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Author TERRI FRENCH, in the new book Tulsa's Haunted Memories, explores the forgotten history and lost folklore of "America's Most Beautiful City." Tulsa's haunting history will captivate the reader with the secrets it holds from its intriguing past. Mystery and mystique follow Tulsa's urband legends and prove that the truth can be stranger than fiction. Once known as the oil capital of the world, its streets were not only lined in "Black Gold" but also tales of a time when ruthlessness and lawlessness ruled the city. Discover these places and stories that have left their ghostly impressions on Tulsa.
Published by : Arcadia Publishing



Molly Lemmons, author, announces a new cover for this popular title, available through
She also has a new work honoring her mother called, We Are Invisible.


A great venue, supportive and positive planners, and a great community combined to create a positive book and reader meeting opportunity in Duncan, Oklahoma. The Chisholm Trail Book Festival September 18 was an example of what a town can do to promote literacy, local authors, and its community.



Oklahoma Books and Authors Showcase will be take place on Saturday, October 9th. The celebration of Oklahoma Books and native Oklahoma Authors, open and free to the public, will take place in the Embassy Suites Ballroom, 3332 South 79th East Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The Showcase is designed to promote talented authors from Oklahoma as well as books that touch on our great state. Many authors representing several genres will be present to autograph their work. Attendees are free to enjoy browsing and shopping among some of the finest fiction and non-fiction books and authors Oklahoma has to offer. Several genres will be represented, including but not limited to: History, Inspirational, Genealogy, Religious, Children, Romance and much more.

In conjunction with the Showcase, a genealogical seminar is also being presented. William Welge, Director, Archives and Manuscript Division, Oklahoma Historical Society will share his wealth of knowledge with those attending. Any researcher who attends will likely find possible avenues of fruitful discoveries in the OHS Research Division.

A special dinner will kick off the weekend activities, on Friday evening. “Dinner with Oklahoma Authors” is also open to the public, with profits benefiting the Friends of the Oklahoma Historical Society Archives.

All three separate, yet complimenting, events are being presented by the Gregath Company of Wyandotte, Oklahoma, with the cooperation of the Friends of the Oklahoma Historical Society Archives. There is limited seating for both the Genealogy Seminar and the Dinner. Reservations will be made, as space allows through Friday, September 24, 2010.

More information is available at or by calling 918-542-4148. It is the hope of those involved, that by showcasing the vast talents of Oklahoma authors, books dealing with our state and archival studies within the state’s premier archival repository, those attending will come away with much more than knowledge.


Read the inspiring stories in this anthology to get jump-started into your own family history recordings. Twenty-five stories by award-winning writers will show you just how easy it is to start finding your family’s place in history -- and keep it there by getting it published. Family Stories: An Anthology is edited and compiled by Carolyn B. Leonard and published by SAGEst Press under the Buffalo Industries imprint

FAMILY STORIES contains a collection of 25 family history stories by winning authors. The 206-page booklet includes titles like “The Captain’s Troublesome Catch” by author M. Carolyn Steele, the entertaining tale of a riverboat captain’s romance and life in early Alaska territory.

Joan O’Neill wrote “Would I like to Go to Heaven?” about a young German boy’s dream of life in America. Donna Eades story, "They Became Refugees," reveals little-known details about southern families forced to become Confederate refugees during the Civil War.

Tammy Hinton writes of marriage customs and life in early Oklahoma and Indian Territories; Donna Merry told about an amazing Cherokee woman known simply as “Pokey,” who held her family together in spite of enormous tragedy in "Saga of the Wassoms."

Mallory Harvey records the frustrating everyday life of a doctor’s family living in the Chickasaw and Choctaw nations of Indian Territory. Martin Blazy solved the mystery of an ancestor raised in a New York orphanage and discovered an unknown cousin in "Finding Richard."

These are just a few of the great true stories in this fully-indexed book. Oklahoma and Indian Territory locations mentioned include: Anadarko, Bartlesville, Blanchard, Buffalo, Chilocco, Garvin, Hennessee, Holdenville, Hooker, Johnsonville, Laverty, Lawton, Lovell, McGee, Meers, Minco, Muskogee, Norman, Oklahoma City, Stillwater, Stratford, Stroud, Waggoner. This book is not just about Oklahoma history but there are many Oklahoma connections.



Author Carolyn B. Leonard asks Who's Your Daddy? and offers a basic guide to introduce family history and genealogy. An introduction "for the rest of us," WYD targets those who are more interested in learning about their heritage than about creating a philosophical tome which no one will ever read, or a "book of begats" designed to impress the reader. In most cases those books become great sleeping pills.

Who's Your Daddy? encourages you to have fun with your new interest while reminding you to follow the rules of recording sources so you don't wind up with egg on your face.

Who's Your Daddy? shows you how to research at home, on the Internet, in county court houses, in libraries, in cemeteries, in church records, and—best of all, on the road to visit the places where your ancestors lived, loved, and died. (Note: Genealogy provides a great excuse to travel!)

Who's Your Daddy? explores basic rules of genealogical evidence, evaluation of source materials, research methods, and includes extensive guidance on Web-based research and DNA study. Plenty of "True Story" examples and clear illustrations are included to show you the way.
Order your copy today at Who's Your Daddy? Softcover, 200 + pages, with real life examples.




Airship 27 Productions & Cornerstone Book Publishers have teamed up with noted fantasy, science fiction author, Van Allen Plexico to bring to life a brand new sword wielding adventurer: Gideon Cain – The Demon Hunter. Originally conceived on an internet forum, this swashbuckling, globe trotting avenger is the result of half a dozen creative minds pooling their ideas and imaginations into bringing forth a tortured hero cast in a classic pulp mold.

During the famous Salem Witch Trials (1692-93) British born Puritan soldier, Gideon Cain, aided the inquisitions, believing them to be just. Soon thereafter, God revealed to Cain that he and the righteous citizens of Salem had been duped by a cunning, ageless demon from Hell known as Azazel. The guilt of his actions weighs heavily on his conscience and rather than be driven mad by it, Gideon chooses to make atonement. Taking up his sword, the blade inscribed with holy runes, he bids farewell to his wife and children and departs on his sacred mission. Now he wanders the earth doing God’s work and destroying evil in whatever shape or guise it appears; his one consuming goal, to find and destroy Azazel.

Airship 27 Productions is thrilled to be bringing pulp fans this great new character written in the tradition of Robert E. Howard’s Solomon Kane. Here are seven exciting, action packed tales of the Demon Hunter by Scott Harris, Brian Zavitz, K.G.McAbee, Ian Watson, James Palmer, David Wright and Van Allen Plexico. Design and interior illustrations by Art Director Rob Davis with a painted cover by Davis and Shane Evans.

The book also features a special introduction by co-creator, Kurt Busiek. (Marvel’s – Astro City)

Airship 27 Productions, Pulp Fiction for a new generation.

ISBN: 1-934935-74-3 / ISBN 13: 978- 1-934935-74-3 / Produced by Airship 27 / Published by Cornerstone Book Publishers


Scott Kinkade Publishes New SCI-FIC Novel

Scott Kinkade, of Guthrie, has recently published a science fiction novel Mirai: a Promise to Tomorrow online ( and on Kindle.

About the author: Grew up in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Graduated from Oklahoma Christian University with a B.A. in Arts. Enjoys videogames, anime and books. Has been studying Japanese language for several years.

About the Book: In the future following the Collapse, former rebel Zaq Martial just wanted to get away from his problems. But it turns out that's not so easy. He finds himself pursued not only by an oppressive government, but also by a vengeful ex-girlfriend. If he can survive that as well as superhuman enemies, a violent split personality, and even his own quirky allies, he may just become the hero the world needs. Can he stop the ruthless Benefactors, led by dangerous beauty Yamiyo? Or will humanity be led down an eternal dark path devoid of free will?

Publication Date:Aug 25 2010
ISBN/EAN13:1450565077 / 9781450565073
Page Count:430
Binding Type:US Trade Paper ;Trim Size:5.5" x 8.5" ; Language:English ; Color:Black and White
Related Categories:Fiction / Science Fiction / Adventure