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How We Sleep At Night by Sara Cunningham

A thoughtful and soul searching new work, How We Sleep at Night, is a "mother's memoir."  The author is Sara Cunningham. It is the true life story of how a Christian mother comes to terms with her son being gay through a personal journey that starts with the Church and ends at the Pride Parade.
It is filled with love, confusion, frustration, support and is an excellent and important work that should be read my many and discussed widely.  It offers a voice from an often silent corner of the larger social debate and provides much needed food for thought. Highly recommended.

I was supplied a prepublication copy of the text and found it a very moving read. 

"Sara Cunningham's How We Sleep At Night is an intimate, real, often emotionally raw, ultimately challenging, spiritual and emotional memoir of her personal journey regarding her son's homosexuality.  Her honest chronicle of the fears, frustrations, pains, and deep love of a church-going parent dealing with a confusing situation will resonant with so many people. Additionally, this work offers a much needed voice to the current dialogue of the larger society and especially the discussion of the topic in the church world.  The book will not be easy one for some to read but it should be widely experienced. It is crucial reading for achieving a healthy and positive understanding of the real people involved in the broad and so often abstract news headlines. They are sons and daughters, parents and children, friends and neighbors - in other words we are all family." - - Marilyn A. Hudson
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