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Respecting Different Views: An Editorial

The literary landscape of Oklahoma is one that is both varied and broad. The spaces, books and authors we celebrate often cover a broad range of ideas, viewpoints, and value systems. In the American way of liberty, these various views and ideas are exchanged in the spirit of "intellectual freedom". It is an individuals right to disagree with ideas and views, but never a right to bring ad hominim attacks based on these different views. Our US Constitution guards those freedoms to express, hear, and disagree with ideas. Our Constitution also provides protections for those who would seek to silence those different voices and to those who would seek to bring harm to those who hold different views. It is a balance to be treasured and upheld. Common civility demands that we disagree with honor, restraint, and good manners. This blog is not the forum for attacks on views, on persons, or on government policies. This blog is about books, ideas, and viewpoints in the creative process called writing and authorship.