Looking for a publisher for that romance or mystery?  Kendel Flaum announces a new publisher -
Henery Press is an independent, royalty-paying publisher with a focus on the mystery and romance genres.  We handle more than just file conversion, we provide a strong editorial eye and engaging cover artwork.  We help the author conceptualize and build their brand, which may entail redesigning their website (or starting one) with their brand as focus, then carrying it through to social networking and promotions. 
Kendal adds:  "We also manage sales of each title -- the next book sells the last. It's important to continually monitor each title while putting out the next so we can get them into the reader's hands."
While primarily publishing ebooks, Henery Press also offers every book in trade paperback.  We understand the importance of an author owning a physical copy of their book -- for themselves, their friends and family, their library, and local book signings.
Submission guidelines and other information may be found on the Henery Press website: www.henerypress.com.