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Author Tells Stories of Paying Debts Before There Were Bailouts.
New author, Barbara Howell, tells her story from struggle to success within a man’s profession in her book, Splinters: The Pain, The Passion, The Point, published by Paige1Media.
Before the term “bailout” was a household word, Barbara was trying to survive her own recession. While the world was moving forward and economic times were booming, she was caught in a web of enormous debt. This is a story of risking everything to save family members from ruin and being honorable to commitments.“I have survived what so many people are currently going through today,” Barbara said. “There is always Monday after Friday and I want to share this encouragement with as many people as possible. Hopefully, this book will do that."
Splinters is Barbara's story of not only surviving but becoming a success in a man’s profession: carpentry.Thrust into a business she didn’t want or think she was capable of doing, Barbara was well aware of the odds stacked against her.

She didn’t set out to prove anything. Her only goal was to pay her debts and survive.Some of her stories are remarkable. Such as the day she went undercover with the FBI to unwittingly assist in a sting operation; the day the naked man sought shelter in her booth; or the day the“panty man” struck her brand new trailer.

She has seen first hand God’s protection as she walked away from serious accidents and remained determined to play the hand life had dealt her. She was unwilling to allow circumstances to defeat her.Barbara, along with her daughter and two granddaughters, birthed Southern Ladies Showcases through sweat, guts and tears. The business, now successful, takes its rightful place in what was once, strictly a man’s profession.Southern Ladies Showcases, specializes in hand-crafted, custom-made display cases for every collection and hobby. Today, the business proudly has products in homes, businesses and museums across America and around the world.

Barbara’s commitment to succeed, her courage and undefeated attitude will be an inspiration as you read this story of struggle and ultimate victory. A story of uncommon courage and perseverance in the face of life's obstacles, Splinters is sure to encourage readers on their journey of life. The book is available in select bookstores across the country as well as online at