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MEET THE AUTHOR: P.J. Lawton aka Paul F. Johnson

Have you heard about....P J Lawton?
Paul F. Johnson, a.k.a P.J.Lawton is retired from the U.S Army and is a life member of the Disabled American Veterans and Veterans of Foreign Wars. His main interests are reading and writing Mystery and SciFi stories. Several of his mystery-adventure short stories have been published in On-line magazines. One Winston Simon PI short story was featured in the print magazine, ThrillerUK. Another story, featuring his newest hero, SciFi PI Majestic Kane, was included in the winter 2006 inaugural issue of the print magazine, Age of Adventure, Unlimited. Seventeen of his SciFi short stories have been featured on SciFi e-zine sites. His third and final of a three book "Simon Says" series is currently in the works. Author"Lethal Option"ISBN 1-4137-7930-1 / "Lethal Judgment"ISBN 1-4241-2987-7