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New Book Shows Readers How to "Add Oomph" To Their Inspirations

INSPIROBICS – Working Out Your Inspirations is a personal enrichment book that includes many techniques and exercises designed to improve the quality and increase the frequency of inspirational encounters.

Wagoner, Oklahoma – October 21, 2010 – According to author and Wagoner resident Rich Kenney, most people are content in believing that inspiration is a whimsical phenomenon over which they have no control. “Not true,” he says. “The truth is many people just don’t know how to pave the way for its arrival. And that’s what INSPIROBICS is all about: learning how to set the stage for inspiration’s knocking at your door.”

The recently-released book from Reader’s High Press (Tulsa, OK) explains how to make way for inspiration with such techniques as deciphering pictorial codes, creating ammunition statements and managing inspiration deficits. In addition to exploring the meaning of inspiration, the book introduces the Belief System Obstacle Course, a new concept that sheds light on the significant correlation between a person’s belief system and the onset of inspiration.

“You probably won’t break a sweat exercising with INSPIROBICS,” Kenney says, “but you will need to put on your imagination’s warm up suit for a workout that will burn a few blues and improve sudden idea stamina. This is a book that will add oomph to your inspirations.”

Grant Gerver, an Arizona songwriter and newspaper political cartoonist, said, “There is such a warm and comforting nostalgia about INSPIROBICS. It’s like an old friend coming to visit. Rich Kenney doesn’t just talk about inspiration; he shows readers how to become inspired.”

Rich Kenney is a social worker and motivational speaker who believes inspiration is a journey outside the boundaries of time that often leads to your passions. He has a Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Texas, and is a recipient of a Creative Writing Fellowship from the Arizona Commission on the Arts.

INSPIROBICS - Working Out Your Inspirations can be ordered online at or Barnes & Noble. It can also be ordered directly from Kenney’s website,


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Airship 27 Productions & Cornerstone Book Publishers are happy to announce the release of their thirtieth title, “Tale of the Bagman” by B.C. Bell . This book features the debut of a brand new pulp hero, the Bagman, and he’s unlike any other crime buster ever seen before.

In the 1930s, Chicago was one of the fastest growing metropolises in the country. Situated on mighty Lake Michigan , it was the home to millions of hard working Americans looking to better themselves. The Windy City was also shackled by its bootleg history, a time of violent gang wars that had permanently established a brutal underworld empire second to none. Corruption was the order of the day and both the police and government were in the pay of the mob bosses.

Frank “Mac” McCullough was a foot-soldier in one of the city’s toughest families until he was ordered to rough up his uncle; a decent man with a gambling problem. The innate decency in Mac rebelled and suddenly he found himself up against the very men he had once admired and followed. Determined to put an end to their lawlessness, he put a bag over his head as a crude disguise only to become labeled the Bagman by the press.

Now writer B.C. Bell tells the amazing stories of old Chicago ’s most unique hero. Aided solely by a tough, black WW I veteran named Crankshaft, Mac wages war against the mobs in these fast pace, non-stop action tales pulp fans will cheer.

“ Bell ’s writing is a terrific mix of pulp action and wry humor,” applauds Airship 27 Productions’ Ron Fortier. “It’s really a breath of fresh air in the pulp genre and we know our fans are going to love the Bagman.”

Designed by Rob Davis, the book features nine illustrations by Kelly Everaert and a gorgeous cover by Laura Givens. Airship 27 Productions is thrilled to present pulpdom’s newest avenger, The Bagman.

ISBN: 1-934935-76-X

ISBN 13: 978-1-934935-76-7

Produced by Airship 27

Published by Cornerstone Book Publishers