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Logo Unveiled for new Book Festival

Mary Beth Hawkins did this logo for the new book festival Oct. 24th in Duncan, The Chisholm Trail Book Festival (formerly the Border Queen Book Festival) . The festival will convente at the beautiful convention Center - Simmons Center

There is an author call for authors wanting to attend. This is an "author friendly" book festival with little to no cost to the author, free to the public and an wonderful opportunity to promote Literary Awarness through an all county (Stephens County) Middle School Essay Contest with large cash prizes to be announced at the CT Bookfestival. Author contact person is: Tonya Holmes Shook 580-439-6912


Tulsa Book Signing with Margaret Daley

Tulsa based authors Vickie McDonough and Margaret Daley, will be signing their books at the Edison Spring Market on April 25th from 9 - 5.

You can visit Margaret Daley's Web site at
Margaret Daley
--Poisoned Secrets, Love Inspired Suspense, March 2009-see trailer at
What Sarah Saw, Love Inspired Suspense, January 2009
A Texas Thanksgiving, Love Inspired, Nov. 2008


Chisholm Trail Book Festival Announced

Oklahoma author Tonya Shook announces :

Chisholm Trail Book Festival (formerly known as the Border Queen Book Festival) will have it's first event in Duncan, Oklahoma on October 24th at the Fair Grounds. Authors will set up from 7:30 a.m. until opening time at 9 a.m. The book festival will run from 9 until 5 p.m. This event is another "author friendly" book festival that gives authors a break while it benifits the community sponsoring it.

Highlights hone in on Literacy Awareness through an all county essay contest for 8th grade - public schools and home schooled - with awards to be announced during the book festival. A fund raiser meal will also be done in conjunction with this book festival to give further assistance to the community and authors alike. We are preparing for a larger attendance in Duncan.

At present a name registration is needed to reserve your table. All tables will be an aisle table. Being author friendly, it will cost little or nothing for the author and no cost to the public. I will get back with those registered after our next meeting on April 16 to give further information if there will be a small fee or not. You will not be obligated if you sign up for a table. I will contact you later to confirm. No crafts may be for sale unless this unless it is in conjuction with the book you have written. It isn't a craft show but a book festival.

A block of rooms will again be offered with a discount for those needing lodging and information will be given for this after our next meeting hopefully. If you are interested in being a part of this book festival please contact Tonya Holmes Shook at or by phone, 580-439-6912



Tulsa based authors Vickie McDonough and Margaret Daley, will be signing their books at the Edison Spring Market on April 25th from 9 - 5.

Visit Vickie at her page at



In El Reno, at the historically haunted Elks Lodge, during Paracon Oklahoma 2009, the book, GHOSTLAHOMA, featuring Oklahoma's true ghost stories was unveiled. Authors Tonya Hacker and Tammy Wilson present over forty tales that cover the state. The work salutes the familiar ghost stories of "Dead Woman's Crossing" but also lesser known tales such as the "Bricktown Banshees" and present fascinating reports of their first hand investigations into such places as the Woodward Hospital and the old Skirvin Hotel. The 128 page, illustrated, permabound book is published by Whitechapel Press (Dark Haven Entertainment ) and available from Link: Ghostlahoma webpage


MEET THE AUTHOR: Dennis McDonald

"Enter a world where the supernatural, the macabre, and the horrific collide."

In this anthology of deliciously strange tales - be sure and keep the lights high and bright. More than once you will need the reassurance brought by that pool of warm and reassuring illuminance that you are indeed wide awake....

Dennis McDonald is a game designer, horror director, scriptwriter, and a fan of scary movies since he was a child in the 1960's. He lives in Oklahoma.

Title: 13 Nightmares
Author: Dennis McDonald Publisher: iUniverse, Bloomington, IL, 2009 ISBN: 978-0-595-53498-2
Cost: $15.95 Available: Barnes &,



The novice as well as experienced writer or genealogist will find Preserving Family Legends for Future Generations an invaluable aid to bringing family histories to life. Author M. Carolyn Steele leads the reader step-by-step from research to writing to publishing their very own ancestor stories.

Filled with personal story examples, chapters deal with how to set the scene, ways to include character dialogue or emotion and sculpt visual images to make long-ago ancestors live again for present and future generations. She discusses the methods of creative non-fiction, as well as whether or not to gently fictionalize or enhance the facts for the sake of crafting an entertaining tale.

Grammar, punctuation, and editing tips are included for easy review, as well as suggestions on how to handle family secrets and scandals.

Preserving Family Legends for Future Generations is an easy to read and understand book sure to equip everyone with the tools needed to record family legends in a fun, entertaining manner thus preserving them for all time.

Publisher: Roots & Branches, imprint of AWOCbooks ISBN: 978-0-937660-15-7
Description: paperback/perfectbound, 135 pages Cost: $14.95
Available: bookstores, publisher, author website,
Author contact:



Bethany, Oklahoma will celebrate its centennial and to mark this event has formed a committee to put together a history of the area. The group is now soliciting family, church, business, and school histories and is taking advance orders. It will be a tremendously historical volume because so many other entities in the community are also celebrating their centennials: the school system, Southern Nazarene University, etc. The forms for submitting family histories from Bethany's past can be found on the website. A partnership with the local public library has established some "Scanning" dates for historic photos related to the topic to be scanned and used in the volume. Volunteers will be able to help with the writing of individual family, church or business histories. A must have for libraries, Oklahoma history collections, and anyone with ties to this historic community. To pre-order for your history or genealogical collections visit the web page at



Author Tonya Shook has produced some wonderful tips - free for the using - on creating author friendly book festivals. See her detailed helps at BQBF.



Sometimes an author has just as interesting a story as the works they create. So it is with Rickey Bray whose new novel, Rendezvous Rock is described as being "written in prison with a pencil on a legal pad!"
Bray's novel is an exciting romantic suspense. "While vacationing in the mountains, Eric meets an unusual girl from Oklahoma who has sparkling eyes that are so strangely captivating. He is drawn to her like a magnet and is unable to resist being pulled into her mysterious world."
A personal tragedy led this new writer on a downward spiral that landed him in an Oklahoma prison where serious life assessment began. At one pivotal point this author made the decision to "accomplish something" instead of giving up. The result is this first novel created without access to computers, typewriters, or even the Internet! It is an example of "pure fictional invention unhampered by outside ideas or influences." Now out of prison, the author is moving forward with life and his writing.

Robert D. Reed Publishers

P.O. Box 1992

Brandon, OR 97411



Ed Roberts News

Author Ed Roberts announces that "Thursday Sony listed my first 3 poetry collections as e-books on their site

This had been in the works for over a year. They will also be listing my latest book Whispers, Tears, Prayers, and Hope later this month.

I have my first book signing for this book on March 21st at the Full Circle Bookstore. I am also working on trying to schedule something with the library system and Borders as well.
(Borders and Sony e-books have a partnership)"