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Mark your calendars for April, 2010. Here is the link to their webpage:

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Product Description: As Bright and Pure as the Driven Snow is a twelve week study in what the Bible says about sexual purity. The lessons and application stories are taken from the author's life, and are especially formated for middle school and teen aged girls. Available from

MOLLY LEMMONS is a noted Oklahoma storyteller and author. She notes 'My new book is a study in God's plan for sexual purity before marriage and it contains worksheets to go with the lessons. It is formatted for girls of middle school and high school age.."

Please visit her website: because "Life is not about waiting for the storms to is about learning how to dance in the rain."


Author Spins New Book

Veteran Oklahoma author, Tonya Holmes Shook announces a new book soon to appear on

"Anyone Can Be A Wool Spinner: An easy Guide for Beginners"


MEET THE AUTHOR: Luretta E. Armagost Williams

Luretta is one of two daughters born to John and Marie Armagost. She grew up in the Narcissia community and attended church and school there. She and her husband, Anthony Williams, live on the Armagost Farm today. Luretta and Anthony have three grown children.

Her first book has been a long time in the making. She is pleased to announce that it will be available within the next month and orders are now being taken. Paid orders may be made to The Gregath Publishing Company, PO BOX 505, Wyandotte, OK 74370 for $50.00 (includes USPS Priority delivery). The publishers also accept PayPal online, and Visa/MasterCard orders at 918-542-4148.

Narcissa, Oklahoma Through the Years: Life Along the Mother Road - Route 66, by Luretta E. Armagost Williams, 2009. approx. 275 pages, 8.5x11", softbound book, includes subject index, photos, maps, newspaper clippings.

Introduction to the Book

The book came about as a result of my interest in history and families of the area. This was fostered by my parents and particularly my father, John Armagost. Both my parents kept various types of records, photos and notes over the years and these were a springboard for me. My dad often wrote articles for the local newspaper, sharing historical information and this encouraged me to look at our history, while also looking forward.

For some time, I considered how to best present the most information about the Narcissa community and its’ people, in the small space of a book. The idea was to preserve as much of the history as possible in one location.

With an interest in genealogy, history, and scrap-booking, the idea of simply presenting the information in the form of newspaper articles, photos, and family stories began to take shape. Therefore, this book is presented in the current form. There are four sections to the book, beginning with the church since the Baptist Mission came first. It is followed by community and school sections. The subject index shows the focus of the collection. Therefore, it can not and should not be considered an every name and every place index.

This is an historical sketch that contains information from many sources. In each case, all efforts have been made to preserve the original spellings of names, places and things as they were submitted or found by the author. However, there are some cosmetic changes this author has made that should make it easier on you, the reader. For example, in place of various decades of “current accepted” state abbreviations, every effort has been made to spell out each state in all material prepared for this manuscript. However, all photo representation of original documents, sites, or original material has remained untouched in their content. All names and native words, have remained intact. Due to the size of this project, the reader is still sure to find at least some other typographical errors. Feedback is welcome on such items, so future editions can eliminate errors.

By no means should this book be considered the full history of the Narcissa area. It is merely my attempt to record what information was available to us. No doubt there will be unintentional errors, as is often the case in such compilations. Since many who were approached for family information did not come forth, it is entirely possible that those families may not be fully represented.

All in all, it is the hope of this writer that what has been preserved in this book will be enjoyed by the reader. I would encourage others to seek more family and historical materials and to find a way to preserve them for the future.

Luretta Armagost Williams

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More Ricky Bray Book Signings

June 13 - Norman Barnes and Noble, 2-4 p.m.

June 20 - Full Circle Bookstore in OKC, 2-4 p.m.

June 27 - Tulsa Barnes and Noble, Southroads Store, 2-4 p.m.

Be sure and stop in to meet the person behind this exciting new work of fiction by an up and coming author.


Rickey Bray, Rendezvous Rock, will have an author book signing at the Barnes and Noble in Norman on June 13 from 2-4 pm. Rickey and his wife will be there.

MEET THE AUTHOR: Howell Joiner

From Carrie Cook, VP/Webmaster of The Gregath Publishing Company Printer, Publisher and Bookseller918-542-4148 *No Attachments, Please*:

Howell B. Joiner , a new member of the Tulsa Night Writers, was born in Louisiana and has traveled the highways and byways of life in an interesting manner. Currently, a resident of Tulsa, Oklahoma, his fascinating story makes very interesting reading. From his early youth to the teamsters and beyond, Howell makes the trip worthwhile.

“I traveled from a small dairy farm in Louisiana with strong Faith teachings along life's roads that went in the other direction for many years. On that road I came to know many famous characters in the government, the labor movement and the mafia. Along these paths I was able to have some input into history in the making before receiving a miracle and coming full circle.
I enjoyed living it, writing about it and I enjoy reading it. I am proud of the fact that I have composed a book that is a very good read. My hopes are that you will also enjoy reading it.” -

Howell B. Joiner

Full Circle with a Tale (ISBN 978-0-944619-95-7)

My journey through the ages has brought me full circle from my earliest memories of life in Southeastern Louisiana. However my trip has taken me to places and given me the opportunity to witness historical happenings and introduced me to some of the famous names that graced or disgraced history during my lifetime. With the telling of this story it is an amazing journey that took me from farm life to unionism, to public service, to politics and in doing so, brushed up against many interesting characters including some of the top political and mafia leaders. Only in this great country we call The United States of America it is possible for a person to go from a small country farm in Louisiana to Washington, DC and have some impact on history while it was being made.

This writing is not to be a church writing or an evangelistic tool. It is being written with a focus on a little history, a little entertainment, possibly a little philosophy, seasoned with a liberal amount of home spun comedy, practical jokes and pranks. However, in order to portray my life as my memory dictates, I will be describing the strong faith and spiritual environment I grew up in and the unexpected direction that the road of life guided, or misguided, me for the next 70 plus years. I’ll also note that my father was a dairy farmer on the land he inherited that had been part of the land grant that his great-great grand father received from the Spanish government. The Joiner family history goes back before the Louisiana Purchase in 1803.

My mother was a minister of the gospel in addition to being an industrious farm wife. During this narration you will see how I strayed from that path and due to a very powerful experience which came into my life and brought me “Full Circle.”