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Author Carolyn B. Leonard asks Who's Your Daddy? and offers a basic guide to introduce family history and genealogy. An introduction "for the rest of us," WYD targets those who are more interested in learning about their heritage than about creating a philosophical tome which no one will ever read, or a "book of begats" designed to impress the reader. In most cases those books become great sleeping pills.

Who's Your Daddy? encourages you to have fun with your new interest while reminding you to follow the rules of recording sources so you don't wind up with egg on your face.

Who's Your Daddy? shows you how to research at home, on the Internet, in county court houses, in libraries, in cemeteries, in church records, and—best of all, on the road to visit the places where your ancestors lived, loved, and died. (Note: Genealogy provides a great excuse to travel!)

Who's Your Daddy? explores basic rules of genealogical evidence, evaluation of source materials, research methods, and includes extensive guidance on Web-based research and DNA study. Plenty of "True Story" examples and clear illustrations are included to show you the way.
Order your copy today at Who's Your Daddy? Softcover, 200 + pages, with real life examples.