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How & Why of OK Authors and Writers Blog

This Oklahoma Writers and Authors blog was born out of the Border Queen Book Festival and a desire by several writers and readers to assist authors in showcasing their work. There is no fee for being placed on this blog. The only requirement is that the author is an Oklahoman or has written a book featuring Oklahoma (or has a book within about 6 months of publication). Another blog, Promoting Writers and Authors, has been created to help promote authors regardless of their location. Still another offers a means of having your work professionally reviewed for free.
Why? The blog manager, while also a struggling author, is also a professional librarian who values the literary effort. As a librarian who has arranged programs for authors, ordered their books for the shelves, and visited with them over the years, the blog manager feels that every author deserves the chance to be seen and noticed.
All any author has to do is send their book information, book jacket image, and ordering information to be profiled to No fees, no cost, and no jealous competition - simply a forum for promoting your book. This is your opportunity to sell yourself and your book. Write a literal "blurb" that teases, entices, and informs the reader so they want to examine your title.
Also, recommend writers groups, events, publishers, printers, and other resources of note.
As a courtesy, if you utilize the OK Writers Blog - please link it on your pages and spread the word about this resource and opportunity. Such open kindness is, after all, the Oklahoma way of doing things.