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Airship 27 Productions announces the release of a new fantasy novel by noted novelist and comic book writer and historian, R.A. Jones; "Deathwalker." Jones is best known for his work for Malibu Comics on his adult action series, "Scimitar" along with artist Rob Davis.  Now he turns his imagination to a different kind of hero, this one inspired by novelist Robert E. Howard's world famous barbarian, Conan.

While on his vision quest, a young Cheyenne brave, High Bird, encounters the spirit of Death.  The powerful wraith recruits the boy as his new agent in the world, and High Bird returns to his tribe altered forever as Deathwalker.  When the Cheyenne people become the target of a vengeful Pawnee Shaman, Stands Alone, only Deathwalker can stand between this evil sorcerer and the total destruction of his people.

Writer R.A. Jones has woven a new and exciting fantasy set against the background of authentic Native American lore and culture.  He dares to imagine what this wild untamed land would have become had there been no conquests by outside civilizations beyond the great waters.  Here is an old world re-envisioned in a bold new action packed adventure worthy of pulp writers such as Robert E. Howard and Edgar Rice Burroughs.  Featuring stunning cover art by Laura Givens with interior illustrations by Michael Neno.

Airship 27 publishes anthologies and novels in the pulp magazine tradition.

In the past, Airship 27 has released "Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective", a series of "Weird Horror Tales" novels, and more pulp fiction in "The Green Lama" and "Secret Agent X".  For more information on Airship 27, go to

AIRSHIP 27 PRODUCTIONS - Pulp Fiction For A New Generation!


Available at three sites on-line.

Airship 27 Hangar

From Amazon -

And Soon From -


Pro Se Productions proudly announces its latest novel, a three story collection crafted by a trio of top talents, all about a supermarket tabloid where all the stories within its pages are true!  "Global Star" delivers tongue-in-cheek satirical wit and more weirdness than you can shake an alien cabana boy at, all thanks to the wonderful storytelling skills of R. A. Jones, Mel Odom, and Michael Vance.

Want to fly headlong into alien abductions? Ready to hunt mysterious monsters in the bowels of your city? Curious about what Elvis has been up to since he got laid off? Find the Story Behind the Stories, the Truth too True To Print in the Global Star! Jones, Vance, and Odom relate the exploits of the finest editors, colorful reporters, and raucous staffers working on the world's one tabloid where every word is true! Follow these pen and paper pushers as they go anywhere, do anything, and stop at nothing to bring you the news that makes the Global Star the greatest newspaper on-and off- Earth! Get the whole story in this tongue-in-cheek satirical funfest!

R. A. Jones' work includes "Deathwalker" (Airship 27), Michael Vance has just released a trilogy of "Weird Horror Tales" novels (Cornerstone), and prolific novelist Mel Odom's work includes novels for the "Mack Bolan" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" series.

GLOBAL STAR, with fantastic cover and interior design by Sean E. Ali, is available via Amazon as well as Pro Se's own site ( and can be snatched up from Amazon for the Kindle, Barnes and Noble for the Nook, and in various and sundry digital formats from! Don't wait for the werewolves to baby sit your babies born with bowling balls in their stomachs!  Read all about that and more now in "Global Star", the latest book from Pro Se Productions!



Everyone loves to eat the homemade treats made by "The Best Baker in the World", but when her baking turns into a business, things quickly get out of hand. With cakes piled high and her lover of baking gone, will her friends and family ever get to enjoy their favorite sweets again? Find out if the world's best baker will find her passion for baking again!
Oklahoma Children's Author, Sandra Lawson always dreamed of being a writer and when she became an "empty nester", it was the perfect time to make her dream a reality! Published by Tate Publishing and released on February 14, 2012, this book is a heartwarming tale of what happens when greed gets in the way of a hobby.

Available at, Amazon, or directly from the author. Follow Sandra's new book adventure and future endeavors: or Email:


It's Here!!!

The zombie anthology, OVERRUN  : Zombie Short Story Anthology (Kindle Edition) , is now available with stunning new work and illustrations, including a new cover by Adam Young.

(See earlier entry for more information on this exciting new work).


Another Great Okahoma Publisher

Primarily publishing memoirs and family histories to date, this publishing company is one that is quickly gaining ground. You can read about this publisher at "Shoppe Foreman"

They are located in Guthrie, Oklahoma and you may contact Larry Foreman by phone at (405) 509-1612. You may e-mail Larry at  Says Mr. Foreman, "I would be more than happy to discuss your book project with you.  I have published 13 books to date."