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Outlaw Land by Kristen R. Porter
Ordering Information 5.5 x 8.5 Paperback ISBN: 9781432708016 $9.95
Book Information :Genre:Fiction Publication: Apr 24, 2008 Pages:124

Moving to a remote town in Oklahoma near the Wichita Mountains was not Allison's idea of fun. But as soon as she discovered the deep secrets hidden in the weathered mountains of the Wichita's, she knew she was meant to be there amidst the hidden treasures, outlaws and secret hideaways. In search of treasures buried by Belle Star and Jessie James, Allison stumbles upon their secret hideaway and must now beat them at there own game.
Kristen R. Porter has grown up near the Wichita Mountains her whole life. A love for hiking and local history inspired her to write Outlaw Land. This is the first in a series of books that takes place in the Wichita Mountains. Over the years, Kristen and her husband have been lucky enough to meet and talk with people who lived in the mountain range back when Victory School House was still in use-and Native Americans still occupied much of the territory in traditional teepees. History and the love of history can be lost with each generation if it is not kept alive. Kristen hopes this book will spark an interest in a new generation and encourage them to learn history from the people who have lived it.