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Meet Author Tim Hancock

Author  Tim Hancock writes a gripping blend of action and drama sure to please readers.  HeAmazon.
is a resident of Tulsa and has four books available in print or Kindle versions on

Some of his works include: A-21, When Sparrows Fall, Song of the Nightingale, and Caged Doves.

"I am a die hard Patriot. I am a staunch supporter of gun rights and the 2nd amendment. In fact I am a supporter of the Constitution in it's entirety. Do not label me as a left wing conservative because nothing could be further from the truth. I am registered Independent and have some very liberal views on a lot of issues Gay marriage to name one.

I am a disabled Navy Veteran that loves spending time with my Mother, my wife my 5 children and their spouses and most of all my 3 grandchildren, Writing and promoting my current work is my only job, I do not have another one. I try to do both parts of that job very well and I hope you enjoy."

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RATTLING GOOD READ: The Bone War of MCCurtain County.

The author Russell Ferrell has crafted a compelling, complex, and epic tale of intrigue, struggle,and determination against all odds. It is a tale of the triumph of the dedicated in the face of great obstacles and the toll the struggle often demands. It involves hard-headed and short sighted academics, controlling corporate entities, quagmire like governmental structures and procedures, and the stubborn strength of individuals pitted against an avalanche of forces determined to sweep them out of the picture. Mythic. Epic. Fictional? No, this is a tale of gripping reality proving the old adage that truth is often more real, and definitely stranger, than any fictional mind could create. A small episode in contemporary American history that proves to have resonance and strong lessons for the wider society. An intriguing, thought provoking, real-life adventure that will have you rooting for the 'two ordinary men'fighting for their rights against the bullies. The Bone War of McCurtain County will appeal to readers of dinosaur discoveries, corporate greed, and the common man struggling against insurmountable odds.

Marilyn A. Hudson,author of The Mound, The Bones of Summer, Tales of Hell's Half Acre, and Noel Brooks: A Life Shining and Burning

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