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(Press Release) – Sep 21, 2008 – “...tales of headless ghosts seeking ill-gotten gold, fiery witches, graves guarded by rattlesnakes, and even a guest appearance by Oklahoma’s most beloved backwoods creature, Bigfoot himself.” — Tim Tingle

OKLAHOMA CITY — — Looking for a spooky tale to share at your Halloween Dinner Party? Want something distinctly Oklahoma to slip into the trick-or-treat bag of your favorite little Goblin? Check out The Ghost of Mingo Creek and Other Spooky Oklahoma Legends, released last week in hardback by Forty-Sixth Star Press, Oklahoma City ($15.95). Penned by Greg Rodgers, an Oklahoma storyteller and member of the Choctaw Nation, the 104-page 5x6 book, features eight creepy tales that take place across the Oklahoma landscape. From a ghost that haunts Tulsa County’s Mingo Creek to the Kiamichi Country’s bigfoot in the southeast region of the state, the stories, though fictionalized, are based on rich Oklahoma legends. Written with the middle reader in mind, Tim Tingle, Oklahoma author and renowned Choctaw storyteller, says the book offers an enjoyable experience for readers of all ages. “For teachers, parents and librarians seeking new ways to stimulate student interest in Oklahoma history, geography, and social patterns, these stories will prove to be a valuable tool,” writes Tingle in the foreword.

The book is available at It also retails for $15.95 at Best of Books in Edmond, Okla., and in Oklahoma City at Borders and Full Circle Bookstores. For more information, on the Forty-Sixth Star Press, contact Pam Bracken at To schedule an author visit, please contact Rodgers directly at



Author Hodge Wood received the Military Writers Society Assoc. (MWSA) gave him the President's Award for 2008 and a Silver Medal Memoir Award for his book, Chum Water. Hodge was at the first book festival and will be at the second Border Queen Book Festival in 2009. (See previous entry for more details on this engaging story).



"A real Oklahoma romantic suspense written with a twist of humor. Meet a heroine Annie who takes the bull by the horns and the handsome Native American Hero who carries a dark secret. Meet the Oklahoma Governor who sweats enthusiasm who is also interested in Annie. Meet Annie's sister Jen who is a web designer involved with an exboyfriend who may be abusing her. Also Carlos, a not so intelligent, career criminal from Mexico who kidnaps Annie but gets outsmarted. Lou, Annie's handsome ex husband who isn't paying childsupport, and his fiancee Christina who is an agressive attorney jealous of Annie. If you like romance and suspense, you'll love Oklahoma Hearts Meet the real people from Oklahoma.."

To order: $18.95 : UPDATE: The books is also available via Update Amazon, Barnes &,, and


Sept. 13 SCBWI Conference, Chandler, OK

The Oklahoma Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustators (SCBWI) will host a FALL CONFERENCE September 13, 2008 in Chandler, Oklahoma. There are two chapters in Oklahoma. One in Oklahoma City, and the other in Tulsa. The link to the Oklahoma chapter is: . We have about 250 members here.


Respecting Different Views: An Editorial

The literary landscape of Oklahoma is one that is both varied and broad. The spaces, books and authors we celebrate often cover a broad range of ideas, viewpoints, and value systems. In the American way of liberty, these various views and ideas are exchanged in the spirit of "intellectual freedom". It is an individuals right to disagree with ideas and views, but never a right to bring ad hominim attacks based on these different views. Our US Constitution guards those freedoms to express, hear, and disagree with ideas. Our Constitution also provides protections for those who would seek to silence those different voices and to those who would seek to bring harm to those who hold different views. It is a balance to be treasured and upheld. Common civility demands that we disagree with honor, restraint, and good manners. This blog is not the forum for attacks on views, on persons, or on government policies. This blog is about books, ideas, and viewpoints in the creative process called writing and authorship.