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Have you heard about....? FRESH EIRE DESIGNS - an answer for the self-publishing author.

Writing your book is only the first step in publishing.
Now it is time to package and market your work. With millions of available titles for customers to choose from, you are going to need an advantage to break away from the pack.That advantage comes from eye-catching design, which makes your book stand apart from the many others sitting side-by-side on the rack.
Think about how many times you have wandered into a bookstore and grabbed a volume because the cover alone grabbed your attention. The next thing you know, you're reading the back and deciding this sounds like a great book. A sale is made because of effective design.
If you are self-publishing (or your publisher is open to third-party designs), consider choosing FRESH EIRE DESIGNS for your next project. From cutting edge cybergraphics and grunge to the clean, sparse appeal of corporate design, FRESH EIRE DESIGNS has the solution to your design needs. We can produce attractive, eye-catching designs that will help your work stand out - all at affordable rates.
See more design samples at Contact us today and let us know how we can help you achieve your dreams.