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Sacred Cows of Science: No Objectivity Allowed. edited by E. Norbert Smith, PhD.

In the vein and tone of Expelled, this is sure to be a major work that no doubt will receive many mixed reviews. The publisher notes, "It has stepped on the toes of many scientists who believe in Sacred Cows and will not ever dare stir the pot differently. Here, there is enough evidence to make the jury get hung up.

Conduct your own study by exploring these fascinating entries: 17 different authors have contributed to this fabulous work.

(There are a number from OK with degrees that make them heavy enough to swing a bat at the fallacies taught in our schools as well as other heavyweights across the country.)

Educators need to read this, "if they dare" says the editor and publisher. They warn, however, many who have tried to buck the system have found themselves persecuted in the very system that is supposed to teach truth and educate the people. "Many have been fired, threatened with bodily harm, so much so that some have had to use a pseudo name to operate from. Read what these brave men have written for the world to see."