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 Overrun: A Zombie Short Story Anthology. Edited by J.M. Jennings and available February 7th.

Are the doors locked? The windows all secure?  The basement entrance bolted?  Is there a handy bag filled emergency Zombie fighting gear nearby at all times. 

Reading this dynamic collection of new fiction will have the reader doing that and perhaps more.  The stories are exciting, creative, and often surprising explorations of the themes of horror, terror, and ultimately survival.  Survival, however, can take many forms as these stories reveal with heart pounding excitement and sometimes a touch humor.

The work includes the writings of Andrew Heaton, J.M. Jennings, Michael Isbill and Kim Frederick.  Remember them - and if the Zombie apocalypse sure and pack this with the supplies. 

---Marilyn A. Hudson, author of The Bones of Summer, and co-author of The Mound.