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Cowboy Psalms: Insightful and Inspiring

"There are a few things that every Christian cowboy can't get enough of—relishing in wide open spaces, breathing in the fresh air, soaking up the clear skies, bonding with the Big Trail Boss, and rediscovering His beauty in nature.

This poetry isn't for the cowboy who is all hat and no saddle. Get ready to ride the Chisholm Trail, bust a bronc, get the feel of the old days, or remind yourself of God's grace. Cowboy Psalms captures the true cowboy's way of life.

This inspiring collection will offer you insight into the bond between a cowboy and the Big Trail Boss, and you just may discover the cowboy that lives in everyone.

Saddle up your horses for a trail ride, but don't forget to pack Cowboy Psalms next to your canteen....."

Author/poet Ron Secoy's collection of 53 cowboy themed poems are a delight of writing style, themes, and heart.  A fine example of the unique cowboy poetry of the west, the collection is faith-based, inspiring, and often lyrical.  These are quality poems carrying a strong positive message which will be enjoyed and appreciated by readers in 'cowboy country' and beyond!