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Oklahoma Runestone Featured in Vampire Tales

The Legend of Michelle Sands, 1958 -- Michelle loves Indian Rock because she, and her Grandmother sense a powerful feeling from this place. There is a price for these feelings because they have disturbing, reoccurring dreams about ancient ceremonies performed there in the past.

When Michelle and the friends go to the well known Indian Rock, emotions of lust and jealous erupts. A figh ensues but the fear, anger and lust between the three teenagers awakens the power of the ancient Vampire Glome who was banished to Indian Rock centuries earlier.

Michelle inherits this power and uses it to save herself.

After the incident at Indian Rock she uses Glome's power to change the lives of the people around her, as well as the power structure of Leflore county.
Author Joe Harwell has created a storyline of exciting possibilities. The main theme of this very different twist on the classic Vampire story is power, and how it's used in every level of society. It's also about sports, law enforcement, religion, politics, business, revenge, greed, fast cars, and The Little Dixie Mafia.

The Legend of Michelle Sands is set in the southeastern Oklahoma town of Howe in 1958. We meet the pretty teenager who inherits the power of an ancient Vampire and uses it to change the lives of the people around her and the power structure of Leflore county Oklahoma.

Upside Down Heart moves the story forward through the 1960's. The 1961 Howe tornado and a Presidential visit to the area the same year both play into this story. Michelle and her growing group expand from Howe around the world. They have great financial success, learn some heart breaking lessons, and encounter new enemies who want to take away their power.

Millennium brings Michelle and her followers into an all out battle with their enemies. The world wide fear about the transition to the year 2000 is at the center of this challenge to their success and survival.

Return to Indian Rock brings Michelle and her group of immortals back to Howe, OK after more than 100 years.

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