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A word of warning, from a state writer: "A recent phone call added a new wrinkle to the ongoing assault by scammers by phone.  This one slurred something and then mumbled about talking to me about a book of mine.  The number left was 877-207-1679 x 332.   A check of a website tracking unwanted and possible scam phone numbers identified the number as related to a scam company called ""    Among the responses on the page were several who had filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau in their state. "

Since there are numerous phone scams being used at this time - from credit cards to solicitations - which the state attorney general's office reports are increasingly impossible to track down, it behooves everyone to be cautious and use good sense.  Apparently, authors and publishers are a new target.  Double check any offers, any companies, and due diligence before involving yourself or your work in any projects.

Investigate the phone site here.