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Numerous pages exist online providing lists of Oklahoma's more famous literary talent: ODL Oklahoma Crossroads, OCIA, and Oklahoma Writers and Poets.  New talent is emerging every day and this list reflects just  a few of those.  The list is not in any particular order and not alphabetical! The most recent additions may be at the top.


Keith Albin, Ringling, Oklahoma
Titles: Awaken the Watchman

 Bob Avery, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Titles: Twisted Perception, Beneath a Buried House

George Banks, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Titles: The Missouri Riders

Frank Leon Barnes (1923-), born Hay Creek, Ok.
Titles:From Hay Creek to heaven: B-24 Nose Gunner

 L.P. Bowman, Duncan, Oklahoma

Steve Clark, Oklahoma City
Title: Justice for the Deserving.

Marc Cullison
“Where’s The Ivy?”, a novel published by New Forums Press, and “The Other Vietnam War”, a memoir published by Imzadi Publishing.


Alfred Dennis, Tuskahoma, Oklahoma
Titles: Ride the Rough String; Lone Eagle; Chiricahua; Catamount;
Elkhorn Divide; Fort Reno; Shawnee Trail; Rover; Brant's Fort; Sandigras

Jim Etter, Bethany, Oklahoma
Titles: What a Dirty Shame; Ghost Towns Tales of Oklahoma; Oktaha, A Track in the Sand

David Faris, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Titles: Mysterious Oklahoma

Donna McCormick Farmer, Custer City, Oklahoma

Peggy Fielding, b. Davenport, Oklahoma; resident Tulsa,Ok
Title:First Families of the Twin Territories

Ronald E. Goeta, Comanche, Oklahoma

Judy Goodsend, Wetumka, Oklahoma
Titles: Perky Turkey Finds a Friend,Saddle Up, Cowboy Sweathearts Canyon; The Mustangers; Yellowstone Brigade; Yuma

Tonya Hacker, Moore, Oklahoma
Title: Ghostlahoma, co-author

Jill Hierstein-Morris, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Marilyn A. Hudson, Cordell, Oklahoma
Titles: Foul Harvest (2017), Elephant Hips are Expensive; One Nightclub and a Mule Barn; Off the Page!; Those Pesky Verses of Paul; In Her Own Words (ed.); Madame Delaine; Noel Brooks; Annie Oklahoma; Tales of Hell's Half Acre; Bones of Summer; When Death Rode the Rails; The Mound; Murderous Marriages; Stories Center Stage; Sword of Anath; Foul Harvest; Into Oblivion: Missing Persons, Murders and Mysteries;
Title : Bad Girls of Oklahoma (2017)

Callie Hutton, Oklahoma
Titles: A Run for Love,A Prescription for Love,A Chance to Love Again,A Wife by Christmas,
Anyplace But Here, A Dogtown Christmas

Cullan Hudson, Ft. Worth, Texas
Titles (NF): Strange State; Mysteries and Legends of Oklahoma; Stranger State
Title (F): The Mound


 Bret Jones, Ada, Oklahoma, author/playwright
Titles: The Hamlet Ruse, et al

Charley Jordan,
Title: Moonshiner's Son: Becomes Multi-Millionaire
Jackie King, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Titles: The Spinster, The Pig and the Orphan; Flirting at Fifty

Craig Key, Chandler, Oklahoma
Titles: A Deadly Game of Tug-of-War

 Mike Koch, Coweta, Oklahoma
Title: The Kimes Gang

 Sandra Lawson
Title: Author of Children's Book: The Best Baker in the World!

Molly Lemmons, Mustang, Oklahoma
Titles: The Passing of Paradise; Kind of Heart, et al

Carolyn Leonard,

Jody Ortiz, Oklahoma City
Titles:hank you for adding me to the list of authors on the blog. I wanted to update my information. Titles: The Naked Truth Bound in Scorn ; Bashboard Bullies; 8 Simple Steps to Internet Success; Foodie’s Guide to Coupons; 5 Minute Gratitude

Lonnie McGee, Mounds, Oklahoma
Title: Little Man's Dream

J.D. Morrison, b. Duncan, Oklahoma (1960-); resident Independence, MO
R.D. Morgan, Haskell, Oklahoma
Titles: The Boys of Null Hills; The Tri-State Teerror; et al

Marcia Preston, Edmond, Oklahoma
Titles: Song of the Bones. The Butterfly House, Trudy's Promise

Jewel Sample, Stillwater, Oklahoma

Norbert Smith aka Doc Gator, Weatherford, Oklahoma

Terry L. Tramel, Norman, Oklahoma
Title: The Beauty of the Balance


 Desiree Webber, Mustang, Oklahoma

 Marvin Wiebener, Western Oklahoma
Title: The Margin

Hodge Wood , resident Comanche, Ok
Titles: Chum water

Brian N. Young, Enid, Oklahoma

Tammy Wilson, Enid, Oklahoma
Titles: Ghostlahoma, co-author