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The novice as well as experienced writer or genealogist will find Preserving Family Legends for Future Generations an invaluable aid to bringing family histories to life. Author M. Carolyn Steele leads the reader step-by-step from research to writing to publishing their very own ancestor stories.

Filled with personal story examples, chapters deal with how to set the scene, ways to include character dialogue or emotion and sculpt visual images to make long-ago ancestors live again for present and future generations. She discusses the methods of creative non-fiction, as well as whether or not to gently fictionalize or enhance the facts for the sake of crafting an entertaining tale.

Grammar, punctuation, and editing tips are included for easy review, as well as suggestions on how to handle family secrets and scandals.

Preserving Family Legends for Future Generations is an easy to read and understand book sure to equip everyone with the tools needed to record family legends in a fun, entertaining manner thus preserving them for all time.

Publisher: Roots & Branches, imprint of AWOCbooks ISBN: 978-0-937660-15-7
Description: paperback/perfectbound, 135 pages Cost: $14.95
Available: bookstores, publisher, author website,
Author contact: