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MEET THE AUTHOR: Sean Chandler

Have you heard about....? The Gospel of the Gun.

Sean notes, "This is my third published book, and in my opinion the best that I have written to date. The setting is Indian Territory 1882 (before Oklahoma Statehood), and the book mixes religious theology with the western genre."

"Jeremiah Irons, known as Judas among the Disciple Gang, has always ridden the outlaw trail with only a good horse and the inscribed pistols Heaven and Hell at his side. It isn't until he happens upon Lucif R. Shadows and his eleven that he is convinced of the error of his ways. With Jeremiah's addition to the gang, the twelve go to thirteen and the legend of the Disciple Gang begins."

Sean Chandler brings the Disciple Gang to vivid life as they bring the worst kind of villainy to fruition, and a new kind of religious zeal upon the frontier. Each man in the gang assumes the name of a Disciple after the crazed Lucif Shadows begins to believe in the stories written about him, and soon after Jeremiah Irons discovers it might have been best to remain on his own. Accused of stealing money from them, the Disciple Gang turns on him in the streets of Tombstone, Arizona Territory. Fighting his way out of the trap laid for him, Jeremiah's travels land him in the town of Wewoka, Indian Territory where he unwittingly finds safety in the guise of a preacher. It is in Wewoka that Jeremiah begins to learn who he really is, and through the friendship of the townspeople, and especially the beautiful Hope West, a purpose for his life. Jeremiah's good fortune only serves to make it that much harder when the Disciple Gang learn of his continued existence. When the Disciple Gang arrives in Wewoka to exact revenge upon him, can Jeremiah forsake his outlaw ways ...or will he have to pick up the guns that made him a legend?

Sean Chandler has previously written two western novels, Ebony Marshal and Ebony Marshal: Bitter. He is currently writing his first non-western novel and working on several short works.

Gospel of the Gun ISBN 978-0-9746913-5-0 PRICE: 15.95 PAGES: 352 Release Date: May 9, 2008. To place orders for the book, arrange a book signing or interview, contact Sean Chandler at: Branded Black Publishing, PO Box 950781 Oklahoma City, Ok 73195 Toll-free: 1-888-869-6290 Home Phone: (405)495-7256