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New Edition to Books About Oklahoma's Spooks & Legends

Joining the books on the subject of the state's ghosts and legends, is a new one by Mike Ricksetter, Ghosts and Legends of Oklahoma.   Order Here.

Complete your special Oklahoma collection by adding these titles for a complete review of the state and its mysteries:

Strange State : Mysteries and Legends of Oklahoma (Cullan Hudson, 2005, 2011)
Ghostlahoma (Tonya Hacker and Tammy Wilson, 2008)
Tulsa's Haunted Memories (Teri French, 2010)
Weird Oklahoma (Sceurman and Moran, 2011)
Mysterious Oklahoma (David Farris, 1995)

Other Titles:
Ghosts of the McBride House (Cecelia Black, 2009)
You Can't See Me, But I am Here (Jason Taylor, 2005)