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Oklahoma Labyrinths – a path to inner peace details the story of labyrinths in the Sooner State. Oklahoma City authors Gail Peck, Linda Yeingst and Phyllis Pennington share their experiences and the wisdom they learned from walking these ancient symbols of wisdom.

Forty-four of the 70 Oklahoma labyrinths are permanent outdoor creations. The remaining 26 are portable canvas or nylon, tile or painted indoors on concrete. A total of 33 represent religious institutions, church camps, spiritual centers or retreats. Seventeen are located on private property or owned by individuals not associated with a business.

Four add a special presence to public parks, three are located at educational institutions, three at farms and one each at a hospital, dojo, wellness center, deli, Camp Fire facility and art district. The other four are utilized by their owners in private counseling sessions.

Twenty-one (18 outdoor and three indoor) depict 7-circuit Classicals. Twenty (10 outdoor and 10 indoor) model 11-circuit Chartres. Five (two outdoor and three indoor) represent the Santa Rosa and two are interactive portable canvas prayer paths. Those remaining characterize modified versions or contemporary styles.

A total of 27 cities in Oklahoma sport labyrinths. Eight of those cities have multiple labyrinths with 14 in Oklahoma City, 12 in Edmond, 12 in Tulsa, four in Norman and three in Tahlequah. Chouteau, Muskogee and Shawnee have two each.

Oklahoma Labyrinths – a path to inner peace features a complete list of all state labyrinths.

The 308-page inspirational book, published by 7 Hawks Publishing Company in Oklahoma City, sells for $14.95.
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