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Meet Chuck Miller and the Black Centipede

Chuck Miller lives in Norman Oklahoma. "For the past year or so, I have been doing a series of novels and short stories using my own original characters and concepts. I have put together a blog, and have been making everything available for free online. My work can be described as a pulp-magazine-inspired mix of horror, science fiction, superheroes, detective and horror fiction.

I have five distinct, ongoing series, though all of my characters are connected in one way or another. These are:

"Tales of the Black Centipede" - The strange adventures of an oddball pulp hero.

"Vionna Valis and the Whitechapel Vigilance Committee" - Detective stories with a paranormal twist. The WVC is a "psychic detective agency," staffed by a mysterious young woman named Vionna Valis, and the five original 1888 victims of Jack the Ripper, who have been bodily resurrected in the 21st century. It's a long story, which is told in my novel,
"The Optimist Book One: You Don't Know Jack" - "The Optimist" chronicles the adventures of Jack Christian, grown-up former kid sidekick of deceased superhero Captain Mercury. After 12 years away from his home city of Zenith, Jack is lured back by the promise of a substantial trust fund. When he gets there, he meets one oddball after another, starting with Vionna Valis, a strange young woman with a startling secret that nobody-- herself included-- knows. An encounter with what purports to be the ghost of Captain Mercury puts Jack and Vionna on the trail of the Black Centipede, one of the old-school superheroes. Captain Mercury tells Jack that the Centipede was the one who actually orchestrated his, Mercury's, death. Many strange circumstances and inexplicable incidents dog our heroes, leading them to question everything they thought they knew about themselves and their lives.

"Doctor Unknown Junior" (forthcoming)

"The Journal of Bloody Mary Jane" - BLOODY MARY JANE is the mysterious arch-enemy of the equally mysterious BLACK CENTIPEDE. Some of the mystery has been cleared up with the recent publication of "Forty
Whacks: The Secret Origin of the Black Centipede." This memoir revealed hitherto unknown details about the origin of the Centipede and the birth of his greatest foe, and their mutual connection to the unfortunate Lizzie Borden.

All of these may be seen at my blog, a link to which I will include below. I hope you find this of interest. I am not currently shopping for a publishing deal, but I am eager to get my work out into the world and generate some interest.