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Michael Vance - The Thief of Two Worlds!

Anticipated release of science fiction novel for young readers becomes reality.
The wait is over as Author Michael Vance brings his latest Science Fiction novel, The Thief of Two Worlds, to a new generation of readers.
The Thief of Two Worlds introduces Caleb and Veyda McGreggor, a brother and sister who join their father and an alien from Alpha Centauri to capture an intergalactic, power mad thief. This unusual pairing of humans and aliens team up to time-jump into earth’s past to help track and capture the renegade who has stolen the greatest treasure of the planet Tugz, "The Egg"!
On their Angkor Wat adventure they cross paths with -- a rogue elephant, a ruthless "bird god", Kai the Tiger Killer, and...Albert Einstein!! They meet every obstacle with intelligence, faith, courage, and metallic crabs called Twydddle!
Educator Nancy Carlson writes: Vance has skillfully crafted a Christian Science Fiction tale. Young people will be captivated by this story that begins with an alien enlisting the help of scientist-inventor Jon McGreggor to travel to 12th century Cambodia. There's just one problem---his children are stowaways which adds an unexpected ingredient to the mission. I highly recommend this book which grapples with faith and fear along the way.
The Thief of Two Worlds! connects with readers in their everyday life as they discover new adventures. Twelve year old Caleb’s biggest challenge? Learning science cannot solve every problem. All the while, his ten year old Christian sister, Veyda, gains understanding in her quest.
Writer R.A. Jones calls The Thief of Two Worlds! “A thrill ride across space and time.”
“I’ve been looking for the right person to join us in bringing an exciting and entertaining new book to our audience,” says publisher, Derek Bullard. “We were especially looking for stories which parents can feel comfortable with their kids reading. Michael Vance delivers on multiple levels. Interesting characters, a timely plot which fans of today’s young science fiction stories will appreciate, and a whole lot of fun. And that spectacular cover by artist Terry Tidwell - Wow!”
Michael Vance has written for national and international magazines, and as a syndicated columnist and cartoonist in over 500 newspapers. His published novels include Forbidden Adventures, his Weird Horror Tales trilogy, a satiric novel titled Global Star, and the suspense-thriller The Equation. Vance also briefly ghosted an internationally syndicated comic strip and wrote his own strip and several comic books. He is listed in the Who's Who of American Comic Books and Comic Book Superstars.
This is the first middle grade, Christian novel to be released by James Kay Publishing and the book is available on their website or can be purchased through
The Thief of Two Worlds!
For more information cover art, cover art, or an interview with the author, please email Derek Bullard

A Book Signing for Author Joe Harwell, Tulsa, 10/23

Author Joe Harwell, Tulsa announces a special event. "Thanks to the generous support of The Phoenix, located at 1302 E. 6th St. in Tulsa," he notes, "I have a meet and greet book signing there Thursday, Oct. 23rd from 6:30 to 9 PM."
If you can attend please do so and encourage others to be there. "As a true self-published writer, I need and appreciate the support of my work from friends."  He will have four of his novels on display at the event.
"My novels are set in Oklahoma and Arkansas. One is a futuristic thriller and the rest are historical fiction. So far I've written about Vampires, the media and coal mining. Coming soon will be more Vampires, serial killers, abuses in the health care system, erotica and whatever the voices in my head tell me to write."
Harwell has a soon to be released new novel, set in Tulsa,  Welcome to Utica, and it is a page turner with action and suspense to suit every taste.

Authors Book Signing in Ada

ADA—Ada Public Library will host a book signing for the new anthology “Blackbirds First Flight” 4:30-6:30 p.m., Thursday, October 30. The anthology features stories from Ada author Stephen B. Bagley, Kent Bass, Wendy Blanton, Gail Henderson, Jean Schara, and Tamara Siler Jones.
Bagley, Blanton, Henderson, and Schara will sign copies of the book at the signing. The book will also be on sale at that time for the special price of $10.  

“‘Blackbirds First Flight’ is an anthology of stories and poetry with a dark, sensual twist,” said Pru Simmons, Many River Harbor associate editor. “The stories run the gambit from thrilling Gothic adventure to modern urban fantasy to fantastic encounters with the macabre. The poetry is uniformly excellent and tells dark stories of its own, many related to mythology.”

Simmons said the book might become an annual anthology. “We have had many inquiries about the book and its theme,” she said. “We definitely think there is an interest in dark, twisty fantasy that tells a satisfying story and follows traditional narrative arcs. We hope there will be another flight next year.”

“Gail (Henderson) and I are excited to actually meet some of the other authors,” Bagley said. “Wendy (Blanton) is flying in from Chicago, and Jean (Schara) is driving up from Texas. This is the first time we’ll all be in the same town.”

Stephen B. Bagley wrote “Tales from Bethlehem,” “Murder by Dewey Decimal,” “Murder by the Acre,” “Floozy & Other Stories,” and “EndlesS.” His works have appeared in “Creations 2014,” “Creations 2013,” “Creations 2012,” “ByLine Magazine,” “Free Star,” “Nautilus Magazine,” “OKMagazine,” and other publications. He graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism. He is a member of Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc. and Ada Writers.

Kent Bass enjoys writing Gothic action/adventure stories. He graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business and from the University of Oklahoma, with a Master of Science in Accountancy. He and his family live in Dallas, Texas, where he works for the nation’s leading tax software company. “Blackbirds First Flight” is his first publication.

Wendy Blanton published three fantasy novels, “The Dragon’s Lady,” “Rogue Pawn,” and “Sword and Scabbard” under the pen name Elizabeth Joy with co-author Scott Carman. She has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Business Management from the University of Mount Olive and served in active duty for the United States Air Force for eight years. She is an apprentice bard and tells Celtic folk tales at Scottish Highland Games and other venues.

Gail Henderson collaborated with noted Oklahoma photographer Michael Duncan to produce “Bare,” a book of poetry and photography. “Red Bird Woman,” a collection of her poetry, was published in 2013. Her work has appeared in “Creations 2014,” “Creations 2013,” “Creations 2012,” and “ByLine Magazine.” She holds a Masters of Education in English and Social Studies from East Central University. She is a member of Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc. and Ada Writers.

Tamara Siler Jones is a wife, mom, writer, quilter, and cat-wrangler from rural Iowa. She has three novels in print/eBook (“Ghosts in the Snow,” winner of the Compton Crook Award for best first novel of the year in the Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror genre; “Threads of Malice”; and “Valley of the Soul”; all published by Bantam Books), one book (“SPORE”) under contract with Samhain Publishing for release next summer; one book (“Morgan’s Run”) being marketed in New York, three novels in progress, and a screenplay in first draft.

Jean Schara retired from a 28-year career in the United States Air Force in 2008 and took up residence in Texas. She is a graduate of the University of Maryland University College with a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing and of the Troy State University with a Master of Science in Adult Education. She has had several book reviews published in the “Air Power Journal” and several articles published in “Vision: A Resource for Writers.”

“Blackbirds First Flight” is available from,, and other online retailers and in downtown Ada at Karen’s Art & Framing, Inc., 108 East Main.


How We Sleep At Night by Sara Cunningham

A thoughtful and soul searching new work, How We Sleep at Night, is a "mother's memoir."  The author is Sara Cunningham. It is the true life story of how a Christian mother comes to terms with her son being gay through a personal journey that starts with the Church and ends at the Pride Parade.
It is filled with love, confusion, frustration, support and is an excellent and important work that should be read my many and discussed widely.  It offers a voice from an often silent corner of the larger social debate and provides much needed food for thought. Highly recommended.

I was supplied a prepublication copy of the text and found it a very moving read. 

"Sara Cunningham's How We Sleep At Night is an intimate, real, often emotionally raw, ultimately challenging, spiritual and emotional memoir of her personal journey regarding her son's homosexuality.  Her honest chronicle of the fears, frustrations, pains, and deep love of a church-going parent dealing with a confusing situation will resonant with so many people. Additionally, this work offers a much needed voice to the current dialogue of the larger society and especially the discussion of the topic in the church world.  The book will not be easy one for some to read but it should be widely experienced. It is crucial reading for achieving a healthy and positive understanding of the real people involved in the broad and so often abstract news headlines. They are sons and daughters, parents and children, friends and neighbors - in other words we are all family." - - Marilyn A. Hudson
Available as a Kindle format e-book from


Attention Authors and Publishers!

I have begun to be contacted by producers, researchers, interviewers and many others searching for particular authors. They would like to do interviews, include you in their productions, and they can't find you!  
Send me your current contact info, webpage address, etc. and I will add it to a page on this site.  Do not miss out on the potential promotional possibilities because no one can contact you! 


The 6th Annual Ruth Haddon Arts Festival will be held Nov. 1, 2 at Wesley UMC in Oklahoma City (NW 25 and Classen Blvd; west entrance).  Among the many fine arts and creative items there will be a special table to celebrate the re-issue of the popular children's book, Elephant Hips are Expensive! 

Appearing Saturday Nov. 1 from 10 - 3 will find author Marilyn A. Hudson and illustrator Molly Lemmons on hand to introduce their new book, ELEPHANT HIPS ARE EXPENSIVE. 
This children's book is based on true events of 1949 in Oklahoma when local children joined forces to raise money to bring a new elephant, Judy, to the local zoo.   Molly Lemmons was one of "Judy's Kids." Her whimsical drawings reflect the flavor of the times in delightful images.
Copies of the book are available in print and Kindle formats on or a limited number will be on hand for $10.00 at the event.  Order one online or drop by for the special book signing on Nov. 1
Molly Lemmons, Illus.
The author and illustrator are planning a special program to take to schools, libraries and other locations to share stories of the book, the times, and the creative experience.  Contact or to schedule an appearance.