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New Novel Announced

Whorl Books announces a new novel called THE MOUND, to be released this summer, by authors Cullan Hudson and Marilyn A. Hudson. Cullan Hudson is author of the popular, Strange State: Mysteries and Legends of Oklahoma and Marilyn A. Hudson is author of the recently released, The Bones of Summer. See the promo.



A family secret of special powers, chance encounters with special meaning, and life changing self-discovery: all are part of the new novel by Edmond author Jerry Evans.

"As an independent ten year old Rembrandt travels alone by bus to visit his grandparents where he soon begins to learn secrets concerning the forces of nature along with a few family secrets. Granddad discloses his special abilities and reveals that one day Rembrandt will possess the same abilities, but more importantly, he will raise a son with abilities far surpassing those of his own. He soon learns the secrets he believes were implemented to construct the great pyramids of Egypt, Stonehenge, the Coral Castle and many previously unexplained phenomena. Unable to reveal his special abilities, he fails to see their purpose. "

Old-Line Publishing, January 2011
276p., softbound, ISBN: 978-1-937004-14-9
$15.95 at
$ 7.95 Kindle



Sacred Cows of Science: No Objectivity Allowed. edited by E. Norbert Smith, PhD.

In the vein and tone of Expelled, this is sure to be a major work that no doubt will receive many mixed reviews. The publisher notes, "It has stepped on the toes of many scientists who believe in Sacred Cows and will not ever dare stir the pot differently. Here, there is enough evidence to make the jury get hung up.

Conduct your own study by exploring these fascinating entries: 17 different authors have contributed to this fabulous work.

(There are a number from OK with degrees that make them heavy enough to swing a bat at the fallacies taught in our schools as well as other heavyweights across the country.)

Educators need to read this, "if they dare" says the editor and publisher. They warn, however, many who have tried to buck the system have found themselves persecuted in the very system that is supposed to teach truth and educate the people. "Many have been fired, threatened with bodily harm, so much so that some have had to use a pseudo name to operate from. Read what these brave men have written for the world to see."



News from William Bernhardt:

I’m sending this email to everyone who has attended or shown interest in my writing programs. I’m excited about the workshop and seminars scheduled for 2011. First and foremost is the annual Summer Writing Workshop, June 4-5. This year, the headline guest is John Lescroart (pronounced “Les-KWAH”). John is not only a good friend and a great teacher, he is one of the five or six best writers working today, in my opinion, with more than a dozen New York Times bestsellers. His novel, The 13th Juror, is a seminal work, singled out in the recent book, 100 Great Reads. I’ve been trying to get him for years, and this time I succeeded. I know everyone will benefit from meeting John and his lovely longtime wife Lisa. Registration is limited to 75 people.

I enjoyed having the Workshop at TU, so we’re returning to this year, but to a different building on campus, one with better facilities and more comfortable chairs. I think you’ll be pleased. As always, participants will have complete access to all guests and speakers, including a chance to meet one-on-one with the literary agents in attendance. We will also have more interactive panels, like last year’s “First Page” panel or the “Pitching” panel we’ve had for many years. We will have sessions designed for all levels of writers, but with a special emphasis on providing useful information to writers with a work-in-progress needing a push toward publication.

I’m also hosting small-group seminars in June and July in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. The seminars are designed for writers with a work in progress, those who are serious about working hard to get their books published. As before, each seminar is limited to ten participants, and this is the only time I’ll be teaching seminars in OK this year. So if you’re interested, please sign up as soon as possible. This year, for the first time, I’m offering discounted rates for those wishing to take two seminars in the same year, for instance, the Level 1 seminar, and then later, the Level 2. I’m also starting some of the seminars on Saturday, so those who work during the week can attend but miss fewer workdays.

Discounted rates are available for everyone enrolling before April 1. To view the brochure my friend Nan Bishop prepared to promote this year’s programs click on this link. Please feel free to print or email it to your writing group, writing friends, libraries, or bookstores. Spread the word! As always, if you have any questions, just email me or call 405 683 2881. And in the meantime, remember—never give up.

Keep writing—

William Bernhardt



Airship 27 Productions & Cornerstone Book Publishers bring back another classic pulp hero from the 1930s in an all new collection of fast paced, macabre adventures of the supernatural. Meet Ravenwood – Stepson of Mystery!

He is an orphan raised by a Tibetan mystic known only as the Nameless One. As an Occult Detective he has no equal and is called upon by the authorities when they are challenged by supernatural mysteries. One of the more obscure pulp characters, Ravenwood – The Stepson of Mystery appeared as a back-up feature in the pages of Secret Agent X magazine. There were only five Ravenwood stories ever written, all by his creator, the prolific pulp veteran, Frederick C. Davis.

Now he returns in this brand new series of weird adventures, beginning with this volume in which he combats Sun Koh, a lost prince of Atlantis, battles with monstrous Yetis in Manhattan and deals with murderous ghosts and zombie assassins. Four of today’s finest pulp storytellers Frank Schildiner, B.C. Bell , Bill Gladman and Bobby Nash offer up a quartet of fast paced, bizarre thrillers that rekindle the excitement and wonder that were the pulps.

With a stunning cover by Bryan Fowler and dramatic interior illustrations by Charles Fetherolf, Ravenwood – Stepson of Mystery was designed by Rob Davis and edited by Ron Fortier. Once again Airship 27 Productions presents pulp fans with another one-of-kind quality pulp reading experience like no other on the market today.

Cornerstone Book Publishers also publishes Masonic and esoteric books, selected pulp fiction, art literature, limited children's books, and poetry collections. For more information about Cornerstone, go to

Airship 27 packages and publishes anthologies and novels in the pulp magazine tradition.

In the past, Airship 27 has released “Weird Horror Tales: The Feasting”, “Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective”, a series of “Captain Hazzard” pulp thrillers, more pulp fiction in “The Green Lama” and “Secret Agent X”. For more information on Airship 27, go to

AIRSHIP 27 PRODUCTIONS – Pulp fiction for a new generation!

ISBN: 1-934935-82-4

ISBN 13: 978-1-934935-82-8

Retail Price: $24.95

Discounted at

Electronic-version at