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"I never really expected to write, finish and publish a book," said  T.L. Standridge, author of the children's book, Melanie Marie Mary Mowry and the Sugar Plum Fairy (Tate, 2012). "Yet, it seemed to write itself."  

Inspired by her years of observing people and her experience in education, the 64 page work is filled with delightful illustrations by Jeff Elliot.  The work uses Bible verses to help the youthful characters work out their problems. "It is silly and fun and involves the reader. I wanted to show them they could enjoy their faith."  

The work lends itself naturally to family reading, classrooms, church school and religious education programs.  "I was surprised how easy it was to write and publish it," added the author.  Youthful readers present were happy about the news the author plans to add other titles featuring the delightful multicultural and sociologically diverse cast of characters.  

See a delightful video book trailer here.
--Marilyn A. Hudson