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Not Just Another Sermon on the Mount Book

Author Tom Yarbrough earned degrees from Howard Payne University and Southwestern Seminary.  He is a retired professional counselor and university teacher who has turned to full-time writing.  His fourth work is Treasures of the Kingdom: A Conversational Confessional. 
Written in an easy, very conversational manner, this work strides confidently into an area largely barren in contemporary Christian spirituality. Clinging clearly to scripture and using traditional theology as a lighthouse, Yarbrough blends his professional skills as a professional counselor, to create a logical, biblically sound, and emotionally satisfying guide to personal spiritual formation.
The work explores the well known Sermon the Mount with fresh eyes that reinvigorate the words of Christ and provide new vistas of meaning to their application in the life of faith. The author, however, does not lead the reader into a vague dimension of abstracts but builds his discussions on the "how to live this in life."  "I discovered that when you look carefully at Matt. 5:1-12, you will find an extremely actie list of privileged behaviors, not exalted states of being...I came to understand that the nine beatitudes as kingdom quests through which every Christian needs to grow" (pg. xv).   Reflective questions and a plan of action for 90 days of 'intentional living" bring out the 'treasures' intended in the spiritual life in real and immediate ways.
 Perfect for religious or spirituality collections and for the person who wants to probe more deeply what it means to be a Christian.  A new convert will enjoy its understandable writing style, and it would make an excellent small group or class resource.