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A family secret of special powers, chance encounters with special meaning, and life changing self-discovery: all are part of the new novel by Edmond author Jerry Evans.

"As an independent ten year old Rembrandt travels alone by bus to visit his grandparents where he soon begins to learn secrets concerning the forces of nature along with a few family secrets. Granddad discloses his special abilities and reveals that one day Rembrandt will possess the same abilities, but more importantly, he will raise a son with abilities far surpassing those of his own. He soon learns the secrets he believes were implemented to construct the great pyramids of Egypt, Stonehenge, the Coral Castle and many previously unexplained phenomena. Unable to reveal his special abilities, he fails to see their purpose. "

Old-Line Publishing, January 2011
276p., softbound, ISBN: 978-1-937004-14-9
$15.95 at
$ 7.95 Kindle