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Author John T. Biggs

John Biggs is a relatively new writer--about 10 years--with about twenty published pieces of short fiction. His story, "Boy Witch" was the grand prize winner of the 80th annual Writers' Digest Competition.  "Soul Kisses" won third prize in the 2011 Lorian Hemingway short story competition. His story," :20% Off " won the Creme de la Creme award at the 2012 OWFI conference, and his short story collection, Quantum Entanglement was a finalist for the St. Lawrence Book Award.

"John Biggs' new work, Owl Dreams, was a joy to read (and I had to read it twice, I wanted to savor it that much). Biggs work is crafted with an artists touch that nimbly adds layers and bring to life, with poetic grace, characters who are tangible and solid.  It is full of action, conflict, and an interesting locale and cultural nuances. Every setting and action blended together and the result was gripping journey through the lives of the true to life and sympathetic cast. Owl Dreams is also a modern mystical tale - drawing from Native American traditions - full of portent, heart stopping drama and meaning that lingers like the aroma of sage on the air at dusk.  Like trees tossing leafy branches in a gentle breeze causing shadow and light to chase each other, the plot hides and reveals with a musical fluidity and a totally natural touch. Once finished, there is the sense that this author has created something unique and you have been transported to a place that calls you back to its embrace." --- Marilyn A. Hudson, author of The Bones of Summer and The Mound.

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