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New Book Focuses on Murder, Missing Persons and Mysteries

Norman, Oklahoma, June 23, 2015 — Norman author Marilyn A. Hudson announces release of a new work exploring murders, missing persons and mysteries titled, Into Oblivion: Murder, Missing Persons, and Mysteries.  

In the book Hudson explores the world of the mid-century and how some people took a wrong turn on a road of lingering questions.   Hudson gives a sweeping overview of some of the dastardly things people were doing to each other in the 1930's- 1960's in average and normal America. The unsolved Cleveland Torso murders, the Black Dahlia, and others are presented as the backdrop to a mid-century killing spree. Those cases include the almost unknown torso murders in Oklahoma, along with very similar, and still unsolved, cases from Texas and New Mexico from the 1950’s and early 1960's. 

Then she provides some deeper looks deeper into the lives of several victims whose cases are still unsolved. She profiles a bride who left the Crown Motel in Moore, Oklahoma never to be seen alive again in the story of Carol Batterman.  Through interviews she expands the story of a woman murdered in Louisiana, Ruth Tilotta and raises questions about a similar case in the disappearances of Audrey Moate. Missing wives, murdered women, and unsolved mysteries are presented as links in a chain of possible connections to solving these decades old crimes.
Finally, she offers a tantalizing summary theory that connects  several of these previously forgotten crimes with other unsolved murders. She hopes authorities will decide to look a little deeper and cast their net a little wider. For, as she notes, "there is no statute of limitations on finding the truth." 
Hudson has published sixteen other titles in the areas of nonfiction (history), inspirational, juvenile, and fiction. Titles include, The Mound, When Death Rode the Rails, Stories Center Stage, Murderous Marriages, and Elephant Hips are Expensive.
Armchair true crime enthusiasts will want to add this one to their reading list. It is a perfect fit for collections on true crime and with its emphasis on several Oklahoma crimes, those interested in the Sooner state.

For more information, contact Marilyn A. Hudson ( The book available (to individuals and book buyers) on



Author E.C. Jackson eagerly looked forward to the launch of her new book.  "On May 22, which happens to be my mother’s birthday, A Gateway to Hope became available on Amazon, and Smashwords."   (It is also available for purchase as an e-book at Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and iBooks).  Her debut novel met with positive reader responses and was reviewed at the Hog on Ice: Books and Independent Learning blog.  "And it is being featured during the month of June on the Folks Tales Things blog", the author noted.
Now the paperback is available to purchase on Amazon. Barnes and Nobles will follow in three to five days. Also, with the ISBN you can order a copy in bookstores everywhere.  The good work continues to mount as of this writing. On Amazon it received 17 Reviews (4.8 stars out of 5); Goodreads 4.92 12 ratings 11 reviews. ; Barnes& Noble (8 Reviews Average Rating 5).
Here are some samples:

Five Stars: An Excellent Debut Novel
A gateway to Hope is an excellent debut book from E.C. Jackson. Neka and James are very well developed and fully fleshed out characters with a believable relationship that is built organically and not forced. It is refreshing to find a romance novel where the story and the relationship is not all about sex. In this book the author has not gone down the easy route of including loads of sex scenes to show their attraction to each other. Overall this is an excellent book that had me hooked from the first page and I actually finished it in 1 sitting. Each character and the plot of the book is very well developed. Both main characters are very real and relatable. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to read an actual romance story where the characters actually connect with each other and develop their relationship without jumping into bed every other scene. (Amazon)

Five Stars: Refreshing and well written romance - Many people believe that arranged, or forced, marriages in powerful families are the stuff of Hollywood movies and dramatic fiction. I tend to believe that this stuff really still happens and is a tragedy for all involved. This is only one of the themes so masterfully examined in author E.C. Jackson's "A Gateway to Hope". The story of James, who is set to marry someone he doesn't love, yet fate puts him in front of the right person after all. Neka has been friends with James for a long time and the two come together as support but there is much more to the story, which is what made this a very intriguing read for sure. Very well-written, well paced and so hard to put down. (Goodreads)

Five Stars: I found this book impossible to put down until I finished reading. The style of writing puts the reader right in the middle of the action. I look forward to reading her next novel. (Barnes and Noble)
Take a look at the book trailer and chapter one video and visit the website and author page.


Author Book Signing in Tulsa June 20

Dennis McDonald will be having a book signing at
4421 S Mingo Rd, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74146 on Saturday, June 20.  McDonald is the author several highly popular horror books and frequently appears at various conferences and comic-cons around the country.
​​​"Welcome, fellow traveler, to my humble website. Though I prefer to speak through my writing, I do think an introduction is in order. I was raised during the 60's and fed a constant supply of black-and-white late night monster movies. Because of such influences, I inherited an overabundance of imagination that drives me to put tales to paper. In the past, I've written a role-playing game system plus scripted, directed, and performed for a local horror hosting show on television. Currently I'm the author of four books: 13 Nightmares, Ebon Moon, Undead Flesh, and the first installment of my fantasy trilogy titled Oathbearer: Bound by Blood. For 2015 I have three more in the works which are 13 More Nightmares, Oathbearer Book Two: Destiny's Road and the return of my Adventure Maximum Role Playing system! So feel free to navigate the various pages of this site and take a peek behind the curtains of my dark and twisted mind. If you like tense, fast-paced character driven stories, I 'm your author."


 Carla Stewart, Oklahoma award-winning author, will speak at the June 13th meeting of Wordwrights OKC Christian Writers. Stewart’s newly released book, A Flying Affair, features the era of the 1920s when aviation was a new world for women. Stewart will give tips on researching and writing historical fiction. More information is available at  
     Guests are welcome, no charge to attend. Wordwrights meets from 1-3 p.m. at Mardel Christian Store, located in Edmond, Oklahoma, at 3300 S. Boulevard. For more information regarding the meeting contact Donna Le, Public Relations Chair, at



Airship 27 Productions, one of the leading publishers of New Pulp, is thrilled to be releasing the first ever prose novel featuring Lady Action, based on the character from the popular toy action figure line. It is titled Lady Action: Sands of Forever.
When a top A.C.T.I.O.N. agent goes missing in the arid wastelands of the Libyan Desert, the super secret organization sends in their top field operative; Nicola Sinclair – Codename: Lady Action.  
An ancient power as old as the earth lies buried there and a wealthy Arab tycoon with ties to Islamic Terrorists groups will do anything to claim it.  With only a few brave allies and her considerable skills, the lovely and deadly Lady Action must defeat this powerful villain and uncover the secret of the Sands of Forever or the civilized world is doomed to destruction.
Combining the modern day flair of today’s spy thrillers with the pacing of new pulp adventures, Ron Fortier, writer of the Green Hornet, Terminator – Burning Earth, Captain Hazzard and Brother Bones : the Undead Avenger,  brings to life one of the most charismatic new action heroes ever to dive into danger and suspense.   The stunning cover is by Ted Hammond with design work by Pulp Factory Award winner, Rob Davis.
Airship 27 Productions is delighted to announce that the history making pulp adventure, Damballa by Charles Saunders is now back in print and selling at a fair price on Amazon.  Published several years ago, the book was the first ever pulp adventure to feature a black 1930s hero finally putting to rest the ignorant racism of the old pulps.
The story takes place in Harlem, deals with a prize fight between a local hero and a Nazi German.  It has interiors by Clayton Hinkle and a cover by Charles Fetherolf.
Initially published by Airship 27 via Cornerstone Books, the print version quickly sold out and in the past few years has commanded prices in excess of $300 a copy, although the Kindle version has always been available.
“When we learned about those ridiculous prices, we knew we had to do a new edition that was affordable to all pulp fans,” explains Airship 27 Production’s Managing Editor Ron Fortier. “And so here is the third edition selling at a reasonable price once more.  Meanwhile, we will continue to bug Mr. Saunders for that long awaited sequel.”

Enid Writer's 'Summer Word Slam!' June 13

 Summer Word Slam on Sat, June 13 at Hastings in Enid

Peggy Chambers

Martha Draper

Sharon Frye

Lucie Smoker

Hastings Books will host a "slam" of short original prose and poetry readings plus a book signing by members of the Enid Writers Club on Saturday, June 13 from 3-5 p.m. Drop by to meet local writers, listen to short, engaging works or pick up an autographed Oklahoma book. Prospective writers can bring 150-word readings themselves.  

Award-winning local poets and writers will include Sharon Frye, Peggy Chambers, Marsha Kay Oldham, Martha Draper, and Lucie Smoker.  Marsha Kay Oldham is the President of Enid Writers Club and an award-winning, multi-published poet.  She will be signing her chapbook, My Loves

Lucie Smoker will be signing her Kindle Top Ten Murder Mystery, Distortion and reading her short poem "In a Shard of the Bedroom Mirror" to be published in the upcoming, Veils, Halos and Shackles: International Poetry out later this year from Charles Fishman (SUNY).  

Peggy Chambers is an award winning, three-time published author, always working on another. She attended Phillips University, UCO and is a graduate of OU.   She is a member of the Enid Writers’ Club, OWFI, Oklahoma Women Bloggers and OWL.  She will be signing Secrets of Sandhill Island, The Apocalypse Sucks and Glome's Valley. 

Sharon Frye is a poet living in Northern Oklahoma. In August, 2013, she was invited to read her work at the Fermoy International Poetry Festival in Ireland. She will be signing her chapbook, Last Chance for Rain.  Her poem, “Dollar Store Princess” was nominated for the Pushcart Prize in 2014. 

Martha Draper is a newly retired educator and long time member of Enid Writer's Club. Recently, she participated in the annual Oklahoma state writing conference in Oklahoma City through O.WF.I. (Oklahoma Writer's Federation Inc.). She is an avid reader and multi-genred writer.

For more information, contact Hastings Books at 610 S Cleveland (at Owen K Garriott) or by calling 580-242-6838

Free Writing Class at Guthrie Library June 9

Chisholm Book Focuses on Cowboys, Farm Life

George Rhoades of Duncan, Okla., award-winning writer, is the author of a newly released book of poetry, “After the Chisholm.”
The work contains poems, some humorous, some more thought-provoking, about the Chisholm Trail, cowboys and cowgirls, farm and ranch life and other recollections and observations.
“The Chisholm Trail gave rise to the American cowboy legend and western myth,” Rhoades said. “The settlers who came later tamed the prairies and made them productive. This is an epic story and needs to be honored.”
Rhoades’ earlier book, “Along the Chisholm Trail and Other Poems,” won a number of national prizes, including the Benjamin Franklin Award and the Will Rogers Medallion for Cowboy Poetry, and was also a finalist for the Western Music Association’s Book of the Year Award. In addition, the book won a second place Reader Views Literary Award and was a finalist for the National Indie Excellence Award.
Rhoades, born on a farm in Cotton County, Okla., is a former journalist who worked for UPI in Tulsa and Oklahoma newspapers, including the Watonga Republican, the Duncan Banner and the Lawton Constitution. He taught journalism at several universities, retired from UT-Arlington and moved to Duncan where he owned a hay farm.
The book is published by Outskirts Press.  Contact the author, George Rhoades at