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New Book

Tonya Holmes Shook ( Route 1 Box 69-K: Hastings, OK 73548 or order from Amazon). Another new title, No Soft Place to Fall is also available, $12. + $3 s/h or order from Amazon.

No Soft Place To Fall
A living lesson of family secrets from abuse and deception. Decades of lies destroying family relationships appeared to have no hope in sight until brokenness led to prayer, prayer ledto God's word God's word led to sweet victory!Page Count: 168 6" x 9" Related Categories: Family & Relationships / Conflict Resolution


Homer A Smith, Owasso, Oklahoma announces his first novel, "ShakeDown", was released by PublishAmerica last week.

A second book, "BorderStand" which is in the publishing stage at PublishAmerica now, due out later this summer.


Canady The sequel to The Drifters

The only hope this illiterate riverman had, his prize mules, were stolen sending Canady Holmes on a historical journey on paddle wheelers, working on a plantation, and caught up in the Civil War. Enticements from a beautiful Mullato woman rattles his deep seated love for his wife during the journey. Conscription into the Civil War sidetracks this loner causing encounters with Dwight L. Moody at the infamous Camp Douglas in Chicago.

.$18. + $3.s/h to Tonya Holmes Shook: Route 1 Box 69-K: Hastings, OK 73548 or order from Amazon.


Four Oklahoma Authors Make Unique Company

With the release of the new "RED DIRT ANTHOLOGY, VOLUME 3", four writers are noted for appearing in all three volumes. Mildred Dennis, Hannibel B. Johnson, Carolyn Ahern, and Marilyn A. Hudson have had material selected for inclusion in all three of the book festival anthologies.


The long awaited volume 3 of the "Red Dirt Anthology" from the Red Dirt Book Festival has arrived. This popular - every two year event- features an emphasis on "read-write-talk" as notable authors and emerging voices gather to celebrate the literary landscape of Oklahoma. As the introductory comments of Bill Hagen states: "...the authors represented here are the best testimony to the Oklahoma character, however you define it."

Featured in this third volume are: Dayna Dunbar, Paul Alfred, John T. Biggs, Jim Chastain, Jim Spurr, Julie Murray, Marilyn A. Hudson, Mildred Dennis, Yvonne Carpenter, Jan Hubbard, Hannibal B. Johnson, Davis D. Joyce, Anna Claire Kuchta, Stephen Z. Biller, Ken Hada, Beverly Rorem, Beverly, Robert Love Taylor, Carolyn Ahern, Yvonne Carpenter, Ken Hada, Sarah Sanders, Rayshell Palmer, Pat Browning, Marion Jablonski, Daniel Charlson, Kathryn Thurman, Dorothy Alexander, Shirley Hoover Biggers, Barbara Wright Jones, Kenneth Shelly Armstrong, Peggie Fielding, Bonnie C. Smith, and Jackie King.

Copies are available from any Pioneer Library System branch. For more information about Red Dirt 4 visit the website and mark your calendars for Nov. 5-7, 2009 in Shawnee, Oklahoma.


Red Dirt Writers

There is an active club, the Red Dirt Writers, serving the Guthrie, Stillwater, and Edmond areas. The group has no officers, only a program committee and they meet monthly for a program or activity. "We have at least one writing contest a year' says a group spokeman larry Foreman," and last year we sponsored a short story contest at Guthrie High School. We have a well-developed website at ." Writers living in the areas mentioned have plenty of creative minds to interact with and mutually support.
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