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A cup of coffee at my elbow, a chill air stirring outside,I sit to contemplate the state of writing in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma is a creative state, filled with people of vision, dreams, hopes, and plans. The broad canvas of a prairie sky invite broad brush strokes of aspirations and endeavor. The imagination of people living in this state cannot be easily contained by borders, frames or limitations. The creativity spills out to conquer the nay-sayers by sheer dint of will.

Oklahoma writers keep trying, struggling on, until they reach the first of their goals. One goal is never enough; the ideas are too numerous, the drive to create too strong, and the urge to communicate a vision of reality far too demanding.

If publishing is a race, not all are winners, in the money and fame realm. Every runner, however, competes against themselves and is ultimately the victor at the finish line having conquered their toughest competition. Fallen to the sand behind them are their fears, their low self-esteem, the criticisms and the non-believer who kept saying it could not be done and you would never do it at all.

Publishers are selective, picky, limited in imagination, narrow in focus, elite, or expensive but a writer learns to deal. New skills learned, old ones improved, and personal comfort zones widely redefined. Rejection must be expected, learned from, and ultimately overcome.

Imagining 2010 I expect to see a unique, well defined, and unique voice emerging from the Oklahoma landscape, more confident writers, and a wider acceptance of the diversity of styles, talent, and potential living in Oklahoma.

A new year awaits...that empty page with its siren call...2010...a year to imagine, to dream, to work, and to write. The time is here....not merely to write but to achieve great things!



To all the writers, publishers, readers, and book sellers...Happy Holidays, many creative bursts, inspirational moments, fantastic ideas, fantastic stories, life-changing literature, happy wishes, great blessings, much peace, and the best and most productive year of sales!!!!!



Authors are being sought to participate in the Cowskin Prairie Book Festival, Saturday, March 27, 2010 in Grove, Oklahoma. Chapter #2611, United Daughters of the Confederacy, is sponsoring the event. The Festival is open to authors of both fiction and non-fiction in all genres: history, biography/memoir, education, romance, mystery, western, military, genealogy, children, young adult, etc.

Exhibitor tables are just $20 per table. Admission will be free to the public. Reservations can be mailed to: Cowskin Prairie Chapter, UDC, 61801 E 280 RD, Grove, OK. 74344. Reservations received by December 15 will include a free lunch. For more information call 918-542-4148, 918-787-4059 or visit


SULPHUR RIVER by Art Anthony

Sulphur River by Art Anthony
"As the Civil War draws to a close, the desperate Confederate army drafts fifteen-year-old Art Logging in place of his dying father. Sulphur River follows Art and his friend Darrell Stroud through their service in the Red River campaign and into their journey to make men of themselves. Art's keen eye for business opportunities in the midst of a crumbling nation and Darrell's resourceful support could set both boys up for a comfortable life in Northeast Texas. If only it were that simple.

Art and Darrell aren't the only ones looking to take advantage of chaos in the South in the mid-1860s. They must navigate their cotton, cattle, and horses around Confederate deserters, a crooked lawyer, and their own passions to reach the markets where they are most likely to make a profit. The boys find natural allies among neighboring farmers and a few unnatural allies in escaped slaves, Indians, and even Union soldiers.

Author Art Anthony has loaded Sulphur River with research into the history, culture, and economics of the eastern edge of the Old West. Those interested in Civil War history or pioneer stories will especially appreciate the adventures of Art Logging.

Art Anthony was born and raised in Goose Creek, Texas and now resides in Tuttle, Oklahoma. He retired in 2005 after twenty-three years in education. The last ten years he was superintendent of South Fork School district in Kincaid, Illinois. He moved to Oklahoma to be near his two grandsons. Art again began teaching for Oklahoma City public schools at Southern Hills Elementary. Earlier in his career Art was involved in agriculture manufacturing and marketing. He has four children and six grandchildren.

$29.99 (CD audio book available as download)



With the theme “Imagine Oklahoma ,” Red Dirt Book Festival will take place November 6 and 7 in Shawnee , Okla. at the Heart of Oklahoma Expo Center and on the campuses of Oklahoma Baptist University and St. Gregory’s University.

Preceding the festival, popular author, teacher, and mentor Mel Odom will host a day-long workshop at St. Gregory’s University for new and aspiring writers. On Thursday, November 5, Odom will work with select high school writers nominated by their teachers and screened by a festival selection committee to earn a spot in the workshop. Selection was based upon the student’s academic record, samples of their writing, and demonstrated potential as a writer.

Odom said the workshop will be a “down-and-dirty guide” to novel writing, tailored specifically to new writers.

Odom’s workshop will also “touch on the whole world of commercial blogging for young writers who want…to rack up experience,” he said. Odom stresses the importance of blogging as it is a good way for a writer to get exposure and experience through a relatively new literary outlet.

Students selected to participate in the workshop will have all of their expenses paid by the Red Dirt Book Festival sponsors Paul Milburn and the Shawnee Junior Service League.

For more information about the Red Dirt Book Festival visit their website at While online reservations for meal tickets has ended; everyone can register to attend the festival online or at the festival.

Support for the festival is provided by the Pioneer Library System, the Oklahoma Humanities Council, and the National Endowment for the Humanities, as well as community support including the Shawnee Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Citizen Potawatomi Nation, Oklahoma Baptist University and St. Gregory’s University and many local donors and volunteers



Blue Clark is reading and signing at Full Circle Bookstore Thursday, October 22 at 6:30pm

Diane Glancy is reading and signing at Full Circle Bookstore Thursday, November 5 at 6:30pm and she will be presenting at the Red Dirt Book Festival in Shawnee.


Several titles from the University of Oklahoma Press Fall 2009 catalog are ones every library or collection should have:

Coach Tommy Thompson and the Boys of Sequoyah by Patti Dickinson (from Oklahoma)

Indian Tribes of Oklahoma: A Guide by Blue Clark

Divided Hearts: The Presbyterian Journey through Oklahoma History by Michael Cassity and Danney Goble

Pushing the Bear: After the Trail of Tears by Diane Glancy (lived in Oklahoma and graduated from UCO.



Red Dirt Book Festival scholar panel to discuss state history

The Red Dirt Book Festival in Shawnee on Nov. 6 and 7 will include many presenters, including best-selling professional authors, editors and publishers. Also attending will be a group of top scholars hailing from four different universities. These scholars will comprise a panel which will be the center of attention at the free Scholars Lunch in the Oklahoma Baptist University Geiger Center on Saturday, Nov. 7, 12:15 p.m.

The topic of discussion for the panel is “Opportunities and Pitfalls of Writing Oklahoma History.” This exploration of the state’s history will include different perspectives from the six scholars, all of whom have written Oklahoma history themselves.

This group of scholars will discuss many questions and issues, including significant elements of a collective Oklahoma history, and whether the Oklahoma experience makes a true difference in one’s writing. In accordance with this year’s festival theme “Imagine Oklahoma ,” the scholars will also discuss the question: how is Oklahoma imagined by different audiences – local/ national, and scholarly/popular?

The scholar panel discussion and luncheon is free; but a ticket is required. Sign up for the Saturday Panel Luncheon, and/or for other programs and presentations of the Red Dirt Book Festival on the website at, in person at your local hometown library, by mail through a downloadable PDF form on the website, or on-site at the festival at designated registration tables. If a participant has signed up for Friday, Saturday, or both and want to attend the Saturday Scholar Luncheon, he/she must register to attend the Saturday Scholar Luncheon as well. The panel is sponsored by the Kirkpatrick Family Fund.

The scholars include: David Levy who began teaching history at the University of Oklahoma in 1967. Levy has written several books, including The Debate over Vietnam, and has also edited and co-edited collections such as FDR’s Fireside Chats. He is currently working on a three-volume history of the University of Oklahoma .

Also participating in the panel is Doug Hale, emeritus professor of history from Oklahoma State University , where he taught from 1963 until 1982. His focus in books such as Germans from Russian Oklahoma is the social and economic history of immigrants to the U.S.

Patti Loughlin from the University of Central Oklahoma has also written several books, including Hidden Treasures of the American West: Muriel H. Write, Angie Debo and Alice Marriott, which offers a concise examination of Oklahoma historiography and the place of women public intellectuals.

Native Oklahoman and OU graduate John Lovett currently works as the Director of Special Collections and Curator of Western History Collections for the OU libraries. Lovett is the author and coauthor of one book and numerous articles related to Oklahoma American Indians and pioneer photographers of Oklahoma , among other topics.

B. Byron Price is the Director of the University of Oklahoma Press . Price is also the author of many journal articles and has written several books including Fine Art of the West and Cowboys of the American West.

Linda Reese has also been involved with Oklahoma history through teaching and writing. Reese received her Ph.D. from OU and is the author of Women of Oklahoma : 1890-1920, in addition to articles and reviews in various history journals.

Support for the Red Dirt Book Festival is provided by the Pioneer Library System, the Oklahoma Humanities Council, and the National Endowment for the Humanities, as well as community support including the Shawnee Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Citizen Potawatomi Nation, Oklahoma Baptist University and St. Gregory’s University and many local donors and volunteers.



Another New Title from Molly Lemmons:

AS BRIGHT AND AS PURE AS THE DRIVEN SNOW is a study for teen girls of God's plan for sexual purity before marriage.

Storyteller and author, Molly Lemmons, reaches out to impress on young girls the value of their innocence in a time when everything from music to television challenges them to shed that treasure too early and too eagerly.

Molly Lemmons book is a reminder that true feminine equality is the ability to say "no" and " I respect myself too much at this point in my life."

Available from (click on the image for link)

Molly Lemmons New Title: SEIZE THE FLASHBACKS!

Well known as a delightful storyteller, Molly Lemmons is also an author of several well received books. She regularly does presentations and workshops related to these in addition to her storytelling programs. Seize the Flashbacks! is available from Amazon (just click the image for that page).



Duncan, OK in the Simmons Center authors from several states will congregate to meet e readers.


Galyn Cresap , Public Relations Specialist
Phone 701-2674

Red Dirt Book Festival authors meet their fans during festival book signings

With the theme “Imagine Oklahoma ,” Red Dirt Book Festival will take place November 6 and 7 in Shawnee , Oklahoma at the Heart of Oklahoma Expo Center and on the campuses of Oklahoma Baptist University and St. Gregory’s University.

“One of the most popular events of the festival is always when the authors meet and greet their fans to sign their books and just talk. Friday and Saturday have times set aside for this in the festival’s Exhibit Hall and Book Store,” said Cindy Stevens festival planner. “The book store will have books written by each author for sale throughout the festival.”

Red Dirt Book Festival attendees will have an exciting chance to get up close and personal with many Red Dirt authors. On Friday, November 6, from 2-3 p.m. the following authors will host a meet and greet in the Heart of Oklahoma Expo Center: Dorothy Alexander, Michele Bardsley, Pamela Bracken, Nathan Brown, Jeanetta Calhoun-Mish, David Charlson, Margaret Daley, Jordan Dane, Mildred Dennis, Dayna Dunbar, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, David Farris, Diane Glancy, Ken Hada, Bill Hagen, P.J. Hoover, Steven Hunt, Crystal Inman, Hannibal Johnson, Davis D. Joyce, Phil Kemp, Jennifer Kidney, Carolyn B. Leonard, Billie Letts, Patricia Loughlin, Vickie McDonough, Victoria Nourse, Stacy Nyikos, Mel Odom, Mark Robinson, Greg Rodgers, Randy Russell, Sharon Sala, Charles Sasser, Carol Dean Schreiner, Steven Schroeder, Sandra Soli, Gloria Teague, Tim Tingle, Larry Van Meter, Steve Wedel, KD Wentworth, and Dale Whisman.

Additionally, the following authors will be hosting another book signing Saturday, November 7, from 2-3 p.m. on the first floor of the Oklahoma Baptist University Geiger Center: Dorothy Alexander, Michele Bardsley, Pamela Bracken, Nathan Brown, Jeanetta Calhoun-Mish, Connie Cronley, Jordan Dane, Mildred Dennis, Dayna Dunbar, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, Diane Glancy, Ken Hada, Bill Hagen, Steven Hunt, Hannibal Johnson, Davis D. Joyce, Carolyn B. Leonard, Billie Letts, Patricia Loughlin, Romney Nesbit, Mel Odom, Linda Reese, Mark Robinson, Greg Rodgers, Randy Russell, Charles Sasser, Carol Dean Schreiner, Steven Schroeder, Sandra Soli, Gloria Teague, Tim Tingle, Larry Van Meter, Steve Wedel, and Dale Whisman.

The book store will be open in the Exhibit Hall of the Heart of Oklahoma Expo Center on Friday, November 6, from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and on the first floor of the Geiger Center at Oklahoma Baptist University on Saturday, November 7, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Support for the festival is provided by the Pioneer Library System, the Oklahoma Humanities Council, and the National Endowment for the Humanities, as well as community support including the Shawnee Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Citizen Potawatomi Nation, Oklahoma Baptist University and St. Gregory’s University and many local donors and volunteers.



John C. Malcolm was not prepared for his new line of work. He and three others were chosen by President Lincoln to infiltrate Indian Territory in the year 1865 to simply ‘cleanse’ it. Their orders loosely followed the procedure that all agents in the Department of Indian Affairs must use to fine and evict anyone that should not be in the designated region but was vague. Caught in the middle of the Civil War, John and his companions must enforce the Indian Intercourse Act of 1835 with special badges and paperwork and nothing more. Barely a hundred miles into the territory had the dysfunctional team of agents discovered that things are not what they should be. They find small settlements and a city that should not exist and the existence of strange cults, witchcraft and monsters. Each new discovery takes John and his team into a much darker and disturbing world of secret technologies and horror that Mankind does not know about. They are eventually lead on a bloody trail to the City of Immortals where another world seems to exist in private behind mighty walls and where the privilege of living at all is a rare luxury rarely granted by the Immortal lords within.

The startling revelations found inside the city’s walls will open up new eyes for the agents and begin a long nightmarish ride to survive. John and his companions will discover a secret society that has been in an ancient secret war against the Immortal inhabitants of the mysterious city and those elsewhere in the world and must help to wage the war. While dealing with their own personal issues, the agents fight to survive and discover the meaning of life and living and what it means to be Human in the end. De Civitate Sanguino is a tough, fast paced story about the mysteries in the world and the darker side to mortality and what the living will do to remain alive.

This is part one to the series of The Silent War that will cover various moments in global history during the 19th century and beyond from a fresh Steampunk Horror perspective.

Author Biography
Born in Okeene, Oklahoma in the early seventies, Brian was quick to get interested in the arts by the age of four. The two influences were watching the Godzilla cartoon and the band KISS; both gave his imagination the needed stimulus to begin drawing. These influences somehow fed on an over active imagination until one thing led to another and by the early eighties he was drawing fantasy and Science Fiction regularly, this love for warriors, dragons and wizards was fired strongly by the fantasy/medieval rock groups strong at the time.

Even school was no obstacle to get in the way of more ideas, concepts and themes. By Junior High his goal was to become a professional artist by his twenties. Taking on a job in radio in the late eighties, the fun and sometimes stress of show business was now common-place. The greatest influence was discovering role-playing games as a hobby in the early eighties, this outlet brought Brian’s mind into new places undreamed of before.

This hobby was a means to explore many limitless genres of ideas: Sci-Fi, horror, historical and obviously fantasy. From this hobby came a catalyst to so many other outlets such as reading novels, script-writing, etc. One of the earliest attempts at writing was during this period as the multitude of ideas were almost unstoppable and had to be put to paper in some form, unfortunately these early projects never flowered. The possibilities for stories, unusual characters and settings now grew into a plethora of endless ideas due to the gaming influence. By the early nineties a friend had published a role-playing game and Brian was able to submit artwork into it making him into a professional artist as hoped.

This began a long trek of producing many works; at first strictly fantasy based but later Celtic. His artwork was shown and many times sold out at Science Fiction/Fantasy conventions across the state of Oklahoma. Brian’s interest in Celtic studies was initially started by owning a few role-playing games that shared that theme. From the early nineties on Brian’s interests became completely Celtic. This lead to curiosity about King Arthur and a life-long study in the field culminating in earning the world’s first Masters of Arthurian Studies from the University of Wales Lampeter in the summer of 2007.

The research of Celtic languages, mythologies, history, and art was now academic and by 1998 Brian illustrated and wrote the book ‘Lyver-Lywans Bukkyas Keltek’. The world’s first tri-lingual Celtic language book, though directed towards children for the sake of coloring, it was a project new to the world. He took an active part in helping the Cornish language scene in writing and participating in journals and organizations as well working towards becoming a teacher to further educate on the vast subject.

By the Fall of 2001 Brian has earned a BA in History from NWOSU and later that next spring started working at a local TV station. The six month stint at the TV station was the birthplace of his horror shows that are still going strong since 2002. Changing stations in the Fall of that year the show ‘The Mysterious Lab of Dr. Fear’ was born. Being inspired from watching the Oklahoma legend Count Gregore in his youth, now Brian and his friends and family film campy horror skits while playing old horror classics and not so classics every Saturday night for fans everywhere.

Gradually this inspired Halloween events locally and taking part in many related events from Enid to Oklahoma City. By the end of the six month stint Brian became a professor teaching the Humanities at a local college, a job that he is completely happy with and loves to this day. The TV show itself gave birth to a radio incarnation called ‘The Mysterious Hours of Dr. Fear’ which airs every Sunday night and plays the weirdest mix of horror, Halloween and Gothic music and is streamed online worldwide for all to hear now. Because of the constant exposure to all things dark and gothic along the way Brian started to look at the horror scene, in both movies and books and naturally wanted to contribute in some way more. The old writing bug struck again by the end of the nineties and Brian composed several scripts for film projects, out of that a trilogy inspired from the Celtic tales of Arthur were made. The first story is now a novel that is soon to see print after some dedicated time re-tooling it to make it worthy of publishing.

Ten years later and almost a hundred TV episodes done, the need to write returned and the present Steampunk Horror series was inspired late in the summer of 2008. This story idea was inspired partway because of his dislike of how the vampire is portrayed in the current trends of Young Adult literature, and because so many other factors brought the notion of the series together. Now after so many years doing illustrations and everything else but writing, Brian is devoting time to making sure that his thousands of ideas can see fruition in print. With many Arthurian and Steampunk Horror literature projects coming together, he also has plans on writing and publishing many serious academic works centering on Celtic studies. Shortly the process will begin of being a candidate for a PhD in Celtic Studies to round out and complete the academic journey.

The Silent War series is planned to be written so long as there are devoted readers of this unique style literature. Beginning in 1865 and ending with the end of World War II, this series will explore a ‘hidden’ history to recent world events that deals with weird sciences, conspiracies and horror but laced with plenty of gripping action. Mr. Young’s greatest literary influences are Robert E Howard and H.P Lovecraft with some Tolkien and L. Sprague D. Camp. Being a ‘nerd’ has kept Brian free from the vices and difficulties that others must deal with in life allowing him to spend time honing his craft. Though his professional life is academic, his world is one filled full of imagination and wonder and thrives on originality and innovation daily. Aside from the earlier authors as influences Brian makes it a strict rule to never read other peoples’ work if he can help it because it will taint his own original ideas. Originality and the ability to see things in a different way mean all the difference in his myriad of projects and concepts.

ISBN: 1-4415-6544-2 (Trade Paperback 6x9) ; ISBN13: 978-1-4415-6544-0 (Trade Paperback 6x9)
Pages : 224
Book Format : Trade Book 6x9 ; Subject : FICTION / Science Fiction / General


The Tulsa Literati Indie Book Fair on Sat. Nov. 14 still has booths open at $40 each. The booths have 6’ tables, so partnering up with another author could make this a VERY affordable event.

Here is a link to their website with more information:

Contact the event coordinator or sign up through their site. Make sure you let me know you’ve registered so we can get it on our calendar of events. The event is free to the public, so turnout should be good!



Tuesday, October 13, 2009, 7:00pm- 8:00pm
Location: Warr Acres Library

Join Tonya Hacker & Tammy Wilson, Oklahoma's very own Ghost Divas as they talk about their book Ghostlahoma. They will discuss conducting a paranormal investigation and the importance of documenting the history and stories of people and places.

Enid Hosts Paranormal Authors

The Enid Public Library will host three of Oklahoma's own authors of the paranormal : Cullan Hudson, author of Strange State: Mysteries and Legends of Oklahoma, and its soon to be released sequel, Stranger State (Spring 2010); Tammy Wilson and Tonya Hacker, authors of Ghostlahoma and hosts of the talk show Ghosts Divas!

The program will be at .



The Red Dirt Book Festival in Shawnee , Okla. on Nov. 6 and 7 will be a multi-faceted event, with author-presented programs and workshops, panel discussions and a banquet. But one particularly special event of this year’s Red Dirt will be author Billie Letts’ keynote address on Saturday, Nov. 7, 11 a.m. in the Raley Chapel on the campus of Oklahoma Baptist University .

Billie Letts is a native Oklahoman, born in Tulsa . Letts discovered the joys of reading and writing at a young age, but it wasn’t until she was 55 that Letts tentatively showed a literary agent some of her work. At the time, Letts had three full grown sons with husband Dennis and was teaching at Southeastern Oklahoma State University . Letts sent the agent a short story that grew into her first novel, Where the Heart Is, which was published in 1995.

Where the Heart Is tells the story of Novalee Nation, a pregnant 17-year-old girl who was abandoned by her boyfriend at a Wal-Mart store. Novalee lives in the store for several months and eventually even gives birth there. The book takes places in the small town of Sequoyah , Okla.

In 1998, Where the Heart Is was chosen as an Oprah’s Book Club selection, changing Letts’ life and career forever. The book went on to sell more than 3 million copies and in 2000, it became a major motion picture starring Natalie Portman and Ashley Judd.

Letts’ second novel, The Honk and Holler Opening Soon, was published in 1998 and was chosen by Oklahomans as the first Oklahoma Reads Oklahoma selection in 2004. Oklahoma Reads Oklahoma was a statewide program that was held for several years leading up to the state’s centennial. The Honk and Holler Opening Soon also took place in Sequoyah. Shoot the Moon was published in 2004, a novel that takes place in the fictional Oklahoma small town DeClare. Featuring the Oklahoma town of Hugo , Made in the U.S.A. was released in 2008, and both of these titles became New York Times bestsellers.

Join Letts and other Red Dirt Book Festival authors in the OBU Geiger Center at 2 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 7 for photos and book signings. Books will also be available for purchase at this time.
Program times, descriptions and locations and author biographies are available on the Red Dirt website at
Support for the festival is provided by the Pioneer Library System, the Oklahoma Humanities Council, and the National Endowment for the Humanities, as well as community support including the Shawnee Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Citizen Potawatomi Nation, Oklahoma Baptist University and St. Gregory’s University and many local donors and volunteers


Cullan Hudson Presented at the Honobia Bigfoot Conference

Author of the popular Strange State: Mysteries and Legends of Oklahoma, Cullan Hudson tours the state beginning Oct. 2 in Ponca City at the Public Library, Oct. 3 at the Honobia Bigfoot Conference and Oct. 10 in Enid at the Garfield County Public Library. Here he is shown at the booth and with another presenter at the conference, the noted Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum.

He has been doing presentations about his book and promoting its sequel, Stranger State, due out in Spring 2010. Visit his highly popular blog on ALL things strange at the Strange State Blog.
Orders can be placed via PayPal there or to contact him email



A book signing was recently held at the Wyandotte Nation Tribal Center, in Wyandotte, Oklahoma, for the release of a new book. Kwa-hoo-sha-ha-ke, American Indian Warrior Hero, is a book about the life of Leaford Bearskin, Chief of the Wyandotte Nation. Written by noted local author and historian, Fredrea Cook, it was released in very limited edition. Published by the Gregath Publishing Company of Wyandotte, Oklahoma, books have already been shipped as far away as Australia.

The book touches on the life of Chief Bearskin, from early childhood in the Wyandotte Reserve to his current position as head of the Wyandotte Nation. His lengthy career as an Air Force bomber pilot in the South Pacific during World War II, where he flew 46 unscathed bombing missions, followed by 29 Berlin Airlift missions is covered in the publication. It also looks at his Federal Civil Service career of many years and some of the achievements of the past twenty-six years serving as Chief of his tribe.

From modest conditions within the Wyandotte Reserve of the 1920’s to life as a head of state, the book gives a glimpse into the life of one man who has served his country for 40 years and his tribe for 26 years. Recently re-elected to another term as Chief of the Wyandotte Nation, Leaford Bearskin continues to envision, and work towards, better things for his people and community.

A long time historian and genealogist, Mrs. Cook has written several books, including college level text books. She has also developed and taught genealogical research and writing classes for colleges and universities. A Director of the Genealogical Speakers Guild, she also belongs to the Association of Professional Genealogists, National Genealogical Society, Federation of Genealogical Societies, Oklahoma Historical Society and numerous historical and lineal organizations.

Mrs. Cook and her husband, Fredas, make their home in the Twin Bridges area of Ottawa County.

The book is available through the publisher, an Oklahoma business, The Gregath Publishing Company. Call the author at 918-542-4148 or visit the website for more information.


'THANKING OUR TROOPS": The God Bless America Touring Quilts and Book

Thanking Our Troops: God Bless America Touring Quilts
By Judy Howard and Nationwide Quilt Artists

“Like a mother's loving arms, this quilt is our hug for our hero—a gift of thanks for protecting America. It expresses our gratitude, love, respect, and honor to forever hold and comfort you.”

This is the greeting sewn on the back of the quilt that Staff Sergeant Logan Ballew received upon arriving at the Bethesda Military Hospital in August of 2006. While disarming a roadside bomb in Iraq, Logan received the impact of the exploding bomb. The local military hospital personnel waited to notify Logan’s parents for three days, not knowing whether they would be sending the boy back home in a body bag or to a hospital.

Logan’s mother, Joan Ballew from Edmond, Oklahoma, entered a portrait quilt of her son, incorporating his uniform with buttons and zippers, in Buckboard Quilts’ God Bless America touring quilt exhibit, Thanking Our Troops. “How do I love America—let me quilt the ways” is the theme of these 200 twenty-two-inch and larger patriotic quilts that are blanketing America for four years with “Hugs for our Heroes.” which are included in this full color gift book retailing for $19.95.
ISBN: 978-0-9762375-3-2 ALL book and exhibit profits go for quilts for wounded troops and families of our fallen heroes.



On Saturday October 10th @ 10 a.m.,Enid Public Library, join Cullan Hudson, author of STRANGE STATE: MYSTERIES AND LEGENDS OF OKLAHOMA and Tammy Wilson, one of the authors of GHOSTLAHOMA, for stories about The Spirits of Oklahoma.



Imagine Oklahoma at Red Dirt Book Festival

SHAWNEE—More than 70 well-known writers, entertainers, and scholars with Oklahoma roots are preparing to be in Shawnee, Okla. on November 6 and 7 to present 40 programs for hundreds of reading enthusiasts and aspiring writers. The fourth biennial Red Dirt Book Festival will be held at the Heart of Oklahoma Expo Center on Friday, November 6, and at Oklahoma Baptist University on Saturday, November 7. The public is invited to attend any or all of the programs associated with the festival. Registration for most Red Dirt Book Festival events is free and can be done online at through October 15.

Imagine Oklahoma is the conversational theme for the 2009 festival, and will be illustrated by several featured presenters who help the world image Oklahoma through their work on television. Ron Stahl, co-host of the Integris Discover Oklahoma series will speak at the Opening General Session at the Expo Center at 9 a.m. Friday, November 6. The luncheon speaker on Friday is Susan Miller, producer of the Gallery series on OETA-TV. The Friday evening banquet speaker is Galen Culver, producer of the Is This a Great State or What! series for KFOR-TV. Also performing at the banquet which will be held at the Potawatomi Cultural Heritage Center are the Red Dirt Rangers.

The featured author for the 2009 festival is Billie Letts, best known for her debut novel, Where the Heart Is which became a York Times Best Seller, an Oprah Book Club selection, and a major motion picture. Letts has written three more novels, all with Oklahoma settings and characters. Her latest work, Made in the USA, was published in 2008. Letts will speak at OBU’s Raley Chapel at 11 a.m. Saturday, November 7. Copies of her novels will be available for purchase and autographing following the presentation.

Previous featured authors have included Tony Hillerman, the first American author whose work was featured on the PBS series, Mystery!; Bob Burke, 2006 Oklahoma Hall of Fame inductee who has written 70 historical non-fiction books; Fred R. Harris, former U.S. Senator from Oklahoma and widely published author of nonfiction, including Does People Do It? A Memoir; and Carolyn Hart, master of mystery and suspense and the first author to win all three major mystery awards for her novels--the Agatha, the Anthony, and the Macavity awards.

Those interested in attending any portion of the festival may visit their nearest hometown public library in Cleveland, McClain and Pottawatomie counties to pick up a free copy of the winter 2009 edition of WORD Magazine which contains complete festival information including a list of presenters and donors.

Major support for the festival is provided the Pioneer Library System, the Oklahoma Humanities Council, and the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Ar-Hale Family Foundation, Dougherty Fund, and Kirkpatrick Family Fund. Additional support comes from the Shawnee Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Citizen Potawatomi Nation, Oklahoma Baptist University and St. Gregory’s University and many local donors and volunteers.
Pioneer Library System
Galyn Cresap , Public Relations Specialist
Telephone; 701-2674



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Author Tells Stories of Paying Debts Before There Were Bailouts.
New author, Barbara Howell, tells her story from struggle to success within a man’s profession in her book, Splinters: The Pain, The Passion, The Point, published by Paige1Media.
Before the term “bailout” was a household word, Barbara was trying to survive her own recession. While the world was moving forward and economic times were booming, she was caught in a web of enormous debt. This is a story of risking everything to save family members from ruin and being honorable to commitments.“I have survived what so many people are currently going through today,” Barbara said. “There is always Monday after Friday and I want to share this encouragement with as many people as possible. Hopefully, this book will do that."
Splinters is Barbara's story of not only surviving but becoming a success in a man’s profession: carpentry.Thrust into a business she didn’t want or think she was capable of doing, Barbara was well aware of the odds stacked against her.

She didn’t set out to prove anything. Her only goal was to pay her debts and survive.Some of her stories are remarkable. Such as the day she went undercover with the FBI to unwittingly assist in a sting operation; the day the naked man sought shelter in her booth; or the day the“panty man” struck her brand new trailer.

She has seen first hand God’s protection as she walked away from serious accidents and remained determined to play the hand life had dealt her. She was unwilling to allow circumstances to defeat her.Barbara, along with her daughter and two granddaughters, birthed Southern Ladies Showcases through sweat, guts and tears. The business, now successful, takes its rightful place in what was once, strictly a man’s profession.Southern Ladies Showcases, specializes in hand-crafted, custom-made display cases for every collection and hobby. Today, the business proudly has products in homes, businesses and museums across America and around the world.

Barbara’s commitment to succeed, her courage and undefeated attitude will be an inspiration as you read this story of struggle and ultimate victory. A story of uncommon courage and perseverance in the face of life's obstacles, Splinters is sure to encourage readers on their journey of life. The book is available in select bookstores across the country as well as online at



Oklahoma Labyrinths – a path to inner peace details the story of labyrinths in the Sooner State. Oklahoma City authors Gail Peck, Linda Yeingst and Phyllis Pennington share their experiences and the wisdom they learned from walking these ancient symbols of wisdom.

Forty-four of the 70 Oklahoma labyrinths are permanent outdoor creations. The remaining 26 are portable canvas or nylon, tile or painted indoors on concrete. A total of 33 represent religious institutions, church camps, spiritual centers or retreats. Seventeen are located on private property or owned by individuals not associated with a business.

Four add a special presence to public parks, three are located at educational institutions, three at farms and one each at a hospital, dojo, wellness center, deli, Camp Fire facility and art district. The other four are utilized by their owners in private counseling sessions.

Twenty-one (18 outdoor and three indoor) depict 7-circuit Classicals. Twenty (10 outdoor and 10 indoor) model 11-circuit Chartres. Five (two outdoor and three indoor) represent the Santa Rosa and two are interactive portable canvas prayer paths. Those remaining characterize modified versions or contemporary styles.

A total of 27 cities in Oklahoma sport labyrinths. Eight of those cities have multiple labyrinths with 14 in Oklahoma City, 12 in Edmond, 12 in Tulsa, four in Norman and three in Tahlequah. Chouteau, Muskogee and Shawnee have two each.

Oklahoma Labyrinths – a path to inner peace features a complete list of all state labyrinths.

The 308-page inspirational book, published by 7 Hawks Publishing Company in Oklahoma City, sells for $14.95.
7 Hawks Publishing Company
4005 NW 29
OKC, OK 73107
 (405) 943-2741



Kwa-hoo-sha-ha-ke (Flying Eagle) - American Indian Warrior Hero, A Glimpse Into the Life of Leaford Bearskin Chief of the Wyandotte Nation is a book whose time has come.

Through the efforts of the author, Fredrea Gregath Cook, this insightful look at the life of this dynamic personality, will be available in time for this year’s annual meeting and pow-wow of the Wyandotte Nation, September 11, 2009.

Deeply committed to preserving and promoting history of the region, Cook chose this biography as her latest project. Her published work spans preserving local records and families, several titles of lineage research, as well as college texts. A long time friend of Bearskin, personal knowledge, research in public and private collections, and a recent series of interviews serve to round out this glimpse into what makes the man.

An authorized look into this head of state’s life begins with his genealogical origins and sweeps forward in time to the present. This book is an eye opening tale for those who don’t know the Chief very well. For those who are counted as friends, it’s great to finally be able to get “the whole story” in one sitting. Though not a definitive work, at a little over 100 pages, it does handily re-cap his first career in the military, his second career in Civil Service, and his Tribal leadership to this point.

In preparing this work, the author uncovered many great things, with the help of many wonderful people, that a special website has been set up to share extra items, and color photographs, not included in this particular title.

It is at, there is no charge and it is open to the public.

The book is available through the publisher, a local business, The Gregath Publishing Company. The author will also be at the Wyandotte pow-wow, where she will have copies on hand. Call the author at 918-542-4148 or visit the website for more information.

Submitted by: Gregath Publishing
PO BOX 505, Wyandotte, OK 74370 – 918-542-4148 –



Author Marilyn A. Hudson announces that soon her collection of short stories will be available as print on demand. Many of the tales were inspired by the folklore and stories of Oklahoma and some from the imagination of the author. Leave a light on..and keep an eye on the shadows...



The sequel to the vastly popular "Strange State" Mysteries and Legends of Oklahoma" will soon be available as a print on demand title. Visit the author's blog at for details as they emerge.


LONG HORIZON : Sue A. Townley-Monkress

Synopsis: JESSICA McCAREY, an intelligently-inquisitive, obstinate tomboy, is more comfortable hunting or roughhousing with her six brothers than doing woman s work. Fiercely-protective of her ornery brothers, her plan for an exciting future develops when she discovers how the wildcatters gamble for their fortunes in the Osage, former Indian Territory in Oklahoma).

Enlisting the reluctant collaboration of her oldest brother Ben, they gradually persuade their close-knit family to engage in an oil business in nearby Big Spring, an exciting and rough boomtown. The McCarey siblings settle into hard, roughneck work on the nearby property of an Indian friend, and soon bring in the first of many gushers.

Through persistence, ethics and insightful guidance, McCarey Oil Company flourishes, while Jessie’s personal life careens. Just when the family feels no one will capture her spirited heart, enter Jake Trenton, a crazy flier from the East.

Fate will bring many twists to Jessie's future. Will she find happiness and personal fulfillment?
Available from AMAZON.

An Oklahoma native, Sue Monkress currently resides on the Gulf Coast, where she is Vice President of the Gulf Coast Writers Association. Prior to writing, she held various positions at an oil company based in Oklahoma, as well as four years work in the Osage County District Attorney’s office.

Her first public work, published by The Adventures of Will Walker, the journey of a young boy with his father and crazy uncle, recreating the travels of Marco Polo six centuries earlier. This imaginative story contains many historical facts, in her attempt to inspire kids’ interest in reading and history.

Her recent work: Long Horizon, is a novel set in the exciting 1900’s oil boom in Oklahoma. The saga follows the dreams of an enterprising young woman who entices her reluctant family into the oil business with her. She hopes her love for her native state is adequately reflected in this work and is seeking a book-to-film producer. Travel, substitute teaching and time spent with her precious grandson inspire her writing. She is presently working on children’s stories and books.



Pioneer Library System

225 N. Webster

Norman, Ok 73069

Phone: 405-701-2673

Fax: 405 -701-2649

Contact: Galyn Cresap Hembree

Public Relations Specialist

Phone: 405-701-2674


Registration Opens for Regional Red Dirt Book Festival

The fourth biennial Red Dirt Book Festival will be held in Shawnee November 6 -7, 2009, at the Expo Center and on the campuses of Oklahoma Baptist University and St. Gregory’s University. The Festival’s web site, is now accepting registrations to attend the free festival and a number of ticketed events included in the activities.

“Registering to attend the festival is easy and free; you can go online and take care of everything including reserving tickets for meals and paying for them through PayPal,” said Julia Harmon, festival director. “Or, anyone not comfortable using the internet, can go to their hometown library and ask their librarian to help them register. There is a form available on the website to download and use to register by mail.”

Shawnee has been home to Pioneer Library System’s Red Dirt Book Festival since 2003. Imagine Oklahoma – Join the Conversation is the theme for this year’s free, public book festival, which continues to have tremendous community support.

The Red Dirt Book Festival has been a creative home in Oklahoma for nearly 1,500 readers, writers, illustrators, publishers, storytellers, scholars and performers since 2003.
Special events planned for the festival include a keynote address by author Billie Letts, best known for her New York Times bestseller, “Where the Heart Is,” a writing workshop for area high school students, appearances by Oklahoma personalities Galen Culver, Ron Stahl, and Susan Miller, and a tea and scone reception followed by a guided tour of OBU’s Raley Chapel stained glass windows.

The festival continues to have tremendous community involvement with major support from the Pioneer Library System, the Oklahoma Humanities Council, and the National Endowment for the Humanities. Other major contributors include the Shawnee Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Citizen Potawatomi Nation, Oklahoma Baptist University and St. Gregory’s University, the Ar-Hale Family Foundation, the Dougherty Fund, the Kirkpatrick Family Fund, and the FireLake Grand Casino as well as many other local donors and volunteers.

For more information about the authors who will be presenting, the exhibit hall, the programs and their descriptions, as well as a album of past festival photos and a Red Dirt promotional video, visit the website or call your home town Pioneer Library System branch library.



Joan Billings has a new Bible Study that will be released soon. Joan and her husband, Tom Billings are formerly from Duncan, OK where Tom was a church Director of Missions. She will be one of the new authors attending the first Chisholm Trail Book Festival in Duncan on Oct. 24th with a trilogy that had been her dream for thirty-five years.

It is almost completed and ready for the public. You can contact Joan for preorders. A Mixed Bouquet: A Bible Study Featuring Dramatic Interpretation of Women of the Bible has a DVD and a Book of Monologues accompaning the main Bible Study. It will soon be available on Amazon as well as at the book festival in October.


Welcome to “A Mixed Bouquet”! by Joan McGehee Billings; BIBLE STUDY BOOK
With DVD and Book of Monologues

Purchase from author at: or from Amazon.
Bible Study Book, $12.00; - Book of Monologues, $15.00



Quilted Love Letters for America—Thanking Our Troops
In this 45-90 minute quilt trunk show program designed to honor our military and veterans’ families, award winning author Judy Howard tells stories of heroism and sacrificial love of God and Country from her new book Thanking Our Troops—God Bless America Touring Quilts.

Judy displays fifty or more of the 200 winning quilts submitted by children and adults across the nation in her contest “How Do I Love America—Let Me Quilt the Ways.” These little quilts have cheered troops in Baghdad and have brought rave reviews from prestigious quilt shows like AQS and HMQS and are crisscrossing the U.S. to blanket America with the Fabric of Hope to unify our torn nation by returning to our founding fathers’ values.

All profits from Judy’s books, programs and $100 quilt exhibit rental fees go to nonprofits who provide quilts for wounded troops and the families of our fallen heroes who have defended our freedoms. This exhibit is free when you schedule Judy’s quilt trunk show program. Many groups take advantage of Judy’s Fund-Raising opportunities by ordering books by the case to sell or give as gifts.

“ Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world—indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Meed



OKC ZOO , Saturday July 25 will host authors of books about animals 9 a.m. to noon.

Ooook-lahoma, where the pen comes sweepin down the page! Come and mingle
with the wildest writers in Oklahoma at the Oklahoma City Zoos Animal
Author Expo. This event will be held on Saturday, July 25 from 9 a.m. to
Noon, in the Zoos Global Plaza. Both fiction and non-fiction authors will
be present to showcase their books, meet-and-greet fans and sign
autographs. Plus, additional books will be available for fans wishing to
purchase these storybook classics.

Authors from across the state have bound together to take part in the
Zoos Animal Author Expo. Writers attending this event include: Anna
Myers, Tammi Sauer, Una Belle Townsend, Stacey Nyikos, Richard Trout,
Glenda Carlile, Susan Meyers and many more! Plus, meet the Zoos own Amy
Dee Stephens as she showcases her book, Oklahoma City Zoo: 1902-1959. This
event is free to attend.

Amy Dee Stephens
Naturalist Instructor & Certified Interpretive Guide



Dr. Reggies Wenyika, V.P. of Academic Affairs for Southwestern Christian University in Bethany, Oklahoma, was part of a major work called "Engaging Our World: Christian Worldview from the Ivory Tower to Global Impact" (W&S Academic Press, 2009 ISBN: 978-0-9819526-9-7). He served as an editor and co-wrote one chapter ,"Religion of the Heart: Expelled from the American University."

It is available from, and various other book outlets.

From the cover: " What difference does a worldview make?" These eclectic essays from nearly trwenty scholars show how embodying a biblical Christian worldview helps transform mere existence into fullness of life." Scholars from institutions around the world share insights from several academic disciplines on what a Christian worldview means in the 21st century. The essays are based on papers delivered at the International Institute for Christian Studies Conference.


[The following is based on a workshop presented by Border Queen Book Festival program coordinator and author, Tonya Shook. It is presented here to be used free of charge and copyright free for anyone who wishes to promote book festivals of this nature. It is not to be reprinted or transmitted in any format known now or in the future. It is not to be included in any books, newsletters, or other formats without the express permission of Tonya Shook. This statement must accompany any copies made for planning of such events.]Organization for Author Friendly Book FestivalsAn All Voluntary EventA Director in place will receive and coordinate the whole of the committees, set up meeting times during the year as the event formulates.Committees Needed For:Author ContactsFacilityAdvertisingFund Raiser MealsGuest Speaker and/or WorkshopsManual LaborAuthor Gift BagsAwards – Sponsoring Entity InvolvementParking Sound SystemsAuthor Contacts CommitteeSeek authors in various places. Some suggestions are below.1.Blast Emails – i.e. OWFI 2. Colleges and Universities English/Drama Depts.3. Book Clubs from surrounding areas and outside the state via Internet4. Library Announcements for authors5. Network with known authors for other contacts than yours.6. Historical/Genealogical Societies7. Research is accessible for networking at Workshops and Conferences8. Continual updates to authors.9. It is imperative to have name registration at least at the beginning of the release of the upcoming book festival. You set the cut off date when the fee if any is required for the author to submit. Focus on this list of authors throughout the year as things materialize for the event, personal touch with individuals. All of them matter, every one!10. Low fees to author are imperative!11. Awards for the best table or author display – presenter for the awards.SUGGESTIONS(1) Author Friendly Book Festivals (AFBF) need to relate to the authors the necessity for conversation with the general public and opportunity to visit one-on-one. Book festivals do not guarantee an author will sell. It depends on their(a.) personality, (b.) the topic of their publication, (c.) the method they use to interact with the public to become a successful salesman/woman.(2) AFBF need judges, usually anonymous, for best author display.Facility Committee1. Determination of the size needed, parking availability, accessibility for handicap etc. (the number of authors and crowd estimation will help determine this)2. Information can also be found from the Chamber of Commerce should you live in a large city.3. Civic Centers a possibility4. Fair Grounds & others(a.) The Facility Committee should investigate the possibility of Sponsorship Entities if needed to secure a facility that charges a fee. Since this is an all Volunteer Effort, select a sponsor that has a 501C status with grant money opportunities.(b.) This could come from Literacy Awareness funding using their guidelines or from some other entity that benefits the state of Oklahoma or would like to. (BQBF had a donated hall for two years and done so in order to make people aware of the new facility in Comanche, The Asbury Complex Center. The idea is not to charge the book fest goers or the authors to fund this event. You will have an author draw every year for an event such as this if you take care of your authors.(c.) The facility can make or break a book festival. It needs food preparation or catering opportunities. It needs to be large enough to have aisle tables for authors. You will make decisions as you grow as to your needs in your particular locality. This is just a base to build from.Advertising CommitteeYou may find abilities to advertise through:1. Libraries2. Radio Stations (Public Service Announcements)3. Television Stations (PSA)Ron Stahl Integris Discover Oklahoma Ron.Stahl@OklaTourism.gov120 N. RobinsonSuite 600Oklahoma City, OK 73102405-230-8391Shel WagnerExecutive ProducerDiscover Oklahoma405-230-8431shel@travelok.comCall Local TV Stations and ask if they could do a story on your book festival. If they know it is an all-volunteer type thing, you will have more opportunity to get this out.4. Newspapers(a.) Cotton Electric(b.) Local newspapers, Comanche Times donated two full pages of author jpgs/bios as well as ads during the weeks prior to the book festival.(c.) Contact newspapers from surrounding towns and ask for them to do a story on your event in Lifestyles or Front Page.(d.) If your festival is including essay contests from schools (really necessary to get a local pull) Contact Sandy Garrett to see if she would send out blast emails to all the Superintendents of Schools so that their teachers might be able to use this event as one for Personal Development Certification Points. Some of the schools have done this with BQBF. It increases Literacy Awareness in the Community and State.(f.) Notification about this event should be made to the Activities Director ofSenior Citizen Retirement CentersVA Retirement CentersSenior Citizen Activity CentersSchools (flyers at school for the children to take them home in their backpacks for parents)Colleges & Universities etc. –Most all this can be done through the Internet.5. It is important to have a Complementary Breakfast for the Authors as they set up their tables and if you have had some special group donate these foods, have a placard for who the compliments came from. This applies to any foods or treats made available at this event.6. It is good to have help for the authors to unload to their tables with some school organization – Comanche used the members of the Comanche FFA who wore their special FFA attire and were easily recognized. This creates good advertising for this author event. Word gets around how well authors get treated!7. Provide Table Set-Ups: Table and Chairs, they do the decorations. To make it aesthetically pleasing, have all tables look alike as your chairs.8. Author Placards for each author at the table set-ups.9. Printed Author Name Tags10. Special recognition brochure for all the committee members under Activity Headings to be dispersed at this All Volunteer Book Festival.Fund Raiser MealsMeals can be planned and prepared by and to support a1.Civic Club2. School Trips3. Local entity – human-interest eventa. Table set-ups.b. Decide the prospective turn out and prepare planned menu for it.c. Have a plan where to take what isn’t sold should there be left over food.d. Have cooks and clean up groups in place, set table, clean off, clean upe. Sell tickets at the door or at businesses, ticket taker in place at the event.Guest Speaker or Workshop for a Two-day Event1.Research topics of current interest in your community/schools2.Consider Fee or Free for guest speaker/workshop director.3.Consider accommodations for Speaker/spouse whether it is for a workshop or program.Work Shop4.Must be free to the public5.Could be a number of things:Beginning Creative Writing,How to Publish, Marketing Your Book,Seminar on Expanding a Book Festival to Another Area, etcThis also may include the extra community involvement by having a number of guest authors to speak to different school classes on the day prior to the book festival. All this involves Literacy Awareness and helps the students discover another aspect to writing by meeting a published author and hearing things of particular interest that the teachers suggest they might need addressedThe committee needs to research this out to have this in place and have the author contacts they need with this expertise. They will find this from the Author Contact Committee.Manual Labor CommitteeVarious things require manual labor when setting up for a book festival. Many people can help in this category knowing nothing about book festivals and you might find high school boys willing volunteer for this, or boy scouts.1.Table and Chairs put into place for the authors and take down after the book festival.(this may require them to be put on a dolly of some sort and moved to and from a location.)2.Physical sign-forms built for posters to be put on the highways and streets or to have hand lettered signs painted.3.Should there be a need for any other heavy-duty type of thing one might need, a group of people should be available to call on for this support.Author Gift BagsThis is very good Public Relations to have a handy Author Gift Bag on each table for each individual author. Items for it may be found at different stores as free hand outs for advertising of their store.Some Ideas are:Note padsPensPackets of tissueBottled WaterStationary NotesPost-ItsBook MarksGift coupons from Chain StoresGift coupons from Chain RestaurantsEnvelope openersMini-first-aid kitsPackets of hand-cleanse wipesPens and/or pencilsEtc.This will take effort going from place to place to ask for and pick up these items.Bags must be considered. Should there be a tax exempt sponsor with funds bags might be considered a legitimate expense for the author’s tables.Awards – Sponsoring Entity Involvement“School Essays”This Committee will devise a topic for the essay; set the guidelines1.Contact for Cash Prizes may be some Funded Sponsor, who is interested in bettering the community/town, for this highlight of the book festival.2.The Superintendent of Schools needs to be contacted for this interaction as well as the Librarian. Either one of them will be responsible for selecting the teachers involved who will be used as the judges of the essays.3.A cut-off date when the essays are due must be set in order to get this opportunity to be involved in this contest.4.The Essays need to be in the judge’s hands early enough for them to make a decision (2-4 weeks in advance of the announcement) of the winners at the book festival. Below are the guidelines for the awards given at the 2009 BQBF sponsored by S.O.A.C. but set up by the Awards Committee.The topic of this essay, The History of Comanche is a wide range topic that allows the middle school students an unlimited field to inspire creative juices for this essay. The only boundary is it must be about the history of Comanche. There is no word limit.Having said this, the essays will be judged by:1. The maturity of the topic they write about,2. The expertise of formulating the concepts into an interesting read,3. The level of work put into the essay4. The presentation of work in a neat and clean finished fashion.Their Name, Address, ph #, and grade must be on the top left hand corner of the first page, their initial and last name at the top right hand corner of page 2 and thereafter.They may choose to write about:The very first settlement of Comanche proper,The history of stores and business in Comanche,A pioneer story from the memoirs of any person/relative as long as it is nonfiction.The first Tractor used to plow the fields.Animals used in farming, their care, needs.Everyday acceptances of outhouses, or the like i.e. butter churns, lamp light, butchering times and rendering lard for soap at Comanche homesteadsHanded down oral history.Model A car races (if such existed)Horse races in the town (if there were such, there was such in Hastings)Etc.The topic is limitless, open to imaginations and interests of the student as long as it has something to do with the history of Comanche. They may interview old timers and pick their brains about what their grandparent's shared with them in an oral type history. Whatever the writer chooses belonging to the history of Comanche is open to their research and writing their essay on.This wide range has been chosen for several reasons.The need to support literacy awareness should first find that corner stone of interest in the student. Interest then becomes a vital part to fuel the energy needed to follow through with a good and entertaining essay. It is our goal that the need to read becomes so vitally important that each child will feel it a must to strive for excellence to learn more, be more and dream more.The teacher judges will take into account the grade level with the above criteria being the yardstick to judge essays by. It should be up to the Superintendent or School Librarian to select these judges of essays (suggested – 3), and for teachers to gather up essays and get them to the anonymous judges. It is competitive. It will be rewarding.Parking CommitteeThis committee is responsible for safe parking, valet service for authors who have to walk a way from author parking to the facility.Provision needs to be in place should there be large vehicles such as tour busses or vans of people attending the book festival, unloading, and directions for the larger vehicles to park.The responsibility of safety of parked vehicles fits into the realm of this jurisdiction whether it requires police help or not.Sound System Committee1.During the announcement of awards, other interests, a Sound System needs to be in place and someone who can work this apparatus.2. Electrical Cords or other electronic equipment needed for the event would follow under this committee’s jurisdiction.3.Care of the sound equipment follows under the care of this committee and gathering up anything that needs to be stored afterward is the responsibility of this group.Why A Book Festival Like This?1.There are few authors in the “big top” but there are thousands of authors with wonderful books that need to be read.2.Monopolies from large Publishing Houses, Agents, Conferences sponsored by different groups, and Workshops have laid out worn guidelines that “this is the way one must go to become a successful author, to be able to sell their work. They must take in all the workshops and conferences if “one is to become successful.”Blindly following their guidelines the new author spends his/her 401K in hopes that this is true. They are pumped, excited and broke after attending; return home in the same circumstance when they started most likely, less money and no books sold. One can network at such places but I also know there is a way authors can take charge of their talent and market better.I believe it’s time to “re-invent the wheel.” It is time for authors to take charge of their own interests and destiny and not leave it up to a dangling carrot on a string. This volunteer book festival has been tested in Comanche, Oklahoma and it does work. I also have discovered how difficult it is for “one person” to direct everything with so few in place to help. This has been proven it is too good an idea to die and needs a vision planted in others to continue.a. This new type of volunteer book festival promotes Literacy Awareness in our state.b. It promotes new money for local businesses.c. It gives children an opportunity to see new possibilities in writing.d. It can also offer teachers an opportunity for Personal Development Certification Points if this event fits their school’s guidelines.e. From a sea of authors in their midst the book festival gives the populous an opportunity to select and purchase an autographed book directly from the author.f. Businesses benefit, Teachers benefit, Literacy Awareness benefits, and Children and Scholastic interest benefit, Authors from all over benefit and our state of Oklahoma can benefit from a new concept -- “The Book Festival State.” This is a far cry from “The Grapes of Wrath” and Illiteracy. Other authors have asked for my guidelines to start this process in their areas of Oklahoma. Authors will fill their event calendars if it does.This Author Friendly Book Festival is a Win-Win Event. A funded sponsorship is needed to implement a (1) facility, (2) advertising, and (3) essay awards. If interested, please contact:Tonya Holmes ShookRt. 1 Box 69-KHastings, OK 73548shookum@pldi.net580-439-6912


2010 Writers Conference - Oklahoma City

Keep up at:

2010 OWFI Writers Conference: tba
OWFI will hold its forty-second annual conference on April 29 - May 1, 2010 at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Details of the conference will be forthcoming.



Press Release
Coming To Amazon Soon!
Now you can have a compilation of Frank L. Barnes writing addressing four (4) questions:

1.What would Jesus have me do after accepting Him?
2.What if controversy should arise among my new
Christian family?
3.How can the Holy Spirit help me grow and just who is
the Holy Spirit?
4.How can I be an effective witness to other people?

Concluding with the History of the Church
Every pastor needs this book; every Christian whether a new convert or older Christian needs this book; every seeker needs this book because “the Lord seeth not as man seeth, for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart” I Samuel 16:7.
Through His Eyes
Tonya Holmes Shook - 580-439-6912 - Amazon



Book Signing for Narcissa Historian

A public book signing will be held at the Dobson Memorial Center, Sunday, July 12, 2009, from 2-4 PM. The museum will be open during their regular Sunday hours of 1-4 PM.

The author, Luretta E. Armagost Williams, will be available for signing and historical conversation concerning her new book, Narcissa, Oklahoma Through the Years: Life Along the Mother Road - Route 66. Copies may be ordered from the author, or Gregath Publishing Company in advance. All reserved copies will be available that afternoon.

The Narcissa volume is the author's first solo publication and contains 282 pages in an oversized 8.5x11" format. The full color perfect bound book includes subject index, photos, maps, and numerous transcriptions and original newspaper clippings. The book has been organized into sections focusing on the church, school, and community.

As an active genealogist, historian, and scrapbooker, the author correctly identified the need to record at least some of the history contained in the tiny hamlet of Narcissa, before it completely faded into individual memory. A collector of Narcissa history for quite some time, she hopes that this information is shared, through this publication, far and wide.

Williams is one of two daughters born to John and Marie Armagost. She grew up in the Narcissia community and attended church and school there. She and her husband, Anthony Williams, live on the Armagost Farm today. Luretta and Anthony have three grown children.

[see earlier entry for more details]



Mark your calendars for April, 2010. Here is the link to their webpage:

P.S. - When you contact them, let them know you saw it on "OK Writers"!



Product Description: As Bright and Pure as the Driven Snow is a twelve week study in what the Bible says about sexual purity. The lessons and application stories are taken from the author's life, and are especially formated for middle school and teen aged girls. Available from

MOLLY LEMMONS is a noted Oklahoma storyteller and author. She notes 'My new book is a study in God's plan for sexual purity before marriage and it contains worksheets to go with the lessons. It is formatted for girls of middle school and high school age.."

Please visit her website: because "Life is not about waiting for the storms to is about learning how to dance in the rain."


Author Spins New Book

Veteran Oklahoma author, Tonya Holmes Shook announces a new book soon to appear on

"Anyone Can Be A Wool Spinner: An easy Guide for Beginners"


MEET THE AUTHOR: Luretta E. Armagost Williams

Luretta is one of two daughters born to John and Marie Armagost. She grew up in the Narcissia community and attended church and school there. She and her husband, Anthony Williams, live on the Armagost Farm today. Luretta and Anthony have three grown children.

Her first book has been a long time in the making. She is pleased to announce that it will be available within the next month and orders are now being taken. Paid orders may be made to The Gregath Publishing Company, PO BOX 505, Wyandotte, OK 74370 for $50.00 (includes USPS Priority delivery). The publishers also accept PayPal online, and Visa/MasterCard orders at 918-542-4148.

Narcissa, Oklahoma Through the Years: Life Along the Mother Road - Route 66, by Luretta E. Armagost Williams, 2009. approx. 275 pages, 8.5x11", softbound book, includes subject index, photos, maps, newspaper clippings.

Introduction to the Book

The book came about as a result of my interest in history and families of the area. This was fostered by my parents and particularly my father, John Armagost. Both my parents kept various types of records, photos and notes over the years and these were a springboard for me. My dad often wrote articles for the local newspaper, sharing historical information and this encouraged me to look at our history, while also looking forward.

For some time, I considered how to best present the most information about the Narcissa community and its’ people, in the small space of a book. The idea was to preserve as much of the history as possible in one location.

With an interest in genealogy, history, and scrap-booking, the idea of simply presenting the information in the form of newspaper articles, photos, and family stories began to take shape. Therefore, this book is presented in the current form. There are four sections to the book, beginning with the church since the Baptist Mission came first. It is followed by community and school sections. The subject index shows the focus of the collection. Therefore, it can not and should not be considered an every name and every place index.

This is an historical sketch that contains information from many sources. In each case, all efforts have been made to preserve the original spellings of names, places and things as they were submitted or found by the author. However, there are some cosmetic changes this author has made that should make it easier on you, the reader. For example, in place of various decades of “current accepted” state abbreviations, every effort has been made to spell out each state in all material prepared for this manuscript. However, all photo representation of original documents, sites, or original material has remained untouched in their content. All names and native words, have remained intact. Due to the size of this project, the reader is still sure to find at least some other typographical errors. Feedback is welcome on such items, so future editions can eliminate errors.

By no means should this book be considered the full history of the Narcissa area. It is merely my attempt to record what information was available to us. No doubt there will be unintentional errors, as is often the case in such compilations. Since many who were approached for family information did not come forth, it is entirely possible that those families may not be fully represented.

All in all, it is the hope of this writer that what has been preserved in this book will be enjoyed by the reader. I would encourage others to seek more family and historical materials and to find a way to preserve them for the future.

Luretta Armagost Williams

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