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Author Book Signing in Tulsa June 20

Dennis McDonald will be having a book signing at
4421 S Mingo Rd, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74146 on Saturday, June 20.  McDonald is the author several highly popular horror books and frequently appears at various conferences and comic-cons around the country.
​​​"Welcome, fellow traveler, to my humble website. Though I prefer to speak through my writing, I do think an introduction is in order. I was raised during the 60's and fed a constant supply of black-and-white late night monster movies. Because of such influences, I inherited an overabundance of imagination that drives me to put tales to paper. In the past, I've written a role-playing game system plus scripted, directed, and performed for a local horror hosting show on television. Currently I'm the author of four books: 13 Nightmares, Ebon Moon, Undead Flesh, and the first installment of my fantasy trilogy titled Oathbearer: Bound by Blood. For 2015 I have three more in the works which are 13 More Nightmares, Oathbearer Book Two: Destiny's Road and the return of my Adventure Maximum Role Playing system! So feel free to navigate the various pages of this site and take a peek behind the curtains of my dark and twisted mind. If you like tense, fast-paced character driven stories, I 'm your author."