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Sometimes an author has just as interesting a story as the works they create. So it is with Rickey Bray whose new novel, Rendezvous Rock is described as being "written in prison with a pencil on a legal pad!"
Bray's novel is an exciting romantic suspense. "While vacationing in the mountains, Eric meets an unusual girl from Oklahoma who has sparkling eyes that are so strangely captivating. He is drawn to her like a magnet and is unable to resist being pulled into her mysterious world."
A personal tragedy led this new writer on a downward spiral that landed him in an Oklahoma prison where serious life assessment began. At one pivotal point this author made the decision to "accomplish something" instead of giving up. The result is this first novel created without access to computers, typewriters, or even the Internet! It is an example of "pure fictional invention unhampered by outside ideas or influences." Now out of prison, the author is moving forward with life and his writing.

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