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"I consider myself a goal oriented person and achieve most things I set out to accomplish. This project took about ten to finish." The author of Sulphur River peaked interest as he described book.  The confusing and dangerous 1860's, in the closing days of the Civil War, creates a rich backdrop perfect for  anyone who love westerns or historical novels. In his quest to master the research for his gripping story seeped in real life history, this author took a hands-on approach traveling to Texas and Louisiana, actually walking the same path real Civil War troops had taken.

Art Anthony was born and raised in Texas but now resides in Tuttle, Oklahoma. A retired agriculturist, educator and school administrator he has filled his book with  rich details of history, economics, culture, and characters engaging and believable. A book to set aside time to read, because once it is started, it may be hard to put it down.

The book is available in both print and audio versions from Tate and on Amazon. For book talks, book signings or appearances, contact the author at or by calling 405-326-8077. 

--Marilyn A. Hudson