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A cup of coffee at my elbow, a chill air stirring outside,I sit to contemplate the state of writing in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma is a creative state, filled with people of vision, dreams, hopes, and plans. The broad canvas of a prairie sky invite broad brush strokes of aspirations and endeavor. The imagination of people living in this state cannot be easily contained by borders, frames or limitations. The creativity spills out to conquer the nay-sayers by sheer dint of will.

Oklahoma writers keep trying, struggling on, until they reach the first of their goals. One goal is never enough; the ideas are too numerous, the drive to create too strong, and the urge to communicate a vision of reality far too demanding.

If publishing is a race, not all are winners, in the money and fame realm. Every runner, however, competes against themselves and is ultimately the victor at the finish line having conquered their toughest competition. Fallen to the sand behind them are their fears, their low self-esteem, the criticisms and the non-believer who kept saying it could not be done and you would never do it at all.

Publishers are selective, picky, limited in imagination, narrow in focus, elite, or expensive but a writer learns to deal. New skills learned, old ones improved, and personal comfort zones widely redefined. Rejection must be expected, learned from, and ultimately overcome.

Imagining 2010 I expect to see a unique, well defined, and unique voice emerging from the Oklahoma landscape, more confident writers, and a wider acceptance of the diversity of styles, talent, and potential living in Oklahoma.

A new year awaits...that empty page with its siren call...2010...a year to imagine, to dream, to work, and to write. The time is here....not merely to write but to achieve great things!