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 The new “1905 Cookbook—Food for Body and Soul” contains the heart-warming stories of our 89er pioneers from central OK who founded our first schools, churches, libraries and civic groups in the state along with 300 hilarious recipes, 200 vintage photos, 1905 merchant ads.
100% of sales from the books, accompanying 22” food for body and soul touring quilts and all antique quilts on go to feed needy children through local grassroots projects like church food pantries, soup kitchens, etc.
See for all 5 charity books, excerpts, reviews, quilt exhibits, quilt photos, Civil War Quilt Trunk Show Programs, et al that we offer—all to feed the poor. If you know of any food charities, please let me know. Judy Howard 405-751-3885

Pioneer Cookbook Proceeds Feed Starving Children
            More than simply a cookbook, 1905 Cookbook—Food for Body and Soul combines amusing yet useable and tantalizing recipes with a glimpse into the lives of those courageous pioneer women who left family, friends and the comforts of first homes to homestead a hostile and barren landscape before Oklahoma became a state.
            Illustrated with vintage photos and 1905 advertising of local merchants offering everything from cook stoves promising to bake perfect biscuits in three minutes to buggies, corsets to artificial eyes, this captivating collection contains more than three hundred recipes. A sampling of the favorites includes salt rising bread, rusks calling for two teacupsful of sponge, corn fritters, graham gems, ginger tea cakes, Oklahoma’s Delight, hot slaw, potato stuffing for goose or duck, cream sweet breads, snow eggs and suet pudding.
These recipes with cameos of the individual contributors transport you back into the hearts and lives of everyday pioneer heroines through our universal passion for food, family and community fellowship. Each brave contributor leaves behind a legacy of love and darned good home cooking to future generations of today’s hungry “pioneers.”       
All book proceeds go to feed needy children through local church food pantries, etc..