city deep in the jungle, the action is non-stop in this debut pulp thriller.  Can Storm rid La Isla de Sangre from the vicious warlords known as the Villalobos Brothers and defeat the mysterious Goddess of Death?

Join Challenger Storm and his loyal band of adventurers as they fly off on this, the first of a brand new series of pulp thrillers.  Writer Don Gates and legendary graphic artist, Michael Kaluta join forces to unleash this exciting and original new pulp hero guaranteed to provide pulp fans with explosive thrill-a-minute entertainment.

Cornerstone Book Publishers also publishes Masonic and esoteric books, selected pulp fiction, art literature, limited children's books, and poetry collections. For more information about Cornerstone, go to

Airship 27 packages and publishes anthologies and novels in the pulp magazine tradition.

In the past, Airship 27 has released "Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective", "Weird Horror Tales", "Weird Horror Tales: The Feasting", and "Weird Horror Tales: Light's End".  For more information on Airship 27, go to

ISBN:  1-613420-23-4

ISBN 13:  978-1-613420-23-2

Produced by Airship 27

Published by Cornerstone Book Publishers


Cowboy Psalms: Insightful and Inspiring

"There are a few things that every Christian cowboy can't get enough of—relishing in wide open spaces, breathing in the fresh air, soaking up the clear skies, bonding with the Big Trail Boss, and rediscovering His beauty in nature.

This poetry isn't for the cowboy who is all hat and no saddle. Get ready to ride the Chisholm Trail, bust a bronc, get the feel of the old days, or remind yourself of God's grace. Cowboy Psalms captures the true cowboy's way of life.

This inspiring collection will offer you insight into the bond between a cowboy and the Big Trail Boss, and you just may discover the cowboy that lives in everyone.

Saddle up your horses for a trail ride, but don't forget to pack Cowboy Psalms next to your canteen....."

Author/poet Ron Secoy's collection of 53 cowboy themed poems are a delight of writing style, themes, and heart.  A fine example of the unique cowboy poetry of the west, the collection is faith-based, inspiring, and often lyrical.  These are quality poems carrying a strong positive message which will be enjoyed and appreciated by readers in 'cowboy country' and beyond!


Meet J Wade Harrell - Oklahoma Fantasy Author

The creative landscape of Oklahoma continues to bloom in innovative and diverse ways.  New voices are charting the way into a 21st century literary heritage.  New genres are being claimed by state authors and some are even carving out writing styles and using the newest delivery systems.  Oklahoma can tip the ten gallon hat to a century of great authors but there are even more who will be note worthy in the new millennium.

J Wade Harrell is an author of Fantasy stories published  in electronic format on  His blog page is located at  He currently has six novelettes available in ebook format and more in the works. "I live in Comanche County in southwest Oklahoma where I was born," Harrell notes and acknowledged he is an author who is just enjoying letting his imagination flow and basking in the thrill of making his work available to readers. 


New Book Chronicles History of Women Ministers in IPHC

A new book details the history of women in ministry in the International Pentecostal Holiness Church, whose global headquarters in located in Bethany, Oklahoma.   

Dr. Jeraldine T. Posey has written a timely new book, Let My Handmaid Speak: A History of Women in Ministry in the International Pentecostal Holiness Church from 1901–2011 (WestBow, 2011).    It is the first history woman in ministry within the IPHC and as such fills a crucial void in historical studies in Pentecostalism and modern Christianity.

The debate over women preachers has raged for centuries, but the argument has not been-and probably will not be-resolved. This book is not an addendum to that dispute. It is, however, an attempt to show some of the difficulties lady ministers have overcome to answer God's call to proclaim His Word.

The International Pentecostal Holiness Church, from its inception, has recognized women by admitting them to pulpits and allowing them to pastor churches. Lady ministers have also served successfully as evangelists and missionaries. 

However, the leadership of the denomination at a Solemn Assembly in 1996 acknowledged that the church had withheld from women places of honor and desired to release them to serve in leadership roles.Historically, women have gained ground only to lose it again, and even in our twenty-first century society, some still refuse to let God's handmaids speak.  

The 380, softbound book is available from the publisher, WestBow Press or from Amazon.

Minister Pens Marriage Counseling Manual

Author Apostle Billy R. Woodard is a native of the Texas panhandle (Pampa, Texas). He and his wife, Lillian M.Woodard, have partnered in the ministry in Oklahoma for eight years. The two pastors founded Kings & Preists/BAFC/INC. The apostle is a forty year veteran to the gospel of the Kingdom Of God. Billy has organized churches throughout Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. In the last two years, the minister's have established a Kings & Preists/BAFC INC chapter in West Nigeria Africa.

Apostle Woodard has authored "The Greatest Romance Expose."  Is a Marriage Counseling Manual...the naked truth about relationships, marriage, and romance...Available via .....Authorhouse and Amazon. It is a riveting, flavorful, robust, seductive pre-marital/marriage counseling manual based on King Solomon's ancient diaries.

The manual centers on the male purpose and assignment as it relates to his creator, the world the creator made for him, and his relationship as it relates to his helpmeet... A must read............. Available Now e-books available

Order Direct From Author
Apostle Billy R. Woodard
5712 S. Briarwood Drive
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73135
Phone orders (405) 889-6456
email orders



For an interview with the writer, or a copy of the cover of this book, please contact
Airship 27 Productions and Cornerstone Book Publishers are thrilled to announce the release of the new MYSTERY MEN (and Women) Vol II.
In 2010, after five years of bring pulp fans the best new adventures of classic pulp characters, Airship 27 Productions launched this particular title to allow their talented creators to have fun inventing brand new pulp heroes. In Volume One we introduced pulp fans to four original characters, two of whom were female avengers. Now we proudly present the second installment and another brand new quartet of fresh and exciting heroes cast in the mold of the classic adventurers of the past.
RED BADGE -Operating on the streets of New York , he is a mysterious vigilante daring to confront the mobs and protect the innocent. But who is he really? The cop, the famous radio announcer, the brother to a victimized young woman? Created by Mark Halegua with writing partner Andrew Salmon.
JACK MINCH, ACE REPORTER -Writer, editor, Jack Minch thought he knew New York City like the back of his hand until one of his star reporters suddenly vanishes within the deep, maze like sewer tunnels beneath the concrete Gotham. Now Minch and a detective ally must travel into this unknown domain where death lurks at every turn. Created by Greg Bastianelli.
DOCK DOYLE – Dock Doyle was a movie matinee hero of the cliffhanger serials known around the world. But when things go horribly awry on location of his latest jungle adventure, the actor must come to grips with becoming a true hero, or dying in the process. Created by Adam Garcia.
A MAN CALLED MONGREL - In today’s world of high tech communications, private companies wield power like governments, some for the public good, and others for their own evil agendas. Now a modern day warrior will champion his family’s technological empire and defend it against all who would destroy them. His name is Mongrel. Created by Derrick Ferguson.
Here are four brand new, action packed pulp tales starring four original heroes to thrill and entertain today’s diehard pulp enthusiasts. The book features a stunning cover by Pulp Factory Award winning artist, Mike Fyles with interior illos and book design by Airship 27 Art Director, Rob Davis, himself a former PF Award winner; all edited by Ron Fortier.
Cornerstone Book Publishers also publishes Masonic and esoteric books, selected pulp fiction, art literature, limited children's books, and poetry collections. All three Weird Horror novels are available on-line, at book stores, from Cornerstone, and as E-books. For more information about Cornerstone, go to
Airship 27 packages and publishes anthologies and novels in the pulp magazine tradition.
In the past, Airship 27 has released “Weird Horror Tales”, “Weird Horror Tales: The Feasting”, “Weird Horror Tales: Light’s End”, “Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective”, a series of “Captain Hazzard” pulp thrillers, more pulp fiction in “The Green Lama” and “Secret Agent X”. For more information on Airship 27, go to
ISBN 1-613420-21-8
ISBN-13 978-1-613420-21-8


Some Oklahoma Authors of Horror & Paranormal Suspense

Nicci Sefton, author of the Deadly Sins series.
Dennis MacDonald, author of Ebon Moon, 13 Nightmares
Steven Wedel, author of the Werewolf Saga and others
Marilyn A. Hudson, author of The Bones of Summer and co-author of The Mound.


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New Edition to Books About Oklahoma's Spooks & Legends

Joining the books on the subject of the state's ghosts and legends, is a new one by Mike Ricksetter, Ghosts and Legends of Oklahoma.   Order Here.

Complete your special Oklahoma collection by adding these titles for a complete review of the state and its mysteries:

Strange State : Mysteries and Legends of Oklahoma (Cullan Hudson, 2005, 2011)
Ghostlahoma (Tonya Hacker and Tammy Wilson, 2008)
Tulsa's Haunted Memories (Teri French, 2010)
Weird Oklahoma (Sceurman and Moran, 2011)
Mysterious Oklahoma (David Farris, 1995)

Other Titles:
Ghosts of the McBride House (Cecelia Black, 2009)
You Can't See Me, But I am Here (Jason Taylor, 2005)