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Minister Pens Marriage Counseling Manual

Author Apostle Billy R. Woodard is a native of the Texas panhandle (Pampa, Texas). He and his wife, Lillian M.Woodard, have partnered in the ministry in Oklahoma for eight years. The two pastors founded Kings & Preists/BAFC/INC. The apostle is a forty year veteran to the gospel of the Kingdom Of God. Billy has organized churches throughout Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. In the last two years, the minister's have established a Kings & Preists/BAFC INC chapter in West Nigeria Africa.

Apostle Woodard has authored "The Greatest Romance Expose."  Is a Marriage Counseling Manual...the naked truth about relationships, marriage, and romance...Available via .....Authorhouse and Amazon. It is a riveting, flavorful, robust, seductive pre-marital/marriage counseling manual based on King Solomon's ancient diaries.

The manual centers on the male purpose and assignment as it relates to his creator, the world the creator made for him, and his relationship as it relates to his helpmeet... A must read............. Available Now e-books available

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