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Conflict Resolution with Dr. Weeks

The timing for Dr. Dudley Weeks’ latest and cumulative work, THE CONFLICT PARTNERSHIP CATALYST PROCESS, could not be better. A quick glance at the media on any given day demonstrates a world in conflict from top to bottom. Families struggle with preventing collapse of their infrastructures through family violence or divorce due to the stress of unanticipated life events or financial downsizing in response loss of employment. Corporate structures and employees clash as opposing priorities challenge the survival of both the workplace and workforce here in the USA. International groups, public and private, are overwhelmed with one social, political, or environmental catastrophe coming on the heels of the previous one.  

Renowned political scientist, crisis resolution specialist, and author/trainer/consultant Dr. Dudley Weeks PhD, has worked in similar situations his whole career, moving by request from event to event: family counseling to helping with peace building of nations.  

Based on his own experience, Dr. Weeks developed his own unique process aimed at not only resolving a current situation but building a working relationship that would last into the future. It became known as the Conflict Partnership Catalyst Process (TM). As Dr. Weeks continued to use his six clear and doable conflict partnership steps more and more people asked to be trained to use and teach the method. (To date Dr. Weeks has trained over 80,000 people world wide.)

The end result is a package of training materials and case studies related to this remarkable process that has proven to be a valuable useful asset across such a wide sphere of problem-solving. Now a cumulative new one volume book, An Alternative to Traditional Mediation: The Conflict Partnership Catalyst Process is available. It may be purchased on Amazon (print of Kindle formats), on demand from booksellers, or directly through the author at . 

Note: For a multiple copies discount use the email above.

 About the Author:

Dr. Dudley Weeks, PhD, is a conflict resolution specialist with forty years experience in using his own trademarked process to guide conflict parties in situations ranging from family or internal organizational issues to conflicts between nations to effective, sustainable resolutions. He has worked in over 90 countries as a catalyst or trainer as well as keynote speaker. He has been a professor or guest lecturer in both the USA and Europe. He is an author of two other books on conflict resolution, three books of poetry, and is now using his extensive experiences to write intrigue novels and short stories.

Silent Auction Books Sought

Great PR for children's, teens, and adult books, especially if you are in the area of Ponca City, Oklahoma.  If you have books suitable to help their cause consider helping them out.

 Ponca City Christian Academy (PCCA) is a non-denominational, parent-sponsored school (grades K through 8) whose primary goal is to assist parents in raising well-educated, responsible, compassionate children.  The school is non-profit, and is solely financed through tuition, donations, and fundraising events in our city. 

Our annual BBQ Bash will be on Saturday, April 11, 2015, and will include a silent auction.

Events like these are necessary to support the operating budget for our school to continue teaching children in our community.  In the past, over 1800 tickets have been sold in Ponca City and surrounding areas. 

We are appealing to businesses in the area to make donations of gift certificates or products to be put in themed baskets to be auctioned off in our silent auction.
We think your business would be a great contribution to our event. We do this in hopes that we can offer a wide variety of items to our event audience and in return we hope to help out businesses by offering a bit of advertising.
We would accept any business cards, fliers, brochures or signs showing your business’ information to be displayed with your donation.  This event will be advertised on our school’s website, local radio stations, local newspaper and on signs in the community.

Ponca City Christian Academy
901 Monument Road, Building 3
Ponca City, OK 74604
Phone: 580-765-6038
501c3 org - Tax exempt ID#: 73-1589438
Thank you for your time and consideration!
Xenia M. Robertson
I can do all things through Christ which strengthens  me. - Philippians 4:13

Every Authors Dream

Buy their books. Invite them to your library, club, business. Read and post reviews. Namedrop and recommend them to others!


Local Authors Spice Up Colorful Event

Saturday March 7, 2015 at the OKC Fairgrounds local horror writers  were among the vendors at the Underground Monster Carnival.  Present were well known authors Steven Wedel, Dennis McDonald, Scott Cosby, Marilyn A. Hudson, Cullan Hudson, Adrean Messmer, Tommy B. Smith, Don Rosencrans and others.