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Hal McBride Announces New Title

Gatewood: Tales from the life and time of Lieutenant Charles B. Gatewood and available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Ibooks.

SUMMARY: It is a historical novel that traces Charles Gatewood and his Coyotero Apache scouts through the late stages of the Apaches Wars.  It includes pursuits of well-known Apache warriors such as Nana and Victorio.  It concludes after his excursion which secured the surrender of Geronimo deep in the Mexican wilderness.  The cognitive dissonance of his evolution from soldier into an advocate for Apache rights is intriguing.

The story of the grand romance between Charles and Georgia Gatewood is tightly woven through out the entire story.  The insight into the life of life of Cavalry wives on the military outposts of the Arizona and New Mexico Territories of the 1880's is mesmerizing.

Available o Amazon at this link.