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MEET THE AUTHOR: Norbert Smith aka Doc Gator

Have you heard about....?

The Doc says: "I am a recovering university professor turned truck driver, recently retired. I have published three books in three different genre and six more have been provisionally accepted for publication. My next one is a major non-fiction science book about Creation and is over 450 pages and growing daily. I have had ideas for books kicking around in my head since fourth grade and finally have time to work on them. I LOVE retirement!"

Passive Fear This is non-fiction science about my 30 plus years of zoological research studying the passive fear response of wild animals and the relation to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Mostly, it provides insight into what motivates scientists to accomplish research.

Al-the-Gator This is my first children's book about an alligator and his friends in south Texas where I studied alligators for a decade. It has lots of beautiful drawings of alligators, but I was a little disappointed...I wanted them to be published as "scratch and sniff." I have caught over 200 wild alligators, up to 750 pounds and still have all my body parts. The BBC did a TV documentary, A smile for the Crocodile about my research.

Battleground University This is my first Christian novel. My co author teaches at a major university and feared she would get fired if the professors found out she had written an overtly Christian book. I was one of over 100 professors that was denied tenure because of my rejection of evolution. As this book sells, we hope to do a sequel, perhaps a series. We wrote every other chapter and it is a modern version of the classic C. S. Lewis Screwtape Letters.

Norbert Smith aka Doc Gator