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The long awaited volume 3 of the "Red Dirt Anthology" from the Red Dirt Book Festival has arrived. This popular - every two year event- features an emphasis on "read-write-talk" as notable authors and emerging voices gather to celebrate the literary landscape of Oklahoma. As the introductory comments of Bill Hagen states: "...the authors represented here are the best testimony to the Oklahoma character, however you define it."

Featured in this third volume are: Dayna Dunbar, Paul Alfred, John T. Biggs, Jim Chastain, Jim Spurr, Julie Murray, Marilyn A. Hudson, Mildred Dennis, Yvonne Carpenter, Jan Hubbard, Hannibal B. Johnson, Davis D. Joyce, Anna Claire Kuchta, Stephen Z. Biller, Ken Hada, Beverly Rorem, Beverly, Robert Love Taylor, Carolyn Ahern, Yvonne Carpenter, Ken Hada, Sarah Sanders, Rayshell Palmer, Pat Browning, Marion Jablonski, Daniel Charlson, Kathryn Thurman, Dorothy Alexander, Shirley Hoover Biggers, Barbara Wright Jones, Kenneth Shelly Armstrong, Peggie Fielding, Bonnie C. Smith, and Jackie King.

Copies are available from any Pioneer Library System branch. For more information about Red Dirt 4 visit the website and mark your calendars for Nov. 5-7, 2009 in Shawnee, Oklahoma.